tds rates for fy 13 14


CSR activities by CAs and CA firms

Request for suggestions from members at large on the various CSR activities that can be undertaken by them as CAs CA Firms Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is very vital in the present context of b

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Indirect tax collection increases by 37% in May 2015

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional Collections Increase From Rs 36 408 Crore in May 2014 to Rs 49 993 Crore During May 2015 An Increase of 37 3 Registered During the Month of May 2015 over the Correspon

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ICAI clarifies over cover page of CA journal June 2015

We wish to clarify to the members students and other readers ofThe Chartered Accountantjournal that the cover page of the June 2015 issue of the journal is a mere artistic depiction of the ICAIs globa

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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New dates for CA exams in Nepal announced

TO BE PUBLISHED IN PART III SECTION 4 OF THE GAZETTE OF INDIA NOTIFICATION No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 II In further modification of the Institutes Notification No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 dated 20th January 2015 a

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Tds on work contract service

Hi Should TDS deduct from the payment made against work contract service for spider fitting and fixed glass if yes then on which amount should be considered for the deduction total invoice amount incl

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"importer" registration notification 8/2014 dated 28.2.14

please guide me on the following issue we are a manufacturing unit we import Raw Material Machinery which are being used solely for manufacturing purpose we have central excise registration as a Manuf

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Regarding tds payment

I wnat to pay tds payment by cheque through hdfc bank suggest me on which name will i write on top of the cheque Pay to can i write there pay to yourself plz suggest me

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Tds on house keeping services

HELLO Our proprietorship hired service of house keeper Bill of house keeping mentioned description of expenses as service charges category cleaning services Please let me know under which head TDS wil

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Companies act 2013

Sir sec 433 of companies act 1956 talks about winding up of company by order of court I want to know the new sec as per companies act 2013 for the same kindly reply as soon as possible

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Scheme of merger of officials in the attached directorates of CBDT

Scheme of merger of officials in the Attached Directorates of CBDT Refer to the attached file for details

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Tds on remittance from nro account to usa citizen from his

My question is regarding REMITTANCE FROM NRO ACCOUNT OF MY SON TO HIS SB ACCOUNT IN USA WHERE HE IS A CITIZEN My son is maintaining a NRO SB account with Bank of india in Amritsar His rental income in

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Income tax slabs & rates for assessment year 2015-16

http finotax com income tax slabs next

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Depreciation as per co act, 2013

VEHICLE BIKE Purchase price 44 171 Depreciation upto 31 3 14 40 912 WDV as on 1 4 14 3 259 Lfe as per Cos Act 2013 10 years Used life 9 57 years remaining Life 0 43 years Salvage value 2 209 44 171 5

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  • SAP FI Journal Entries

    SAP FI journal Entries


  • Tax Practice Management

    What are the opportunities and how to practice ethically


  • Indirect Tax Express-Volume 13-Issue-1



  • Due Date Reminder & Register

    Compliance Reminder due date register


  • ROC Fee Table

    Rule 12 of Companies Registration of offices and fees Rules 2014


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Computation of TDS in case employee is working under two employer in same year

Cases where an employee work under two employer in a single financial year Normally an employee is employed under employer during whole financial year and thus no problem arises in deduction of TDS fr

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FAQ on New Companies Act, 2013- Auditor's Rotation

1 We have been the Statutory Auditors of XYZ Private Limited for 20 years now Can we sign the financial statements as auditors for YE March 31 2015 Or should be pave way for another firm on account of

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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Features of forthcoming release of TDS/TCS

It is proposed to release new version of NSDL e Gov TDS TCS Return Preparation Utility RPU and File Validation Utility FVU tentatively on19thJune 2015 Details of which are given below 1 Return Prepara

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FAQ on auditor appointment under companies act, 2013

A AuditorsAppointment 1 What are the critical aspects to be considered before accepting appointment as auditor Parameter Act Reference Content Education Sec 141 1 A Chartered Accountant shall only be

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