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ICAI invites suggestion for GST

The biggest tax reforms in the history of Independent India are taking its final shape as the Constitution 122nd Amendment Bill relating to the Goods and Service Tax GST has been passed by the Lok Sab

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Clarification on repayment of deposit u/s 74

Clarification on repayment of deposits accepted by the companies before the commencement of the Companies Act 2013 under section 74 of the said Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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CSR activities by CAs and CA firms

Request for suggestions from members at large on the various CSR activities that can be undertaken by them as CAs CA Firms Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is very vital in the present context of b

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Indirect tax collection increases by 37% in May 2015

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional Collections Increase From Rs 36 408 Crore in May 2014 to Rs 49 993 Crore During May 2015 An Increase of 37 3 Registered During the Month of May 2015 over the Correspon

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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Interest on late payment of tds

Interest on Late payment of Income Tax is not allowable expenditure since it is nature of personal tax which is inadmissible But whether Interest on Late payment of TDS is also inadmissible although i

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Compinies act 2013,

can one company pvt give loan to another company pvt

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Short deduction in tds


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Tds on payment of visa fees to foreign government

We have to pay Visa other fees to a 100 owned company of Saudi Arabia Government 1 Is TDS applicable on payment to foreign Government 2 Is TDS applicable on Visa other Fees

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Regarding : tds

Dear Expert We would like to inform you regarding above subject We want a pay to transporter charges FRIGHT OUTWARD 32000 and i want deduct TDS but i can t understand what deduct of tax on amount and

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Tds payment correction

Hello All The question is we have deducted tax u s 94C u s 94I but at the time of payment the entire amount is paid u s 94C Please give the steps to correct this and whether any interest is payable or

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Companies act, 2013

Dear Members I have query regarding filling of DPT 3 return for the FY 2014 15 My company has stopped accepting freshpublic deposit also renewalof existing depositfrom 01 04 2014onwards We are compuls

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Tds issues

1 Can credit for TDS be taken by a deductee company any time or it has time restrictions 2 Is a deductor at liberty to deduct excess amount of TDS U S 192 to 194 LA than what becomes due under these s

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After the enforcement of companies act-13

Sir Madam I want to know whether the MAT will applicable on Depreciation amount which is generated out of change in depreciation method Earlier Companies Act 1956 to Companies Act 2013 In Companies Ac

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Tds on property

I want to pay TDS on property for an instalment that was paid in Oct 13 to the builder What is the FY to be selected in the online Form 26QB Will it be 13 14 or the current FY The e tutorial on the we

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  • Draft Director Report

    Draft Director Report for listed unlisted companies


  • CA final Law paper 1-3 Chapters Short notes

    Selected Notified Defonitions Under The Companies Act 2013 Chapter 1 Declaration and Payment of Dividend 2 Accounts and Audit 3 Appointment and Qualifications of the Directors


  • Tax Calculator AY 2014-15, 2015-16, & 2016-17

    Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income Interest calculate Under section 234A 234B and 234C Also HRA calculation


  • AS 11 :The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

    this file will help you to understand AS 11 with illustrations


  • Entry tax



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FAQ on New Companies Act, 2013- Auditor's Restricted Services

1 Our firm also renders accounting services for a client for the year 2014 15 Can we be the auditor for the year 2014 15 According to Sec 144 an auditor appointed under this Act is bound by the Board

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An opportunity to file six year ITR to claim TDS

An Assessee Can only file return for last 2 years and claim refund if any due and not beyond that In case he missed to file return within prescribed timeline he has no choice other than to forget his

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Computation of TDS in case employee is working under two employer in same year

Cases where an employee work under two employer in a single financial year Normally an employee is employed under employer during whole financial year and thus no problem arises in deduction of TDS fr

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FAQ on New Companies Act, 2013- Auditor's Rotation

1 We have been the Statutory Auditors of XYZ Private Limited for 20 years now Can we sign the financial statements as auditors for YE March 31 2015 Or should be pave way for another firm on account of

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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