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tds quarterly return


Income Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2013 - Form for TDS 194IA on immovable property 26QB and 16B


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Government urges all tax Payers to Disclose their True income and pay Appropriate taxes within the Current Financial Year

A Compliance Management Cell has been set up to Ensure Follow up Action and Track Return Filing and Tax Payment of the Target Segment 70 000 Letters are being sent in 2 Batches to High Priority Cases

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Date for filing the ST-3 return, for the period from Oct'12 to March'13 has been extended from 25th Apr, 2013 to 31st August, 2013

F No 137 99 2011 Service Tax Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise Customs New Delhi dated the 23rd April 2013 Order No 03 2013 Service Tax In exercise

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Service Tax Return (ST 3) for the period 1st July-30th September, 2012 is now available in a modified format for e-filing in ACES

Service Tax Return ST 3 for the period 1st July 30th September 2012 is now available in a modified format for e filing in ACES Only offline version is available and there is no online version The util

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New ITR Filing Procedure

The Government proposes to introduce new procedures forms for filling Income Tax returns Every year government notifies forms for filing of income tax returns after incorporating the changes brought o

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Tds on first aid training

Sir We give First Aid trainings to various sectors including industries Our Organisation name is St John Ambulance India an international organisation Our organisation Constitutional head is President

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Tds deduct or not???

I want to make payment for confrence fees to france france is included in the list of DTAA under which clause such payment is coverd weather tds is deductable on such payment if he has then at what ra

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Revised return

Hi I want to file revised return for financial year 2007 2008 and provisional receipt is misplaced somewhere so how can i revise my return without receipt or where can i request for duplicate receipt

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Tds on insurance claims

Are insurance companies liable to deduct TDS on Insurance Claims paid by them to insured orin case of healthinsurance to TPA Are they also liable to deduct TDS in case of advance claims paid to the TP

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Return at cpc

how many days CPC takes to process the return after sent by TIN to CPC

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  • How to File Rectification U/S 154 Online



  • Complete Note on 194-IA of Income Tax Act, 1961

    Complete Note on 194 IA of Income Tax Act 1961


  • Wealth tax return



  • All about 194-IA of the Income Tax Act, 1961

    A Complete Guide on TDS on Sale of Immovable Property 194 IA of the Income Tax Act 1961


  • Service tax calculation sheet

    Service tax


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Tds wrong deducted

Land acquair by haryana govt and 10 persantage tds deduct by govt on intrest portion on 1 2 2013 But i have not give pan that time and tds deduct by govt 20 persantage Now 17 5 2013 i have give pan to

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Tds deposited under wrong section

Dear All Please guide me on a matter If TDS has been wrongly deposited u s 194 C instead of u s 194 I then what next remedy is possible Can it be rectified

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Medical professional tds 194j

Our assessee is a doctor employed by assessee on salary basis But hospital is deducting and depositing tds u s 194J My question whether we have to show income as salary or we have to prepare books bs

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Tds return annexure 2

Dear All I am filing TDS REturn 24Q4 for 2012 13 Now if employee has joined in the month of March 2013 His salary for month of March is under basix exemption limit But if we consider salry from previo

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Tds on sale of property by nri

Mr A is an Individual and have no tax Audit so TDS provision will also not get attract to him He has purchased a Immovable Property from NRI is he liable to Deduct any TDS while making payment or cred

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Detailed analysis of new TDS Section 194IA

W e f 01 06 2013 new TDS section brought into effect for deduction of tax while making payment for purchase of immovable property other than agricultural land in rural area in India Following are the

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TDS Certificates

Friends Once again the season of filing income tax returns has come Government has notified almost all Income Tax Return ITR Forms barring a few which may be notified in next few days TDS certificate

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TDS on Immovable Property

The Finance Bill 2013 had proposed to introduce Section 194IA to the Income Tax Act 1961 the ITA which provided that the purchaser of an immovable property worth over Rs 50 lakhs other than agricultur

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TDS/TCS Rates Chart for A Y 2014-15

A TDS Rate Chart for A Y 2014 15 on Payments other than Salary and Wages Section No Nature of Payment Threshold Total Payment During the Year Payment to Individual or HUF Others 193 Interest on Debent

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Service Tax Return (ST-3)-Viewing, Revising and Late Filing

Service Tax Return ST 3 Viewing Revising and Late Filing Service Tax Returns ST 3 for the period July Sept 2012 e filed in ACES can now be viewed by the Assesses under View Original ST3 View ST3 optio

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