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tds on royalty


Gold award for the Income Tax Department under National Award on E-Governance 2014-15

The Income Tax Department has been awarded GOLD by the Government of India under category Cat I Excellence in Government Process Re engineering for National Award on e governance 2014 15 The award has

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Last date for filing TDS return extended in some states

Last date of filing of the TDS TCS Statements for the 2nd Quarter of Financial year 2014 15for the deductors collectors in the States of Andhra Pradesh Jammu Kashmir Odisha Telangana extended In view

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Due date of TDS payment extended upto 10.10.2014

Due Date of Deposit of Tax Deducted at Source Tax Collected at Source during the Month of September 2014 extended from 7th October 2014 to 10th October 2014 Considering the consecutive holidays owing

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CPC (TDS) Advisory to deductors making TDS payment through multiple challans in a month

Dear Deductor As per the records of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS it has been observed that you have used multiple challans in a month for payment of Tax Deducted For Deductors convenience CPC T

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Revised TDS returns to be accepted without Original Provisional Receipts

With effect fromJune 1 2014 Deductors Collectors need not submit copy of Provisional Receipt of original statement and Statement Statistics Report SSR for furnishing e TDS TCS correction statement Ple

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what is the due date of payment and Return of TDS

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Regarding deduction of tds

A Company raised an Invoice of Rs 11 400 Rs 10 000 and 14 Service Tax on another Company Is the other Company when making payment required to deduct TDS on whole amount of Invoice Rs 11 400 or on the

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Tds unconsumed challans

Hi Sir I have received notice from IT dapartment saying you have to pay Outstanding Taxable amount to the extent of RS 700000 from june 2007 and u have the unconsumed challans to the extent of RS 1000

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Tds deduction per month

Dear experts My friend is DDO of a institution He has to deduct the tax from the salary of assesses per month but his assessess asking for anything from the income tax department so my request to prov

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Correction in tds refund cheque issued

sir i had received TDS refund cheque for A Y 2013 14 but the Cheque received has wrong account number mentioned on that cheque i want correct it what is the procedure for this can i file another retur

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Tds rectification qery

Respected Seniors We filled online ITR for A Y 2011 12 Intimation Received informing that CPC is not in a position to proceed with the e return filed by you details of which are indicated above The re

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Interest responsibility on tds deducted late deposit

My tenant ABC LTD deducted TDS 10 on a rent of Rs 20 000 paid monthly from April 2014 But theyhavedeposited TDS with govt in July 15th 2015 of the whole year 2014 15 which is very late I want to know

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Tds on video documentry

Dear All Good Day My company has given an assignment to a video shooter to shoot a documentry video of our premises and other funcctions of the company Same is not to publish anywhere or for advertism

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Tds/ service tax

My Client is in a service of Providing Website Designing Services He is new in the Business and He has Provided the service worth Rs 75 000 to his client Now the Client is demanding Bill He does not h

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1 % tds on sale of house

I hv sold a house for Rs 5500000 the purchaser deducted 1 TDA worth Rs 55000 In Few Days I have Purchased new house worth Rs 8000000 and I hv deducted 1 TDA from Saler I hv deposited Tax and got TRACE

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  • TDS Rate Other than Salaries And Wages

    TDS Rate other than Salaries And Wages


  • TDS on Salaries



  • TDS

    Hai friends this article helps you to remember about T D S by a glance


  • Sample Declaration u/s 194C(6) for non-deduction of tax at source

    Sample Declaration u s 194C 6 for non deduction of tax at source


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Co-operative societies and TDS on interest

1 INTRODUCTION This brief article seeks to discuss about the liability of cooperative societies to deduct income tax Tax Deduction at Source or TDS at the time of paying or crediting of interest on de

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TDS on Interest other than Interest on Securities 194A

Any person not being an individual HUF responsible for paying to a resident any income by way of interest other than interest on securities is responsible to deduct tax at source and deposit the same

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Bhaijaan, TDS se kar lo Pehchaan

Karneeti Part 106 Bhaijaan TDS se kar lo Pehchaan Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the festival of Eid is approaching But the Taxpayers are in a rush of filing TDS returns As the due date of TDS ret

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All about TDS return

So the due date for filing of TDS return for 1st quarter Apr 15 Jun 15 is 15thJuly 2015 which is about to come As TDS return is required to be submitted electronically in some cases which can be prepa

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Reason for introduction of TDS

There is always a time gap between deriving of income and payment of tax there upon The objective of introduction of the provision tax deduction at source is to reduce that time gap and also ensure th

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