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tds on professional


CMA - President Communique for June, 2013

You may never know what results come of your action but if you do nothing there will be no result Mahatma Gandhi Dear Professional Colleagues In todays competitive environment every Organisation is co

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ICAI Press Release

1 Practice outside India to be reckoned for fellowship As per the Scheme of Chartered Accountants Act 1949 Section 5 3 a member is granted fellowship if he has been in continuous practice for five yea

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Income Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2013 - Form for TDS 194IA on immovable property 26QB and 16B


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Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition, 'ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting'

Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting Please check the Attached file

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ICAI - President's Message - June 2013

Dear Friends In the new Companies Bill 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities have got prime focus requiring all companies having net worth of5000 crore or more or turnover of1000 crore o

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Is tds u/s 194h applicable for payments to agent?

Acompany gets tickets booked for its employees through a travel agent The travel agent charges an amount on each ticket booked as service fee which in its agreement is referred to as a management fee

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Tds on non-resident foreign comission agent

TDS on Non resident Foreign Export Comission Agent Whether we have to deduct T D S from the payment of comission made to an Export comission agent who is a Non resident The comission has no office loc

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Converted from pcc to ipc - passing reqmt ?

I have just converted from PCC to IPC I have cleared Group I of PCC and need to clear Group II subjects of PCC in Nov13 i e Costing FM Taxation Information Technology Strategic Management Now the issu

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Minimum interest to be charged on advances.

Hello budding CAs Professionals I want to know what is the minimum interest rate to be charged on advances given to directors sister concerns solution with refernce to any law would be more beneficial

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Provision for doubtful debt

Friends A provision for doubtful debt is appearing in accounts from 31 March 2010 Can you provide some insight when this can be adjusted in financial statements and how Is there any mandatory period W

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  • CS Professional FTFM Solutions

    Please find the Solutions to CS Professional FTFM June 2013 Exam Paper Solutions Courtesy by PAVITHRA Academy for CS


  • SEBI Order in the Matter of Dr. Reddy's Lab Ltd.

    Important SAST judgement on grant of open offer exemption


  • Accounts Finalization Steps



  • Rules of Transfer Pricing Applicable to Specified Domestic Transactions

    Specified Domestic Transaction


  • Note on TDS u/s. 194-IA with Form 16B and 26QB

    Note on TDS under sec 194 IA with CBDT Notification


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Maharashtra vat > profession tax records , huf liability

1 For how many years do we need to keep the profession tax records They have standard printed format for show cause notice with about 20 years back they fill it up and send the notice We reply them wi

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Service tax on labour charges

Dear Sir My client is doing servicing of turbo motor fitted in Buses and charges Labour Charges 12 36 on it We have categorized it in Maintenance Repair Service and charge service tax on full value Pl

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Accounting codes in service tax for commission recd

Dear Sir Please tell us accouting codes for Commission Received in Service tax GAR 7 Challan Regards Kawal

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How to confirm icsi granted.exemption?

Sir i am cs executive student I want to know after application for subject exemption on the basis of llb degree and fees for exemption how I know whether exemption granted to me whether icsi issue let

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Calculation sheet for st-vces1

Dear Friend I understand that for declaration of Service Tax liability under Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme 2013 we need to declare our liability in prescribed Form VCES1 along with Calcula

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TDS on Immovable Property

The Finance Bill 2013 had proposed to introduce Section 194IA to the Income Tax Act 1961 the ITA which provided that the purchaser of an immovable property worth over Rs 50 lakhs other than agricultur

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TDS/TCS Rates Chart for A Y 2014-15

A TDS Rate Chart for A Y 2014 15 on Payments other than Salary and Wages Section No Nature of Payment Threshold Total Payment During the Year Payment to Individual or HUF Others 193 Interest on Debent

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Some Tips about exam preparation

When you sit down to study first Question is raised in your mind how can you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes to your mind so that whenever you need you can recall

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RULE 3 (5B) of the CCR - Write-off or 'Provision to write-off' versus Cenvat Reversals, Analysis

We refer to Sub rule 5B of Rule 3 of the CCR states that if the value of any i input or ii capital goods before being put to use on which CENVAT credit is taken is written off fully or partially or wh

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Impact of Service Tax on Different Audits

This article provides some inputs on what care a CA should take or at least shouldbe aware when conducting the tax audit internal audit or statutary audit We have included some practice points to enab

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