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CBDT will pay interest on refund for excess TDS deposited

Payment of interest on refund under section 244A of excess TDS deposited under section 195 of the Income tax Act 1961

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Advisory for TDS on purchase of immovable property

CPC TDS Advisory for Deposit of Tax deducted and Demand for TDS Defaults with respect to Purchase of Immovable Property 26QB Statement cum challan The Centralized Processing Cell TDS provides importan

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TDS on payments by Television channels

Issue of clarification on contentious TDS issues on payments made by Television channels Broadcasters and Newspapers With a view to bring about clarity in the interpretation of certain contentious iss

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TDS under section 194A of the Act on interest on fixed deposit made on directions of Courts

Circular No 23 2015 F No 279 Misc 140 2015 ITJ Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 28th December 2015 Subject TDS under section 19A of

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New facility of pre-filling TDS data while submitting online rectification

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has simplified the process of online rectification of incorrect TDS details filed in the Income Tax Return Taxpayers were required to fill in complete details of the

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tds on property

can we claim TDs deducted on property

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Tds u/s 194da @ 2% on insurance policy.

Sir It is reflected in my 26 AS for Asst Yr 2016 17 that tds amounting Rs 2667 u s 194DA 2 has been deducted on maturity amount of my ICICI Pru Life policy The maturity value was Rs 133309 which inclu

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Tds on vat on sale pf property

As per my knowledge tds of 1 is to be deducted from the sale consideration exceeding 50 lac Is TDS to be deducted on VAT amount calculated on sale consideration Please clarify along with circulars not

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Tds on interest paid to hdfc bank for vehicle loand

One of my client were took Vehicle Loan from HDFC Bank Ltd and he paid interest with principle amount as EMI base is he liable to pay TDS on Interest u s 194A for f y 2016 17

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If an assessee deducts TDS by mistake Can he take refund of TDS Please explain

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Tds on sale of property by nri

I have filed wrongly 26 QB instead form 27Q How can I rectify

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Refund of tds

Greeting I have paid tds twice by mistake Its refundable or not if yes what is the way process Thank Sanjay Tiwari

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Interest on tds

Salary of April May is paid on 31st May TDS amount is 28 600 14 300 2 for these 2 months If TDS is paid on 3rd june how much interest to be paid

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Tds on salary

Company provide car facility to employee in which company only incur its maintenance expenses Petrol expenses borne by employee himself And company provide Transport Allowance Also My query is Whether

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Regarding tds

I have made a payment of Rs 130000 to advertisement agency on which i have deducted tds under section 194c and now again i have to pay Rs 15000 to same advertisement agnecy for another bill raised by

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  • TDS Rate Chart for F.Y.16-17

    it is a well summarized rate chart covering almost all the sections of TDS


  • Frequently Used TDS Rates & Provisions - FY 16-17 (AY 17-18)

    Chart is prepared to summarized frequently used TDS rates related provisions for FY 2016 17 AY 2017 18 and is shared herewith for knowledge sharing purpose only


  • Major Tax compliances by Builders & Developers

    The presentation contain an overview of major tax compliances by builders developers like MVAT WCT TDS Service Tax Income Tax TDS


  • Simple Excel Salary 24Q TDS Return (Qty and Ann. 2016-17)

    Simple Salary TDS Return Excel Data entry software for 2016 17 editable and easy to understand Hope you all like it


  • Simple Annual Excel TDS Formart (Quarterwise) 2016-17

    Simple and easy way to calculate tds data for tds return who are not using any software


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CSR Reporting - Creating a liability for an asset

Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 Act deals with the provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and requires every company that comes under the purview of the mandatory spend to spend on CS

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An analysis on TDS

For a layman TDS or TAX is very cumbersome to handle and the afraid of various procedures regarding it So in this article I have tried to point out in a very simple and lucid manner to understand it T

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New procedure to file TDS returns online w.ef. 01.05.16

REGISTRATION WITH E FILING WEBSITE FOR TDS RETURN 1 Log into TRACES with the details of the assessee whose return is to be filed 2 Click at Register for E filing option at the left corner of the TRACE

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Can Existing Company be converted into a Limited Liability Partnership?

A company is an association formed by people whether living or artificial with a motive to earn profit It is a legal entity which has the power to ask money from outsiders in the form of shares may it

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How to reduce tax liability through HUF?

How to reduce tax liability through HUF In this article we will discuss how to reduce the Tax Liability using HUF As it is a separate legal entity in the eyes of Income Tax Act Formation of a HUF Typi

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