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ICAI on ease of doing business in India

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a notification to give exemptions to private companies under the Companies Act to improve ease of doing business in India ICAI is happy that the Government

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Hosting of exemption in paper granted in IPC and Final exams

Re Hosting of exemption s in a paper s granted in Intermediate IPC and Final examinations valid for May 2015 Exemption s in a paper s are granted to candidates of Intermediate and Final examinations i

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Exemption in CS exams on switchover to new syllabus

Attention students ON SWITCH OVER TO THE NEW SYALLBUS IN EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME STUDENTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE Detailed information has been attached herewith

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Gold award for the Income Tax Department under National Award on E-Governance 2014-15

The Income Tax Department has been awarded GOLD by the Government of India under category Cat I Excellence in Government Process Re engineering for National Award on e governance 2014 15 The award has

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Exemption for Engineers for pursuing CMA Course

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Dear all for a partnership firm if they deduct TDS from persons when they file this TDS returns monthly or quarterly Thanks

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Tds on gift/lottery

One of our client xyz ltd a pvt ltd company is a advertising company It is purchasing goods on behalf of one of its client abc ltd in its own name and given the said goods to the customers of abc ltd

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Tds credit in 26as

Dear Sir One of my client has received payment around 60 lacs in fy 2014 15 and contractee department has provided a manual form 16A to the assessee However same is not reflecting in 26AS And contract

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Tds certificate

how would one know if any tds has been deducted for interest income for a person or in short how to find out total tds deduction to a particular person during a FY year Can it be tracked with the help

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Regardind decuctions for sb interest and tds certificate

i have some saving banks interest to my credit How should i treat the same for the FY year 2014 15 i e for income and is that interest is available for any deductions from gross total income also how

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Short deduction of tds

Sir One of my friend A principal of a college have filed the 24Q Q4 for the financial year 2014 15 in May 2015 In this hehasactualy deducted less than the due amount from some employee by mistake So a

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No tan no. still company has deducted tds

i had worked in acompany where comission income was the source and the company had sent a cheque for my comission after deducting tds however after 3 years when i want to claim refund of the tds i can

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Tds applicability

If a foreign consultant serve the professional service in foreign country and payment is payable from India Is this transaction liable to TDS in India for Example A consultant resident of Sri Lanka an

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Service tax exemption

We are in Construction business and currently we are doing a building work which will be used as school So my question is according to the Notification No 25 2012 Service Tax Sr No 9 Services provided

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Tds rate on sale of immovable property

Dear Sir Our Company was sale Immovable Property to Individual for Rs 1Crore and paid TDS 194 IA 1 Rs 1 00 000 But demand was raised by IT Department TDS Rate 2 We need to pay balance Rs 1 Lakh as per

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  • Exemptions & relaxations to companies regd. u/s 8

    Exemptions relaxations to companies regd u s 8


  • Exemptions & relaxations to government companies

    Exemptions relaxations to government companies


  • Exemptions & relaxations to private companies

    Exemptions to private companies from applicability of provisions of Co Act 2013


  • Exemption to private limited company

    Exemption to private limited company


  • Important changes under Central and State Tax Laws

    The following are the important changes under Central and State Tax Laws with effect from 1st April 2015 1 Conveyance Allowance Transport allowance granted to an employee is exempted up to Rs 800 per month The limit of exemption is now enhanced to Rs 1600 per month 2 Profession Tax Those whose salary for a month was more than Rs 10 000 were supposed to pay Profession Tax of Rs 150 per month Now from 1st April 2015 the persons drawing salary up to Rs 15 000 per month are exempted from Profession Tax Applicable for Bangalore 3 Profession Tax exemption for senior citizens who have attained age of 60 Years Applicable for Bangalore 4 Wealth Tax Is abolished from 1st April 2015 Keep all the wealth tax papers of past 8 years in safe custody even though wealth tax is abolished from FY 2015 16 5 Mediclaim Insurance The premium paid towards mediclaim insurance is enhanced from Rs 15 000 to Rs 25 000 per year for senior citizen it is enhanced from Rs 20 000 to Rs 30 000 per year u s 80D 6 Basic Exemption Limit for VAT registration in Karnataka Now the traders who expect to do annual taxable turnover sales of less than Rs 10 Lakhs needn t register under Karnataka VAT Laws However other aspects of registration which were applicable till March 2015 will continue to apply 7 Reverse Charge Method under service Tax Laws w r t Manpower Consultancy Currently in case manpower supply or security services is provided by individual HUF or partnership firm to a body or a corporate the service provider is liable to deposit Service Tax to the extent of 25 and service receiver liable to deposit Service Tax to extent of 75 W e f 1st April 2015 Service Tax is not required to be charged by specified service provider i e individuals HUF Partnership Firms and the same is to be paid by the service receiver entirely i e instead of 75 the service receiver has to pay 100 F No 334 5 2015 8 ESIC Payment Through Online Online payment of ESI contribution made easier Now facility for payment of ESI contribution through net banking is made available through State Bank of India and 58 major banks 9 PF Payment Made Online The EPFO payment has been made online Mandatory effective from 1st May 2015


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Computation of TDS in case employee is working under two employer in same year

Cases where an employee work under two employer in a single financial year Normally an employee is employed under employer during whole financial year and thus no problem arises in deduction of TDS fr

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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Features of forthcoming release of TDS/TCS

It is proposed to release new version of NSDL e Gov TDS TCS Return Preparation Utility RPU and File Validation Utility FVU tentatively on19thJune 2015 Details of which are given below 1 Return Prepara

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Exemptions & relaxations to private companies

The Ministry of corporate Affairs has released the much awaited exemptions for Private Companies Government Companies Nidhi Companies and Companies registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013

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Plethora of exemptions to government companies!!

Ever since the draft notifications were placed before the Parliament companies have been eagerly waiting for the approval and promulgation of the same Finally the exemption notifications saw the light

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