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Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final (Old) Course students

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final Old Course students This announcement is solely for the purpose of making the students aware of the study material which would be re

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Life & taxes....

Loss of a dear one leaves a void that cannot be filled The family besides being emotionally disturbed is also at loss on financial front especially if that individual is the sole main earning member o

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CAs can accept more tax audit assignments

The Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has increased the ceiling on the number of tax audit assignments that a chartered accountant can accept in a financial year

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Filing of ro- proprietor transferring op. stock to firm

A propritorship having a closing stock of Rs 1 2 Crores as on 31 03 2014 is transferring all the stock to a partnership firm as his share of capital as on 01 04 2014 Now the individual wants to file r

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How to get tan for proprietorship firm

Dear and respected membebers i wants to ask thar how to get TAN FOR proprietor ship firm and what TAN card printed on card firms name or proprietor name thx

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Regarding proprietorship

Suppose a proprietor is receiving salary will it become part of income of the proprietorship concern in the profit loss A c or simply we will consider it as income from other sources while preparing t

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Regarding merger of proprietorship co.

Sirs Myself Virendra I am proprietor of a company I wish to take merger a another company and it is also a proprietorship firm I want to use their past experience showing its merger to our company spe

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Statutary auditor(proprietorship)converted into partnership

1 A Co Chartered Accountant proprietorship is converted into Partnership Firm A Co 2 There is a change of PAN of Statutary Auditor due to change in the constitution from proprietorship to partnership

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How to show expenses from personal a/c for sole propietorshp

Hello everyone I really confused in this matter of Sole Proprietorship If Banks dont issue credit card on current account then how will I transact online in the name of my sole proprietor business Bec

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Single proprietor running two different proprietary concern

Hey Everyone Can anyone let me know k whether a single person can run two proprietary concerns wherein both the concerns are not related Its like one firms goods are taxed at 5 and whereas the other f

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Conversion of proprietorship firm into private limited co.

Dear Sir s I want to Convert a Proprietorship Firm registered under Shop and Establishment Act into Private Limited Company I want to know the Procedure of such conversion as Companies Act 2013 nowher

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Income tax filling for freelance/proprietorship business

I am Software Engineer work for a company I also run a proprietorship business Do I need to maintain books of account Where can I mention the following income or expenses in ITR 4 AY 2015 16 I did not

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Private limited company to sole proprietorship

Hello Im planning to close my Private Limited company Please guide me 1 Can I convert my Private Limited Company Into Sole Proprietorship Firm 2 If I hire any CA for this what would be average cost Th

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  • How is One Person Company different from Sole Proprietorship

    How is One Person Company different from Sole Proprietorship


  • Appointment of Sole Selling Agents



  • CA Final Law: Q & A on Sole Selling Agents

    Appointment of Sole Selling Agents Sec 294 297


  • Extremely useful proj p&l &bs for cash credit loan from bank



  • Sole Selling Agents (CA Final)



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One Person Company: Soul of proprietorship in corporate body

ONE PERSON COMPANY A PRACTICE TO MERGE SOUL OF PROPRIETORSHIP IN THE BODY OF A COMPANY The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar instead of h

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Service Tax Compliance under Reverse Charge - Proprietorship

1 Freight paid payable to Goods Transport Agency GTA 1 1 When does an individual proprietorship firm is liable to pay service tax under reverse charge An Individual or a proprietorship firm is liable

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Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods - Not Sole Criterion

style2 text align justify style3 text decoration none style4 text align left Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods is not the sole criterion for denial of SSI Exemption under Central Excise We are

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Sole proprietorship - Most common form of Business

As the title of this write up suggests A sole proprietorship is still the oldest and the most common type of business in India You may find lots of proprietorship businesses near you place In general

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