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Clarification in respect of MEF 2016-17

ANNOUNCEMENT CLARIFICATIONS IN RESPECT OF MEF 2016 17 Applicants of MEF who are i Applying as Proprietary Concern and also having Sole Individual practice registered in Institutes records ii Applying as Individual either Sole Individual practice registered or not in Institutes records though they ar

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final (Old) Course students

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final Old Course students This announcement is solely for the purpose of making the students aware of the study material which would be relevant from t he examination point of view since study materials issued to them at an earlier point

Life & taxes....

Loss of a dear one leaves a void that cannot be filled The family besides being emotionally disturbed is also at loss on financial front especially if that individual is the sole main earning member of the family Often the family receives one or more of the following sums on the demise of the family

CAs can accept more tax audit assignments

The Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has increased the ceiling on the number of tax audit assignments that a chartered accountant can accept in a financial year either as partner or proprietor The ceiling on tax audit has been increased from 30 to 45 per charte

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Urgent - proprietorship and partnership

P owns a proprietorship concern XYZ from past many years and is doing his business Now he enters into partnership agreement with S and they form a partnership firm with same name XYZ in February 2017 P states that he has transferred all his assets and liabilities to the firm but that is not document

Conversion of partnership into proprietorship under dvat

Hello I want to know the procedure for conversion of partnership firm into proprietorship firm under DVAT Whether TIN No has changed which form has been filed for conversion and the whole procedure for conversion Its urgent because firstly I want convert my partnership firm into proprietorship firm

Conversion of partnership to proprietor concern procedure


Pl & bs 2 separate proprietorship business of a proprietor

If any proprietor has two proprietorship business then is he liable to maintain two separate PL Balance Sheet for those businesses

Inventory write down for retail proprietor

I want to show inventory write down in my p l statement I am a readymade garments proprietor Purpose of my inventory write down is because the resale value of such stock is decreases year by year Can anyone help me how to calculate fair value of my stock and how to show the write down in my official


Death of proprietor

proprietor died in around mid december Now son took charge of his proprietor ship firm as a legal heir of proprietor The PAN on which the business is registered under Central Excise and VAT is of proprietor who died Now whats d way to register dis firm under G S T

Conversion of partnership into proprietorship under dvat

I want to know the procedure for conversion of partnership firm into proprietorship firm under DVAT Whether TIN No has changed which form has been filed for conversion and the whole procedure for conversion Its urgent because firstly I want convert my partnership firm into proprietorship firm and th

As per 40a(3) drawings with drawn by proprietor through cash

As per 40A 3 applicable for the follwoing reason If the proprietor has with drawn the cash morethan Rs 10000

Itr for proprietorship business and export of goods

I am individual and I want to sale products on ebay com International Website I purchase products from local market and sell it to on ebay It will be treated as Retail Export I will not sale any piece in India Kindly note payment will come through Paypal to Bank account where paypal charge their ser

Change of firm from proprietorship to partnership

Sir Can you please confirm the treatment of Capital Account Balance as we have change the status of firm from Proprietorship to Partnership What should we do if we are not able to return the balance of capital account to proprietor

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  • Financial Year based EMI Calculator

    A whole and sole EMI calculator for calculating yearly interest EMI ROI etc having option to show interest due on 31st March also as an option Very useful for Interest Entries in accounts and last minute balancing
  • DT & IDT Case Law summary for May 2017

    This case law summary has been compiled from the case law book published by ICAI applicable for May 2017 It is solely for preparation purposes AND NOT FOR SALE The summary contains Judgments published by ICAI in the Revision Test papers Judgments appearing in the Case laws book pertaining to the years 2014 2015 and 2016 PLUS ONLY a few other judgments of previous years from the book The prospective examinees are advised to first prepare through the case laws published by ICAI In the event that you find this summary insufficient from exam point of view please go through the ICAI material The compiler publisher bears no responsibility for accuracy of the text In case of any doubt over accuracy of text of the judgment contained herein please refer to the ICAI case law book and RTP
  • GST Provisional Registration Checklist- For Proprietors

    Fill in the details in the checklist to enable easy copy and paste at the time of registration on GST portal
  • Affidavit - Kerala Money Lending

    When applying for Kerala Money Lending Registration the Proprietor each Partner have to submit an Affidavit in the prescribed format
  • New Pension Scheme 3

    Useful for employer How to join routine process guidance

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Sole proprietorship comparison with one Person Company

Any person while beginning a business is confused regarding the legal structure of the organization In a broad sense there are four types of structure that a company can be set up with Self proprietorship Limited Liability partnership partnership or a one person company One can pick any of these typ

One Person Company: Soul of proprietorship in corporate body

ONE PERSON COMPANY A PRACTICE TO MERGE SOUL OF PROPRIETORSHIP IN THE BODY OF A COMPANY The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar instead of how little he can give for a dollar is bound to succeed Henry Ford Not old in some countries but new

Service Tax Compliance under Reverse Charge - Proprietorship

1 Freight paid payable to Goods Transport Agency GTA 1 1 When does an individual proprietorship firm is liable to pay service tax under reverse charge An Individual or a proprietorship firm is liable to take service tax registration and pay service tax under reverse charge only if i It is registered

Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods - Not Sole Criterion

style2 text align justify style3 text decoration none style4 text align left Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods is not the sole criterion for denial of SSI Exemption under Central Excise We are sharing you an important analysis of judgement in case of CCE CHENNAI II v M s Australian Foods Indi

Sole proprietorship - Most common form of Business

As the title of this write up suggests A sole proprietorship is still the oldest and the most common type of business in India You may find lots of proprietorship businesses near you place In general terms A Sole Proprietorship business means a business that is owned by only ONE person You can opera

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