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Clarification in respect of MEF 2016-17

ANNOUNCEMENT CLARIFICATIONS IN RESPECT OF MEF 2016 17 Applicants of MEF who are i Applying as Proprietary Concern and also having Sole Individual practice registered in Institutes records ii Applying as Individual either Sole Individual practice registered or not in Institutes records though they ar

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final (Old) Course students

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final Old Course students This announcement is solely for the purpose of making the students aware of the study material which would be relevant from t he examination point of view since study materials issued to them at an earlier point

Life & taxes....

Loss of a dear one leaves a void that cannot be filled The family besides being emotionally disturbed is also at loss on financial front especially if that individual is the sole main earning member of the family Often the family receives one or more of the following sums on the demise of the family

CAs can accept more tax audit assignments

The Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has increased the ceiling on the number of tax audit assignments that a chartered accountant can accept in a financial year either as partner or proprietor The ceiling on tax audit has been increased from 30 to 45 per charte

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Recovery of dues from sole proprietor

Dear Friends Happy Lohari to all of you Kindly advise me on the following An individual is running his business at two places with different sales tax numbers for each under different names and having different bank account number but same uses same PAN for both as he is the proprietor Normally he b

enrollment as proprietor

When I was trying to submit my details on gst portal without dsc it s not working please guide me Can I submit my details through adhaar card but this option is currently not working

How to convert a society into a proprietor firm

Respected Sir What will be the procedure of converting a society into a Proprietor Firm

Formation of proprietorship firm

Hello members I am a ACA and presently partner in a partnership firm Now I want to register my own Proprietorship firm Please Suggest 1 Can I be partner in one firm and at the same time proprietor in other 2 What will be my status in both the firms part time full time and what will be the consequenc

proprietor purchase an printer through own individual credit card than how to entry ?

i proprietor purchase an printer through own individual credit card not company crefit card than how to entry in accounting software


Srs 4410 applicable to proprietorship business??

A Chartered Accountant was engaged tocompile prepare Financial Statements of a sole proprietorship business It wasnt an auditingengagement it was just an compiling engagement SRS 4410 applicable ACCOUNTANTS REPORT ON COMPILATION OF UNAUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS is compulsory

Change in details of proprietor in tin details

There is a change required in name PAN no registered with tin UP

Sole trading concern to one person company

What is the benefit of Converting a Sole trading concern into OPC One Person Company Are there any tax advantages or any exemptions available

Register a proprietorship firm

Hello I am already a partner in a partnership firm now I want to register a new proprietorship of firm Please suggest can I do so Also what are the consequences regarding status of the firm and me

Balance sheet for proprietor ship read more at:

I have earning from three sources Ist IInd from proprietorship I am proprietor of two different firms IIIrd is getting salary from other Pvt Ltd company So I have to file different balance sheet for different proprietor firms or make a single merged balance sheet of all firms

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Sole proprietorship comparison with one Person Company

Any person while beginning a business is confused regarding the legal structure of the organization In a broad sense there are four types of structure that a company can be set up with Self proprietorship Limited Liability partnership partnership or a one person company One can pick any of these typ

One Person Company: Soul of proprietorship in corporate body

ONE PERSON COMPANY A PRACTICE TO MERGE SOUL OF PROPRIETORSHIP IN THE BODY OF A COMPANY The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar instead of how little he can give for a dollar is bound to succeed Henry Ford Not old in some countries but new

Service Tax Compliance under Reverse Charge - Proprietorship

1 Freight paid payable to Goods Transport Agency GTA 1 1 When does an individual proprietorship firm is liable to pay service tax under reverse charge An Individual or a proprietorship firm is liable to take service tax registration and pay service tax under reverse charge only if i It is registered

Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods - Not Sole Criterion

style2 text align justify style3 text decoration none style4 text align left Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods is not the sole criterion for denial of SSI Exemption under Central Excise We are sharing you an important analysis of judgement in case of CCE CHENNAI II v M s Australian Foods Indi

Sole proprietorship - Most common form of Business

As the title of this write up suggests A sole proprietorship is still the oldest and the most common type of business in India You may find lots of proprietorship businesses near you place In general terms A Sole Proprietorship business means a business that is owned by only ONE person You can opera

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