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Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final (Old) Course students

Announcement relating to study materials relevant for PCC and Final Old Course students This announcement is solely for the purpose of making the students aware of the study material which would be re

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Life & taxes....

Loss of a dear one leaves a void that cannot be filled The family besides being emotionally disturbed is also at loss on financial front especially if that individual is the sole main earning member o

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CAs can accept more tax audit assignments

The Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has increased the ceiling on the number of tax audit assignments that a chartered accountant can accept in a financial year

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Depreciation rate on car for sole proprietary business

Hi Friends Please provide Depreciation rate for Sole proprietary business car purchased during FY 2015 16 Is it required to calculate both under Companies act and Income tax act

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Transfer of tin of proprietor to partnership under kerala va

Can I transfer my TIN Kerala Vat to a partnership firm which I am going to form

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Death of the proprietor

My father was the sole proprietor of a trading firm Suddenly due to heart attack he died Now we are three legal heirs and I want to continue running the business as a proprietor and my two other legal

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Personal income of the proprietor

Ay 2016 17 there is some personal income on account of rent receipt credited into saving bank account of the proprietor of some proprietary concern but there is a business loss in the proprietary conc

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Partner ship form convert to proprietor in mvat

with reference to above subject a Partner Ship Dissolved than after convert in Proprietor ship firm And TIN No of Partner ship firm same as for New Proprietor firm in Mvat Act 2000 And Required List f

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Formalities for starting construction proprietorship firm?


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Partnership to proprietorship firm

Hi We have a partnership firm having 4 partners Now we all have agreed it to be converted into a proprietorship firm Currently we have 1 VAT number 2 PAN card 3 The firm is Registered 4 Income Tax Dep

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How is sole proprietorship taxed ?

Hi Friends One of my friends runs a sole propreitorship firm How is the income tax to be files In his name or in firms name What is the last date of filing return If it is in his name do we need to su

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Services solely of arranging or booking accommodation in relation to a tour

Hi i am a tour operator I am paying service tax after availing abatement of 70 on tour packages Now i want to start exclusive hotel booking service I came to know that 90 abatement is available on boo

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tqx on shares given to proprietor on takeover

Hello The case is as under 1 Mr A has a proprietorship company and is a director in ABC Limited unlisted public limited co 2 ABC Ltd wants to take over the proprietorship company of Mr A and issue sha

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  • Affidavit - Kerala Money Lending

    When applying for Kerala Money Lending Registration the Proprietor each Partner have to submit an Affidavit in the prescribed format


  • New Pension Scheme 3

    Useful for employer How to join routine process guidance


  • How is One Person Company different from Sole Proprietorship

    How is One Person Company different from Sole Proprietorship


  • Appointment of Sole Selling Agents



  • CA Final Law: Q & A on Sole Selling Agents

    Appointment of Sole Selling Agents Sec 294 297


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One Person Company: Soul of proprietorship in corporate body

ONE PERSON COMPANY A PRACTICE TO MERGE SOUL OF PROPRIETORSHIP IN THE BODY OF A COMPANY The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar instead of h

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Service Tax Compliance under Reverse Charge - Proprietorship

1 Freight paid payable to Goods Transport Agency GTA 1 1 When does an individual proprietorship firm is liable to pay service tax under reverse charge An Individual or a proprietorship firm is liable

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Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods - Not Sole Criterion

style2 text align justify style3 text decoration none style4 text align left Physical affixing of Brand name on Goods is not the sole criterion for denial of SSI Exemption under Central Excise We are

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Sole proprietorship - Most common form of Business

As the title of this write up suggests A sole proprietorship is still the oldest and the most common type of business in India You may find lots of proprietorship businesses near you place In general

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