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Govt reiterates information shared under IDS will not be shared with any authority

Government reiterates that information contained in a valid declaration under the Income Declaration Scheme 2016 is confidential and shall not be shared with any authority The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 the Scheme provides an opportunity to persons who have not paid full taxes in the past to com

ICAI - President's Message - June 2016

Dear Professional Colleagues All of us have our share of hopes and expectations present and future While certain part of those may appear logical and is likely to come true the remaining we ourselves somewhere know are actually present just for the sake of being present with an unstated and silent a

Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Prior to Assessment Year A Y 2015 16 the Asset Liability Schedule AL schedule was applicable to filers

Income arising from unlisted shares taxable under capital gains

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 5th May 2016 Subject Taxability of Income Loss arising from Transfer of Unlisted Shares reg CBDT vide order dated 2nd May 2016 has given direction to field formation with a view to avoid disputes Li

New functionality for taxpayers to secure their E-filing account

The Income Tax Department has from time to time issued advisories regarding the need to avoid phishing emails and to carefully protect the passwords OTPs and not share them with others In order to ensure that taxpayers are able to secure their E filing account against any fraudulent attempts the Inc

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Is it mandatory to show f&o and share loss in itr

is it mandatory to show F O and other capital market share and commodity loss in ITR If we do not wish to carry forward or set off loss can we ignore it from ITR

Transfer/sale of co-owner share in favour of daughter

Hello All I have one query One flat is owned jointly by my father and mother Now my mother wants to sell 50 in favour of me I have one more sister Kindly let me know the best way to rffect this transaction keeping in mind the stamp duty registration and taxation aspect applicable in Mumbai Should I

Share loss not disclosed in itr

I have filed positive return income in my ITR and have excluded the F O Loss from my ITR As per section 271 if after assessment there is loss then no penalty or interest can be levied for not disclosing full details PS I have not shown loss in ITR and have not earned any profit

Share capital payment

Company formed with Rs 25 Lacs in 2015 but actual payment not done till today only 11 Lacs paid What should we do in such cases and what are the consequences

Transfer of shares by holding company

what is the procedure if a Holding company want to transfer share of its listed subsidiary company to one of its other subsidiary


Equity share

Share capital Second allotement Shares nominal value share capital A 18000 10 180000 B 16000 10 160000 Share premium Shares nominal value share premium A 18000 15 270000 B 16000 15 240000 Share capital and premium amount received in advance by Bank 180000 160000 270000 240000 What is the journal ent

Transfer of shares of subsidiary company by holding company

Is there any compliance on Transfer of shares of subsidiary company by holding company

Issue of preference shares by listed company

Kind attn Shri P C Agarwal Sir pls suggest Fact 1 listed company have issued non convertible non cumulative Preference shares query 1 Please suggest it has to be mendatorily in demat or it can be in physial mode also also please suggest any provision for this regds desai

How top find share distinctive number ?

How to find out the Distinctive Number allocated to Shares Can it be checked or viewed from the MCA website

Allotment of shares


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  • GST - FAQ Version (GST model law, 2016)

    Efforts are made to keep important provisions of GST model law 2016 in a simple question answer format Please share your suggestions and kindy draw our attention in case of any changes or modifications
  • CA Final Cost Accounting Theory

    Cost Accounting Theory Read more at http www caclubindia com share files files upload form asp
  • CA / CS Final - Indirect Tax -Amendments - NOV / DEC 2016

    Dear CS Friends I Thank you for your huge appreciation on the CS Final Amendments Suggestions which I shared in the June 16 Exams Its time when the Dec 16 examines have started their preparations So as always I have prepared the CS FINAL IDT Amendment notes DEC 2016 for all of you This file contains in details all the Applicable Amendments for the CS Professional Indirect Tax part of Advance Tax Laws subject Along with the amendments are the LATEST CASE STUDIES Discussions on various topics which are newly introduced to the curriculum like Krishi kalyan cess Swachh Bharat Cess Goods Service Tax Act Introduction and many more I believe this amendment sheet will be enough for your preparation and will help you cover the IDT part completely For more such Academic Updates Amendments Discussions on day to day queries join my WhatsApp Group PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS 9804179372 Wishing you all the BEST CS Rahul Harsh mail csrahulharsh gmail com
  • Comics Edition: The Dextor and the Export Business

    Welcome to the whole new world of learning Gone were those days when people used to read the whole thesis There is innovation all around and hence we thought why not creating a content which we all can connect and atleast read it to full Now imagine what would happen if our favorite cartoon character visit to India to start their Export business Let us not waste any time and read the whole story The famous line If you like the story then please don t forget to like comment and share the article Stay tuned for more stories
  • ISCA Ch. 8 Emerging Technologies

    Know chapter boundary reference before full text reading key words to be taken care while writing answers Do share your feed back Wishing you Happy Reading

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Comprehensive understanding on issue of bonus shares

Bonus issue refers to a further issue of shares made by a company having share capital to its existing shareholders in proportion to their holdings without any consideration It is also called as capitalization of the reserves of the Company For example company X issues bonus shares in the ratio of 2

How a director and a shareholder are different from each other

While waiting hastily for my metro knowing that Im already late just overheard the conversation taking place between a group of men waiting just like me To be a director of the company is better than being a shareholder was a statement on which a few did agree and the rest didnt This statement did t

Allotment of shares to Foreign Investor (FDI)

A Time period for Issue of Certificate The capital instruments should be issued within 180 days from the date of receipt of the inward remittance received through normal banking channels including escrow account opened and maintained for the purpose or by debit to the NRE FCNR B account of the non r

Bonus shares - A shareholder's delight

1 Introduction One thing which every shareholder across various Companies would dream for is receipt of Bonus shares The word Bonus has a very positive connotation implying something extra orsome gains at no cost Issue of bonus shares is the most popular way by which companies like to utilize their

Building India - A shared responsibility

In plain terms I wish to state that India cannot and will not be built with tweaking something here and something there Average per capita income of the world is 10 000 whereas that in India it is around 1600 The size of the world economy is 70 trillion whereas that of India is just about 2 trillion

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