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Govt reiterates information shared under IDS will not be shared with any authority

Government reiterates that information contained in a valid declaration under the Income Declaration Scheme 2016 is confidential and shall not be shared with any authority The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 the Scheme provides an opportunity to persons who have not paid full taxes in the past to com

ICAI - President's Message - June 2016

Dear Professional Colleagues All of us have our share of hopes and expectations present and future While certain part of those may appear logical and is likely to come true the remaining we ourselves somewhere know are actually present just for the sake of being present with an unstated and silent a

Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Prior to Assessment Year A Y 2015 16 the Asset Liability Schedule AL schedule was applicable to filers

Income arising from unlisted shares taxable under capital gains

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 5th May 2016 Subject Taxability of Income Loss arising from Transfer of Unlisted Shares reg CBDT vide order dated 2nd May 2016 has given direction to field formation with a view to avoid disputes Li

New functionality for taxpayers to secure their E-filing account

The Income Tax Department has from time to time issued advisories regarding the need to avoid phishing emails and to carefully protect the passwords OTPs and not share them with others In order to ensure that taxpayers are able to secure their E filing account against any fraudulent attempts the Inc

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Book value of equity share

Can any one explain how to calculate book value per share with help of example Thanks in advance

Shares transfer as per new co act 2013

Dear Experts I d like to know Whether Shares can be transferred within FY or between 2 AGMs in order to reflect in Annual Return of a Pvt Co as per New Companies Act 2013 However Section 92 1 Companies Act 2013 An Annual Return is a snapshot of certain company information as they stood on the close

Share holder in a private limited company

Hi A newly incorporated private limited company can issue shares to 200 shareholders maximum in a single financial year

Section 56(2)(vii) (c) - transfer of shares

Is there any methodology for arriving at valuation guidelines in case of transfer of shares between 2 resident individuals of a company which is closely held and unlisted Please note that the company in question has immovable property office shown as investment property and bank balance there is no

Loan taken from shareholder

In one of our private company we have taken loan from shareholder less which is then 100 of paid up capital free reserve on 29th October 2015 but till date no Form has been filed so can we file MGT 14 and DPT 3 now with late fees and what will be attachments with Form DPT 3


Accounting for quantity of bonus shares received

Dear Members How do I account for the quantity of bonus shares received by me I understand that no entry has to be passed on receipt of bonus shares But say if I hold 500 shares of a certain company who has awarded bonus shares at 1 1 how do I account for the quantity of the 500 bonus shares receive

Share your result

Share your result

Rights of majority shareholders in case of oppression & mismanagment by minority

Hello all What are the Rights of Majority Shareholders in case of oppression mismanagment by Minority Shareholders

Can private limited company issue partly paid up shares

Can a private limited company issue partly paid up shares either under right issue or under ESOP

Urgent query regarding issue of share certificate to moa subscribers

My bank account for pvt ltd is taking 10 days late to open So if I issue the share certificates after 80 90 days of incorporation instead of 60 days will that attract heavy fine The share capital is only 10 thousand both paid up and authorized The delay is because of delay of receiving PAN card and

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Voting Rights of Preference Shareholders

Generally voting rights are available only to the equity shareholders of the company Preference shareholders do not enjoy normal voting rights like equity shareholders The basis for not allowing the preference shareholders to vote is that the preference shareholder is in a relatively secure position

Reduction of share capital - Procedure before NCLT under companies act, 2013

On 07th December 2016 Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA has vide its Commencement Notification notified various sections of Companies Act 2013 which includes arbitration compromise arrangements and reconstruction and winding up companies which has come into force with effect from 15th December 2016

Sale of shares by a person resident in India to a non resident through E-biz portal

Reserve Bank of India RBI has liberalized the provisions relating to foreign investment which comes into India Foreign investment comes into India in various forms and is required to be reported to RBI This articles deals with the Reporting of Transfer of Shares by a Person Resident in India to a No

Comprehensive understanding on issue of bonus shares

Bonus issue refers to a further issue of shares made by a company having share capital to its existing shareholders in proportion to their holdings without any consideration It is also called as capitalization of the reserves of the Company For example company X issues bonus shares in the ratio of 2

How a director and a shareholder are different from each other

While waiting hastily for my metro knowing that Im already late just overheard the conversation taking place between a group of men waiting just like me To be a director of the company is better than being a shareholder was a statement on which a few did agree and the rest didnt This statement did t

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