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SFM question paper may 2013


Clarification on switchover to CS Professional Programme


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Clarification on sec 464 of the Co Act, 2013 for IPC exam

Clarification on section 464 of the Companies Act 2013 in Paper No 2 Business Law Ethics and Communication at Intermediate IPC Level The students are hereby informed that according to section 464 1 of

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Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

Dear Deductor Taxpayer This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS which claim to have been or

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Facility for downloading Statements of Marks for IPC exams

Physical copies of statement of marks in respect of Intermediate IPC Examination held in May 2015 in the standard printed stationery are under dispatch in the normal course In addition to the above th

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Toppers of CA IPCC May 2015

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI today announced the result ofChartered Accountants IntermediateExamination IPC held in May 2015 Thetop three rank holderson all India basis ofChart

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Randomly solving questions in exam

Everybody says do All the questions first with which you are confident about this mean can we solve question randomly like 1 a then 2 b then 3 d then 4b n 4c and 5c 5d suppose if we begin from 2 then

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Depreciation as per schedule ii co. act, 2013

Can we opt different useful life on the basis of classification of the company asset as continuous process plant other than continuous process plant

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Adt-1 ,form 23ac/aca-f.y.2013-14 ,agm-30.09.2014

Dear Sir a small company with authorised capital of Rs 30lac ADT 1 and Form 23AC ACA for AGM held on 30 09 2014 for F Y 2013 14 has to be filed after 300 days What are the consequences of this default

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Meaning of total turnover for vat audit under gvat act,2013

One of My client being an Individual engaged in manufacturing activities Registered Dealer under GVAT During the year under consideration i e F Y 2014 15 whose taxable sales are as under i 5 Local Sal

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Roc forms according to new companies act 2013

Kindly update the changes in ROC annual filing wrt Forms 20B 23AC 23ACA 23B and the formats of the attachments to be fileing for the current year under the Companies Act 2013

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New syllabus paper-wise exemption query to pass modules

Hi All I have passed3 modules under old syllabus 2nd Module remains now due to compulsory switch over the exams in which I am supposed to appear are as follows MODULE 1 Corporate Restructuring MODULE

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Limits Based Provisions with Consequences On Non-Compliance under the Companies Act, 2013

LIMITS BASED PROVISIONS WITH CONSEQUENCES ON NON COMPLIANCE UNDER COMPANIES ACT 2013 Dear All Greetings for the day During these days most of the professionals in our stream remains engaged with statu

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Financial reporting and sfm book for ca final

Friends want to know Best books for CA FINAL SFM AND FINANCIAL REPORTING which consists much Problem Solutions with ease way and understandable by its own

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Doubts in merger & acquisition - sfm

There is a question in PM of Nov 15 I E Q 37 which states that capital expenditure net of depreciation will grow at 15 p a the base year has 750 Cr as capital expenditure and 600 Cr as depreciation No

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Best sfm classes

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  • CA Final SFM Summary Notes for Foreign Exchange Risk

    CA Final SFM Summary Notes for Foreign Exchange Risk


  • SFM Derivatives Short Notes

    SFM Derivatives Short Notes


  • Central Excise SSI Material for problem solving for CA Final

    Useful for problem solving for Ca Final IDT paper


  • CA Final Audit - 2nd Edition by CA Sumit Aggarwal

    Covering Short Notes Solved Question Paper for last 34 Exams


  • MCA Notification to exempt private companies u/s 462

    MCA Notification to exempt private companies u s 462 of the Companies Act 2013


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Issue of Sweat Equity Shares under Companies Act, 2013

Dear Readers Professional Members Greetings for the day Section 54 of the Companies Act 2013 corresponds to section 79A of the Companies Act 1956 and seeks to provide that on fulfilling certain condit

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The consolidated audit report under companies act 2013 (The Devil lies in Detail)

As per the Guidance Note of the ICAI The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has issued Accounting Standard AS 21 Consolidated Financial Statements which lays down principles an

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Risk Management under the Companies Act 2013

The Companies Act 1956 did not contain any mandatory provisions relating to Risk Management whereas the Companies Act 2013 placed specific expectations on important stakeholders in a company namely th

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Overview of Schedule II of Companies Act 2013

The Schedule II of the Companies Act 2013 namely Useful lives to compute Depreciationhave been brought into effect from 1st April 2014 with a General Circular 08 2014 dated 4th April 2014 replacing th

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Preparation Strategy for CA Final SFM

Hello Friends first of all thanks a lot for giving such a favorable response to article on Preparation Strategy for CA Final Financial Reporting Now in the same manner I would like to throw light on p

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