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Time table for Nov 2016 CA exams released

No 13 CA EXAM N 2016 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to notify that the Intermedia

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ICAI convocation for newly qualified CA

In order to promote a sense of comradeship among members and for bringing them closer to the Institute the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI organize Convocations for distributing certi

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Detection of black money by Government

Recognizing various limitations under the existing legislation Income tax Act 1961 etc the Government enacted a new law The Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets and Imposition of Tax Act

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Synchronisation of financial accounting year with calendar year

Government has constituted a Committee to examine the desirability and feasibility of having a new financial year and give its recommendations by 31st December 2016 The terms of reference ToR of the C

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Toppers of CA Final May 2016 Exam

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI today announced the following results 1 Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in May 2016 2 Common Proficiency Test held on June 19 2016 The

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Cst applicable on goods send out state to c&f agent

Hello Sir Madam We are planning to open a C F Agent in Rajasthan for trading in Solar penal commodity The commodities will purchases from Delhi and we are preparing a C F agreement between Rajasthan f

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adjustment and entry in tally

we have purchase some product from our interstate supplier which was FOC purchase contract which we have to sale as FOC but he send bill to us without FOC and charge 230000 SO NOW please tell me how t

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Query related to income tax

Dear Sir Kindly suggest to me I have paid my TDS Tax payment and Return as per due dates and received form 16 also accordingly But now I want to pay some extra Tax before Filling Individual ITR Salary

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Stock valuation method

Accounting Year 14 15 LIFO Method Calculation 15 16 Audit Thanks

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Form 10 e filling with income tax

Dear Experts I am a govt employee i have received arrears of last 4 years I have filled my ITR after calculating relief u s 89 1 Do i need to file form 10E apart from ITR 1 Is it mandatory to file For

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Belated return

i have filed itr for AY2015 16 On 11july 2016 it is a belated return after noticing defects i filed a revised return i have no taxable income and tds reund to get will it be accepted or rejected

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which return is requires to be filed if there is salary income from job n there is tuition income also

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St registration

An indivual is already registered with the aces for business auxiliary service Now he wants to do business on another place under separete trade licence on the same category of service What is the reg

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Service tax

We have provided services to a particular company which is located in SEZ unit If we charged bill against them do we liable for service tax

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AY2014-15 returns

Is there any option to file AY2014 15 return in July 2016

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  • TDS Statement Upload / View - User Manual

    TDS Statement Upload View User Manual


  • Auto Attendance Sheet format life time

    Auto Attendance and Absent Leave record Holiday etc


  • Pass Percentage of CA Final May & CPT June 2016

    Pass Percentage of CA Final May CPT June 2016


  • IPCC auditing May 16 suggested answers

    I spent m valuable time to compile the answers I hope you find useful If u dont like it please don t see it


  • Deduction from Total Income



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Understanding the GST Model Law- Input Tax Credit

This is the seventh in the series of proposed articles on the GST Model law The purpose is mainly to create awareness and enable one to look at the unintended impact as maybe applicable for each secto

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Lost and found

Last time when I posted here someone told me that my life was messed up completely I somehow got offended by that gentlemans post who was cribbing about his career at the age of 27 and I just deleted

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Netaji, aap income tax return file karo, to hum tumare saath hai?

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the Maharashtra Election Commission has cancelled registration of 191 political parties for not filing income tax return and audit report What will happen and what w

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Lets excel in Excel - Funda # 3

Hey Friends Here is another tip related to financial analysis which should be helpful to you guys Sorting from left to right We all must have used sorting in lot of our exercises We generally sort the

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Understanding GST Model Law- Taxable person

This is the fourth in the series of articles to understand the GST Model Law The purpose is mainly to create an awareness and enable one to look at the unintended impact on his her sector It would aid

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