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service tax calculator in excel


The Central Government hereby appoints Finance Act, 2013 (17 of 2013) the 1st day of July, 2013

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE New Delhi the 19 June 2013 NOTIFICATION S O 1768 E In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section 2 of section 115 of the Finance Act

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Commodities Transaction Tax Rules, 2013


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ICSI- Last date for payment of Annual Membership Fee and steps for Online Payment is 30th June

The Annual Membership fee Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2013 14 became due for payment w e f 1stApril 2013 and the last date for payment of the same is30th June 2013 We wish to inform you t

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Mou signed between the ICSI and Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

ICSI MOU WITH INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING AND FINANCE Seen in the photo from L to R CS M S Sahoo Secretary ICSI Dr K Ramakrishnan Chief Executive Indian Banks Association Dr R Bhaskaran Chief Executiv

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A Word from New Chairperson, CBDT

A WORD FROM CHAIRPERSON CBDT My Dear Members of the Aayakar Family On my elevation as Chairperson of CBDT I take the first opportunity to greet you all and thank you for your good wishes I received du

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Income from fixed deposit

Dear All A client of mine has 2 children on whose name he has opened FDs worth 10 lac each Both are major Now both children are still studying and have no income Bank has deducted TDS from both the FD

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Online software to search missing relatives in uttarakhand

Friends it is urgent Google launched an online software from Which people can search their missing relatives in Uttarakhand and can also give information if anyone is found till now almost 3100 names

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Joint development agreement

hi i wanted to have Joint Development Agreement whereby the developer contracts with the land owner to develop his land The agreement should have best of clauses to safeguard the interest of the devel

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Auditing answers patern

Hello Is it preferred to write answers in diagram or details

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Need an advice regarding income tax provision

Need an advice regarding section 194 ia of income tax This is applicable from 1st June 2013 whereby the transferee has to deduct TDS 1 while making payment to the transferor of immovable property othe

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  • Overview of Capital Gains



  • Important events affecting the administrative set up in the Income-tax department

    Important events affecting the administrative set up in the Income tax department


  • Complete History of Taxation (Direct)

    Complete History of Taxation Direct doc


  • Fixed Deposit (days) with advance tax liability

    http freefincal wordpress com 2013 06 10 comprehensive fixed deposit calculator i total and advance tax liability


  • Pawan excel Exam II



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Service tax

Is it necessary to attached original bill with service return tax file

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Appointment of auditors

Dear Professional Colleagues I have a query related to appointment of auditor inplace of existing auditor before expiry of term of appointment i e conclusion of next agm in which they appointed M s AB

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Resale of machinery.

manufacturer A sold a crusher to B and B sold to C and C to D Now D wants to sell this crusher to E Whether the sale is taxable under AP VAT or any other Act or exempted what are the documents require

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Reappointment of director

In ABC Private Limited Mr S was appointed as Additional Director Executive Director in Board Meeting in 1997 and was further regularized as Executive Director in General Meeting held in 1998 for a per

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Accounting entries for income tax

I want know about all relevant accounting entries passed for income tax when date should i passed entry for provision of income tax at the time of paying 1 st installment of advance tax or at year end

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Why should we file Income Tax return on Time?

As per income tax act 1956 if the income of any person exceed the basic exemption limited limit of income tax act Then he or she is required to file his her income tax return according to the time lim

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Introduction of New Audit Report Format by ICAI

Revisionin format ofImplementation ofSA 700 Revised SA 705 SA 706 A EXTANT PROVISIONS UNDER COMPANIES ACT 1956 Appointment of Auditors Section 224 of the Companies Act 1956 mandates every company to a

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Interview Techniques - An Analysis of Practical Tools

INTRODUCTION It has become a hot topic at CS CA Fraternity regarding unavailability of suitable jobs at the market For one new opening several candidates placed their candidature As a result competiti

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The Easiest Way to stop litigation in India

There are lakhs of LAW GRADUATES in India Many of them are not engaged in the Law Profession which they chose as a Career They know law but were not prepared well for the pleadings at courts of law Th

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Cost of Acquisition of a Capital Asset acquired u/s 49(1)(ii)/(iii)(a) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

The income of a person has to be computed under any or all five heads of income for the purpose of levying income tax Section 14 of the Income tax Act 1961 herein after referred to as the act prescrib

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