section 195 tds


No person to function as an Insolvency Professional without Certificate of Registration

Section 3 19 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 Code defines insolvency professional to mean a person enrolled under section 206 with an insolvency professional agency IPA as its member and registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India IBBI as an insolvency professional IP und

Final GST Registration Rules and Format of Forms

CHAPTER REGISTRATION 1 Application for registration 1 Every person other than a non resident taxable person a person required to deduct tax at source under section 51 a person required to collect tax at source under section 52 and a person supplying online information and data base access or retriev

Final GST Rules - Accounts and Record Rules - Rules and Formats

CHAPTER ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS 1 Maintenance of accounts by registered persons 1 Every registered person shall keep and maintain in addition to the particulars mentioned in sub section 1 of section 35 a true and correct account of the goods or services imported or exported or of supplies attracting pa

Revised Threshold for Composition Scheme

REVISED THRESHOLD LIMIT FOR COMPOSITION LEVY As per discussions in the 16th GST Council Meeting held on 11th June 2017 1 Sub section 1 of section 10 read with sub section 2 of the same section of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 CGST Act provides that an eligible registered person whose a

Major highlights of the SC Judgement on Aadhar PAN Linkage

Following are the major highlights of the Honble Supreme Court of Indias Judgement on Aadhar PAN Linkage 1 The Honble Supreme Court of India in its Landmark Judgement has upheld Section139AA of the Income Tax Act 1961 as constitutionally valid which required quoting of the Aadhaar number in applying

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Section 194ib

sir i would like to know what is section 194IB and if it is applicable for p y 16 17

Section 44ad

Dear members as we know that a person is barred for next five years from using 44AD if he discontinues it What if the business is new and eligible assessee but wants to declare less than deemed profit I think that subsection 4 won t be applicable then Am I right If yes then what would happen under t

Filing of tds return

Our PAO has deducted Income tax from salary bill deposited with ITax and provided challan with BIN No but our CIN No how can we obtain CIN no

Filing of tds return

Our PAO has deducted Income tax from salary bill deposited with ITax and provided challan with BIN No but our CIN No how can we obtain CIN no

Section 10(34) amendment and section 115bbda

As per section 115BBDA DIVIDEND RECEIVED from domestic company in excess of 1000000 would not be exempt u s 10 34 Does it count doubles taxation as there is no such proviso u s 115 O relating reduction in dividend distribution tax to the extent of dividend amount on which shareholder has paid tax to


TDS of salary

I have file salary return AY 2015 16 and 16 17 refund of tds but tds cut from 2011 plz help to I will refund tds from 2011 to 2014

Regarding registration of deductor TAN at traces website for e-filling quaterly tds e-return

for past many years i have been filling tds e return via TIN FC recently i decided to prepare file e tds return on my own as we all are aware that to use the post login option of register with e filling site TAN needs to be registered first at TRACES website Now when iam trying to register my partne


pls help me out how to claim refund for A Y 2011 12 to AY 2014 15 now no return has been filed as his income doesnot exceed 200000


would GST be liable on same

Relating to sec 195

If a non resident sale a property in India rs 80 lakhs then what rate of tds applicable on non resident

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  • Miscellaneous Transitional Provisions - Detailed Analysis

    To watch related Video https youtu be rNEMGg7zEZs https youtu be ruPoM3ZcLY4 https youtu be y5iOt X4f5w https youtu be kbsRHPGqSEk Section 142 1 Goods Returned after Appointed Date Section 142 2 PRICE Revision Section 142 3 REFUND CLAIM Filed under Existing Law Section 142 4 REFUND CLAIM Filed under Existing Law for Export Section 142 5 Tax Paid before Appointed Date Services not provided Section 142 6 proceeding of appeal review or reference relating to a claim for CENVAT credit under Existing Law Section 142 7 proceeding of appeal review or reference relating to any output duty or tax liability initiated Section 142 8 assessment or adjudication proceedings instituted whether before on or after the appointed day under the existing law Section 142 9 return furnished under the existing law Section 142 10 Contract entered earlier Section 142 11 Tax leviable under Existing Law Section 142 12 Goods sent on Approval Basis in Previous law Section 142 13 TDS liability under Existing Law Detailed Analysis of Section 142
  • CGST#002 : Section 9 of CGST Act, 2017 (Levy & Collection)

  • Works Contract under GST

    Definition of Works Contract Input Tax credit TDS provisions under CGST Act Applicability
  • Tax Connect (With GST) -124th Issue

    Tax Connect With GST 124th Issue
  • Relevant sections on advance tax

    Hello friends i am uploading a file on relevant sections on advance tax from my notes i hope you find it useful comments and suggestions are always welcome

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Section 7 of CGST read with Schedule I,II,III

1 For the purposes of this Act the expression supply includes a all forms of supply of goods or services or both such as sale transfer barter exchange licence rental lease or disposal made or agreed to be made for a consideration by a person in the course or furtherance of business b import of servi

Section 25 of CGST: Procedure for registration explained sub section wise

1 Every person liable to be registered under Section 22 Person Liable for registration or Section 24 Compulsory registration under certain cases shall apply for registration in every such State or Union territory in which he is so liable within thirty days from the date on which he becomes liable to

New sections in ITR6 for companies for AY 2017-18

A plethora of amendments have been made applicable for the Assessment Year 2017 18 for various kind of assesses In case of Companies the first thing that comes to mind is that what are the new changes in the Income Tax Return compared to that of the previous year Ensuring this will guide as to the d

Section 9 of CGST Act, 2017 : Levy and Collection

I am very grateful for such a positive feedback on my first article about Sec 1 of CGST act 2017 Short title extent commencement and it gave me a great aspiration to write more on Goods Service Tax In this article I am trying to give you an understanding of section 9 of CGST Act 2017 Levy collection

TDS Obligation under existing law and under GST

The following article contains a brief analysis of the TDS obligation under existing laws and GST TDS obligation Section 51 of the CGST SGST Act Sl Elements Under existing Law Proposed under GST 1 Acts Governed Respective state VAT laws CGST SGST Acts 2 Type of Contract Works Contract Any Contract 3

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