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ICAI Election - Single Transferable System of Voting - An Apprisal


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ICAI declares Final List of Candidates for December 2015 election

ANNOUNCEMENT Re Final List of Candidates for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 In accordance with the provisions of sub rule 2 of rul

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ICAI Election - Valid Lists of Nominations

Re Valid Lists of Nominations for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils In pursuance of sub rule 1 of rule 13 of the Chartered Accountants Election to the Council Ru

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Empanelment of writers for CA exams

The concessions extended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI to differently abled candidates in CA examinations inter alia include a compensatory time and or b writer scribe Detail

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ICAI grants financial assistance to 400 students

The Board of Trustees of The Chartered Accountants Students Benevolent Fund has decided to grant financial assistance to 400 students who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with

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As a ca, scope in indirect tax or international tax

Hello Everyone My name is CA Vishukant Goel I have interest in Indirect Tax and International Tax But I cant decide which is better in terms of reslect and money please guide me Thankyou CA Vishukant

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Chartered accountant

As a director if we have not received balance sheet and audit report from private limited company then can we ask balance sheet and audit report from Chartered Accountant by writing him a letter In my

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Scope of ca in pf esi services

hello dear i am CA CS AND I wana to start pf esi services like registration and return filling so please tell me scope of these kinds of work

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Compensation for death of a chartered accountant

How much compensation family of a diseased chartered accountant s family get from icai

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Scope of cma in india

what is the scope of a cma in india

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Portable telescope manufacturing business startup.

Can portable telescope manufacturing be a good Business startup co Thanks Regards Prashant S Akerkar

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Changing role of management accountants in india -survey

Dear CMAs Greetings We are conducting a survey on the Changing Role of Management Accountants in Indian Perspective We request to please participate in this survey by completing the online questionnai

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Chartered accountants delhi

The modern day business is the challenge that the group meets today know their answers in the plant controller creates chart format For SOLON let original application to interpret what we just their p

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3 Principles of Life decoded by a Chartered Accountant from 3 Accounting Principles

I was thinking about life and tried to understand it from the aspects of threeprinciples of Accounting I wasamazed at the results I got Would like to share with you Three principles of Accounting divi

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My two cents on chartered accountancy course

Well the spirit of society and our neighbors gets boosted up when they hear that someone is doing CA Chartered Accountancy course felt interesting and challenging so I pulled up my socks and registere

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  • Document Management addon for Tally

    Greetings fellow forum members Let me thank you for your valuable support advice and feedback on our first addon Continuing with the same we wish to present you with our new addon Document Management System Experience has taught accountants and buisnessmen to have ready access to documents related to all entries in an accounting system We have come up with an addon specifically to address such issues We present this Document Management addon a useful tool for people who wish to attach any bills invoices cerificates etc i e any file you wish to attach with any accounting entry as a supporting document or evidence Thus it helps for future reference for accountants and also for audit purposes for auditors This addon is a trial version which only works for contra entries as well as masters If you wish to attach any documentary evidence for withdrawal of cash from bank or vice versa you can attach scanned copy camera captured image of the deposit slip withdrawal slip For people who wish to attach supplier or vendor details say TDS certificates or VAT service tax certificates they can attach any such documents during creation or alteration of such masters This can be applied to many areas say assets where bills invoices may be attached or excel sheets having depreciation calculations can be attached The Paid version of this addon can be used for all voucher types We hope that this trial version will convince you of the full potential of this addon In case of any query or feedback please feel free to communicate Regards CA Deepak Agarwal Gyrotech info gyrotech in 7738286611


  • Campus Placement Guide 2015

    Campus Placement Guide 2015 Specially made for new Chartered Accountants


  • Summary of Chapters

    Summary of chapters in the modules issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


  • Professional Ethics clauses summary

    A Quick Revision of Schedules to The Chartered Accountant Act 1949


  • Opportunities for CA's in the sector of real estate and infrastructure investment trusts

    Opportunities for Chartered Accountants in the Sector of Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment Trusts Courtesy By CA Rishabh R Adukia


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Draft registration procedure of GST - There is a scope for improvement

Introduction Sincere is the word when combined with the word Effort makes the road to success as smooth and reliable Such sincere efforts are being made by the Central Government for paving the path t

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Opportunities unfolding for Chartered Accountants in GST

The Government is committed to pass the GST bill in the winter session of parliament this year 2105 However considering the many stages post the passing of the bill of recommendation of GST council pa

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Trends in emerging markets and the role of professional accountants

CCI in an exclusive interaction with Stephen Heathcote Executive Director Markets at ACCAandRaymond Jack Executive Director Finance Operationsat ACCA Responses to be attributed toRaymond Jack Executiv

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Can we visualise an Indian Multinational Firm of Chartered Accountants?

Whether needed It is need of the society to have ONE STOP SOLUTIONS with expert level quality services equipped with international exposure and technology to help businesses add to ease of doing busin

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Life of a Chartered Accountancy Student!!

Couple of months agothe Chartered Accountancy results were announced with a reasonably low pass percentage which came to be the most memorable day for the ones who cleared but a nightmare for those wh

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