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Government notifies 4 Cost Auditing Standards

Tech CAASB 9 2015 September 11 2015 To All Stakeholders Dear Sir Madam Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide their letter no 52 33 CAB 2013 dated 10th September 2015 has under section

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Extension of time for filing cost audit report

Extension of time for filing of cost audit report to the Central Government for the Financial Year 2014 2015 in form CRA 4 Please refer to theattached file for more details

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India signs agreement with Seychelles for tax information exchange

Signing and Ratification of agreement between India and Seychelles for the exchange of information with respect to taxes The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved

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Report on Audit Quality Review Findings

ANNOUNCEMENT A Report on Audit Quality Review Findings 2012 15 Government of India has in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 28A of the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 constituted a Quality

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Ease of Doing Business/Use of INC - 29 for Formation of Company

For ease of doing business Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a simplified Incorporation Form INC 29 The form offers a number of advantages over traditional incorporation forms in terms of r

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Tax audit

If the futures and derivatives trading turn over exceed one crore whether tax audit under section 44AB has to be done

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Appointment of internal auditor

Section 138 of the companies act read along with Rule 13 of the Companies Accounts rules 2014 prescribe compulsory appointment of Internal auditor for a private limited company which has a turnover ab

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Need format of gross block certificate

Hi I want the format of Gross Block Certificate of Land Building Plant Machinery For Obtaining Pollution Control Board Licences SO If Anybody have these kindly share with me GROSS BLOCK INVESTMENT CER

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Resolution of ratification of auditors appointment

Can anyone provide me the resolution to be passed at agm to retify the appointment of auditor

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Audit date

any chance for extention audit date

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44ad loss - tax audit needed?

As per 44AD 5 Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing provisions of this section an eligible assessee who claims that his profits and gains from the eligible business are lower than the pr

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Quarterly Report on DEBT Management for the First Quarter (April-June 2015) of Current Financial Year 2015-16 (Q 1 FY 16)

Quarterly Report on DEBT Management for the First Quarter April June 2015 of Current Financial Year 2015 16 Q 1 FY 16 Released Government Issues Dated Securities Worth Rs 180 000 Crore in Q1 Of FY 16

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Ca final auditing

Friends where can I get CA Ravi taori sirs text book only Flipkart and others are selling the book with DVD which costs about 4400 I want only his text book where can I get it

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Itr tax audit

if not submitted itr return and tax audit report before due date

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Tamil nadu sales tax form x register format

Hi Could any body provide me excel template of Form X Register format

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  • Audit Professional Ethics important topics

    Important for Nov 15 exams


  • Consolidated Financial Statement in excel format

    CFS in excel format to know more visit https www accountingdose com


  • Guidance Note on Audit of Internal Financial Controls Over Financial Reporting

    Guidance Note on Audit of Internal Financial Controls Over Financial Reporting


  • Schedule III Excel Format



  • CA Final Law Amended insurance act for Nov 2015

    new insurance act in easy language and points format


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Understanding of 44AB -Tax Audit

Introduction The main objects of any audit are a To certify to the correctness of the financial position as to shown in the Balance sheet and the accompanying revenue statements b The detection of err

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Unconventional internal audits - Admin processes

Internal Audit has been gaining importance over the years This has been due to a Statutory requirements including recent ones through the Companies Act 2013 like mandatory appointment of an Internal A

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Appointment of new statutory auditor in case of resignation

PRACTICLE ASPECT ON APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR IN CASE OF RESIGNATION An auditor appointed under section 130 of Companies Act 2013 can resign after his or her appointment When an auditor ceases to hold of

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Audit Report 2015 - is it a nightmare or a labor-pain?

The auditing community had really gone through a rough and tough time in the form of labor pain in drafting the audit report under section 143 3 of the Companies Act 2013 for the financial year ended

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How to score atleast 60 in IPCC Audit

My dear friends The purpose of this article is to help the students in CA IPCC Audit subjects not to take any credit in any manner It has been prepared in consultation with 2 of my friends Vakeel Ali

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