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Final various GST rules and formats released

Final various GST rules and formats released Final GST Advance Ruling Rules and Formats Final GST Anti profiteering Rules 2017 Final GST Appeals and Revision Rules and Formats Final GST Assessment and Audit rules and Formats Final GST E way rules PFA the file to download the various GST rules and fo

Final GST Registration Rules and Format of Forms

CHAPTER REGISTRATION 1 Application for registration 1 Every person other than a non resident taxable person a person required to deduct tax at source under section 51 a person required to collect tax at source under section 52 and a person supplying online information and data base access or retriev

Final GST Rules - Accounts and Record Rules - Rules and Formats

CHAPTER ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS 1 Maintenance of accounts by registered persons 1 Every registered person shall keep and maintain in addition to the particulars mentioned in sub section 1 of section 35 a true and correct account of the goods or services imported or exported or of supplies attracting pa

GSTN holds a Review Meeting with GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs)

GSTN holds a Review Meeting with GST Suvidha Providers GSPs to Assess Readiness for GST roll out from 01st July 2017 GSPs advised to continue to visit the GSP ecosystem webpage on the GSTN website www gstn org ecosystem for all information latest updates and guidelines GSTN called a meeting with all

GST Return Rules and formats

Chapter RETURNS 1 Form and manner of furnishing details of outward supplies 1 Every registered person other than a person referred to in section 14 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 required to furnish the details of outward supplies of goods or services or both under section 37 shal

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Audit report format for claiming subsidy on electricity

Hi I have to Audit claim of subsidy on electricity by a Group Housing Society My question is if there is any prescribed format for the Report If no then please suggest the format I can use for the same

Sale bill gst format

How to come to know about the list of selling items upon which GST has to be charged and at what How to download the format of the sale invoice

Sales return in gst

Dear experts As per GST act debit and credit note is to be issued by only supplier Sir we receive goods of different quality and the same as such to be returned to supplier How shall we return this goods to supplier What will be the material movement documents please advise me RAKESH SHARMA

Invoice no

Dear Sir From Next month wards service invoice start from 01 or continue the earlier continue invoice and service taker their gst no should mention on the invoice

sale invoice

is it necessary to write hsn code on sale bill provided by restauraunt to his customer



is the invoice raise for hospital professional fees or any treatment

about invoice

is computerised Bill must if my sale is over than 1crore

invoice proforma

invoice proforma

Whether to capitalized or not ? and sevice tax included in invoice from repairer elligible for credit ?

Dear All We have received an invoice of Rs 15 81 250 i e 13 75 000 15 service Tax towards Plaster work Flooring Work Colour Work Earth work RCC Work Fixing Of Bolts Plumbing Work Drain work done by repairer in factory building My Question Is 1 Whether Expenditure is to be capitalized or Not 2 Wheth

interstate sales

I am the principal in Maharashtra and my job worker in Daman I have to send material on challan after intimation to department after completion of Job work I want sale this material to my customer in gujarat directly than should I get registration i daman or I can raise invoice from Maharashtra

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  • Sample of GST Invoice

  • GST Invoice Rules

  • GST Invoice Format

    Sample as per GST Rule For Tax Invoice Bill of Supply Receipt Voucher Refund Voucher Payment Voucher Debit Note and Credit Note
  • GST: What to do by 30th June, 2017

    Millions of traders migrating to GST from current tax regime like excise service tax and VAT are currently undergoing stress The biggest concern is the old goods lying in the store and warehouse on which the input tax of the taxes paid is to be taken in the new tax regime Create a separate file of unsold stock till June 30 and keep the purchase bill bill of entry and excise paid documents ready If any of these stock is one year old then remove it and sell it to the tax invoice within the state even if you have to pay a little bit of discount Keep your stock in different categories The goods purchased in the locality will get input credit in SGST To get the credit of CGST make separate list of duty paid and non duty paid stock If there is any kind of mismatch in your Purchase report fix it before June 30 and revise VAT returns Also make sure that the statutory forms like C Form H form I Form have been collected
  • Final GST invoice format in Tally

    Final GST invoice format in tally

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CG issues various CGST and IGST Notifications along with 5 Final Rules & formats

Moving swiftly towards the rollout date of July 1 2017 for the first of its kind mammoth indirect tax reform post independence in India the Central Government has issued certain Notifications under Central GST CGST and Integrated GST IGST all dated June 19 2017 Further the finally approved 5 Rules a

Self invoice on import of goods or services under GST

Import of Goods or services Whether need to raise self invoice Background As per Section 31 3 f of the CGST Act 2017 a registered person under GST Law needs to raise self invoice in case all the following conditions are fulfilled 1 Procurement of goods or services or both is made from a supplier who

Types of Invoices in GST

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna in GST every tax payer will have to prepare different types of invoices So tell the details of invoices in GST how to make invoices and when to make invoices Krishna Fictional Character Arjuna many traders prepare invoices manually Also the information in everyones

Important formats and points applicable under the GST Act

As we all are aware that we are passing through the regime where entire indirect system is switching over to the GST which is governed by four Acts i e IGST CGST SGST UGST All the four acts will work in their respective spheres as per their applicability It is very important to discuss that under th

Tax Invoice under GST

Invoice under general parlance vs tax parlance Invoice in simple terms is nothing but a document specifying list of goods sent or services provided and a statement of the sum due against those items Invoice is often understood as proof of sale but this common understanding is far from the truth Invo

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