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Pre-MEF Data Verification

As you are aware every year Professional Development hosts an online form popularly known as MEF ie Multipurpose Empanelment Form atwww meficai orgThis year in order to make the Members aware as to wh

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Offshore Tax Evasion

While there are impediments in obtaining information relating to undisclosed assets stashed away abroad pursuant to various initiatives taken by the Government the flow of information has improved lea

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Reward of Rs 15 lac for informer of tax evasion

Guidelines for Grant of Rewards to Informers of Tax Evasion The details with regard to guidelines in respect of rewards to informers of tax evasion are Direct Taxes Any person who provides specific in

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CBEC takes Litigation Management and Dispute Resolution measures

CBEC takes Litigation Management and Dispute Resolution measures Field formations file applications for withdrawal in 980 and 2174 cases in High Courts and CESTAT respectively as per the new threshold

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Inclusion of interest income in the return

Information regarding interest earned by individuals and business entities on term deposit is filed with the Income Tax Department by banks including co operative banks and other financial institution

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Gujarat sales tax return form 201

Dear Expert my question is in form no 201 monthly return Total Turnover Means inclusive Tax Exampled sales

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Formation of Co operative bank

can anyone please let me know the complete procedure for Formation of Co operative bank How much time it will take

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Unable to validate the sales and purchase annexures


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Tcs on cash sales

Dear Experts Please advise me I am so confused 1 When we issue invoice for Rs 3 00 Lacs against this invoice we received chq of Rs 2 90 Lacs balance received in cash of Rs 0 10 lacs Provision of TCS s

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sales tax rajasthan limit

Hello experts My queries 1 whose the person liable for sale tax registration in rajasthan I am sales tax registration turnover trading limit 2 My one client partnership firm is manufacturer of cakes H

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Itr information

Dear Sir Which ITR Need to select for a pvt ltd company director if he has no other income accept director remuneration

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Mvat return new format - apri 16

Hi Experts MVAT new format e filing not enabled so far and fiinding error Can you tell up to what period e filing date is extended What is the procedure for E filing of april 16 thanks

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Indemnity bond format for retring directors

Can i get the indemnity bond format to be taken from retring directors of a private limited company to indemnify the new director in case of liability arising from any act during the period he was dir

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Excise in PurchaseInvoice HowToShowInHform (Incl or Excl it)

We are exporter but generally we purchase goods from outside and export itthrough CT1 bond therefore excise duty is not charged by the supplier in their Sale invoice and our Purchase Invoice but now o

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Tds on interior invoice

I have receive a work contract invoice form M S Astam Vasu Interior Pvt Ltd an Interior designer firm In the invoice all details are mentioned i e material charges service charges labour charges etc A

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  • MIS Financial format for any month end

    This is a format of MIS data for any month end and it is easy to understand


  • SBI Stock Statement Format



  • CS Executive TAX Answer June 2016

    Disclaimer We have taken care to make this suggested answers as the Most Authenticated Answers Still neither HBC nor CA Vivek Goel shall be responsible for the result of any action taken on the basis of information provided in this publication


  • IND AS16-Property, Plant and Equipment

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for property plant and equipment so that users of the financial statements can discern information about an entity s investment in its property plant and equipment and the changes in such investment The principal issues in accounting for property plant and equipment are the recognition of the assets the determination of their carrying amounts and the depreciation charges and impairment losses to be recognised in relation to them


  • Statement on Impact of Audit Qualification under LODR

    Under Regu 33 and 52 of LODR Regulations format of Statement of Impact of Audit Qualification


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FAQ : TCS on sales of Goods and Services for value more than 2 lacs

Solutions to Frequently Asked Question on TCS For amendment in Section 206C sub section 1D of the Income Tax Act 1961 for Sale of Goods or Provision of Service of value exceeding Rs 2 00 000 Act Every

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IFC - Relevance of Information Technology in Internal Controls

The purpose of internal controls is to identify manage and control risks that could prevent the organization from achieving its objectives The information technology IT function designs develops imple

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Validity of form 9 & rule 4 of Central Sales Tax (Delhi) Rules, 2005

Rule 4 of Central Sales Tax Delhi Rules 2005 reads as hereunder Reconciliation Return 1 In addition to the returns required under rule 3 every dealer shall also furnish to the Commissioner a Reconcili

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Cenvat credit admissible on services of sales commission agent

Cenvat credit admissible on services of sales commission agent Background Even though the definition of input services given under Rule 2 l of the Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 the Credit Rules covers the

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Emotional Transformation

One morning suddenly one thought came to my mind that why some people are happy with nothing and some are unhappy even if they have everything What is the cause of unhappiness What is Fear How to live

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