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Mere transfer of title in immovable property is exempted from Service Tax

In order to resolve a long standing issue relating to levy of Service Tax on sale of flats dwellings etc after issue of occupancy certificate but before issue of completion certificate in areas under

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Conditions for digitally signed invoices in excise and service tax

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise and Customs Notification No 18 2015 Central Excise N T New Delhi the 6thJuly 2015 G S R E In pursuance of sub rule

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Government sets up committee to devise the Producer Price Index

The government has set up a committee to devise an all new barometer called the Producer Price Index as it is readying to consign the Wholesale Price Index to history months after Reserve Bank of Indi

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More Services Bought in the Service Tax Net, Indirect Taxes to Yield Rs.7525 Crore

To broaden the tax base in Service Tax sale of space or time for advertisements in broadcast media has been extended to cover such sales on other segments like online and mobile advertising Announcing

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Clarification on Amendment to Section 206-C of Income Tax Act dealing with Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on Sale of Bullion or Jewellery in Cash

Currently sale in cash of bullion excluding coin or any other article weighing 10 grams or less in excess of Rs 2 lakh or jewellery in excess of Rs 5 lakh is subject to Tax Collection at Source TCS 1

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Fixed asstes sale on loss

05 11 2015 Vehicle WDV 95962 sale vehcile 45000 loss on sale 50962

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Invoice format for mvat & wct under composition scheme

Dear Sir Madam Please send me combine Invoice format for MVAT WCT WCT SERVICE TAX UNDER COMPOSITION SCHEME Regards Narayan Yadav

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Central excise invoice authorised signatory

Dear Sirs I am working in a corporate company now we having a new GM He wants to became a authorized signatory of Central excise invoices for that Board of Resolution is mandatory or letter to excise

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Tds on work contract invoice

Dear Experts One of our contractor has issued us the single invoice containing materials 14 vat service charge 14 5 ST plzz let me know on which amount should i made TDS weather on materials vat servi

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Urd purchases in sales turnover

Sir Why we Include URD Purchases in Sales Turnover

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Vat on sale of vehicle

is MVAT payable on sale of vehicle if the input credit of VAT at the time of purchase of the same is not availed

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Inter state sales and sale in transit

Please clarify inter state sales and sale in transit concept using the attached file

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Rate of vat in rajasthan on sale of plant and machinery in case of closure of business

My client a company wants to surrender the Rajasthan VAT Registration certificate Though there are few plant and machinery of Rs 22 lacs original cost Rs 9 50 lacs WDV is standing in books which were

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Sales tax query

sir can you please let me know the due dates for filing the revised sales tax returns

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Sample invoice

Dear Expert We are a sending some sapmle for buyer on sample invoice mention as No Commercial value My question is how can we manage sample quantity in RG 1 Register We show quantity in FGS or not Tha

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  • Transfer Pricing - CA Final

    This file contain a chapter titled Transfer Pricing written by CA Anoop Bhatia Jaipur which forms part of his book titled Summary Book on Direct Taxes a very apt and useful book for CA Final Students which is available for online sale at www cafinal com


  • Profoma Invoice Format



  • Calculation of POT with SBC

    It calculates the rate of service tax including SBC you need to just enter three dates i e date of completion of service date of payment and date of invoice


  • Sales Report Format

    sales report format pharma


  • New Service Tax Invoice with Swatchh Bharat Cess in Excel

    Free utility in Excel for Service Tax Invoice with Swatchh Bharat Cess Features 1 Required Excel 2007 2 Swatchh Bharat Cess 0 5 implemented Rates can be modified 3 It will automatically convert Invoice Amount to words e g Rs 100 to Rupees One Hundred only 4 Default standard Invoice format already implemented 5 Easily implemented for future GST also 6 Customization can be possible like auto round off etc but chargeable Exshail Software


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Strategic cost management - Innovation in sales matrices

In continuation to my previous articles on cost accounting profession I will be discussing about the new segment of strategic cost management where those cost accountants who are employed needto focus

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CBEC specifies conditions and safeguards for issuing digitally signed invoices and maintaining e-records

Dear Professional Colleague CBEC specifies conditions and safeguards for issuing digitally signed invoices and maintaining e records Background The Service Tax Rules 1994 the Service Tax Rules were am

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Availment of credit based on computer generated invoice: Pre and Post Budget 2015-16

Availment of Credit based on computer generated invoice Pre and Post Budget 2015 16 Availment of credit based on unsigned invoice or printed signature on computers generated invoice has at times been

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All about sales tax

Sales Tax Sales tax is the tax paid to the government for the sale of goods This is generally a fixed percentage and varies from place to place as well as product to product Sales tax is levied on eac

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CBEC clarifies - Dealer Registration not mandatory for transit sale

Background Vide Notification No 8 2015 C E N T dated March 1 2015 the following provisos were added to Rule 11 2 of the Central Excise Rules 2002 the Excise Rules Provided also that if the goods are s

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