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ICAI proposal to least developed countries for developing their accounting profession

Aiding transition and emerging economies ICAI has been advocating the need for creating a sustainable framework of accounting in countries lacking accounting Infrastructure where accountancy professio

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Penalty for companies without women director

CIRCULAR CIR CFD CMD 1 2015 April 08 2015 The Managing Director Executive Director All recognised Stock Exchanges Dear Sir Madam Subject Fine structure for non compliance with the requirement of Claus

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Global situation favourable to India : FM

FM Global Situation is Favourable to the Country as more and more Investors are Showing Curiosity and Interest in India Our Major Challenges will be to Boost Investment Especially in Infrastructure Se

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Uniform fee structure of CMA course

THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament CMA Bhawan 12 Sudder Street Kolkata 700016 NOTIFICATION Kolkata the 16th January 2015 Sub Uniform Fee Structure No

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GST and Insurance amendment bill on the anvil

Economic Reforms Inclduing GST and Insurance Amendment Bill are on the Anvil FM Calls for Large Investment from Domestic and International Investors in Infrastructure Sector The Union Finance Minister

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Arrears salary received

Hi I have received arrears salary in AY 2016 17 Rs 52 000 out of this AY 13 14 Rs 10 000 AY 14 15 Rs 15 000 AY 15 16 Rs 25 000 AY 16 17 Rs 2 000 Now How to treat arrears salary of AY 16 17 Rs 2 000

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Arrears of salary

Hi I have received arrears salary in AY 2016 17 of Rs 52 000 out of this AY13 14 Rs 10000 AY 14 15 Rs 15000 AY 15 16 Rs 25000 AY 16 17 Rs 2000 now how to treat arrears salary AY 16 17 Rs 2000

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Salary deductions

Kindly please help me to avoid the confusion Is Employees contribution towards providend fund deducted from the basic salary as fixed by the company or as per the attendance of the salaried personnel

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Taxation on a merchant navy officers salary

I am a merchant Navy Officer who stopped sailing in June 2012 I am now working in a training institute I have been in India for less than 182 days for up to 9 years before FY 2012 13 I earned income w

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A person outside india having salary income can file return..

Respected sir An indian origine person having salary income outside India deposited in bank account there can file return in India and whether his income earned there is taxable in India whether incom

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Tax filing for onsite salary

Hi Can any one clarify me on the below pl My client is an individual and an permanent residentwho is in employment with a pvt company From April June he was in india drawing salary in INR from that co

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Pre-incorporation salary paid

If a Company pays salary to its employees before incorporation is it liable to deduct taxes If yes can it pay the taxes retrospectively with interest after obtaining the TAN What should be the correct

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Capitalisation of dismantling cost of old structure

A new structure is to be constructed for which an old structure is to be dismantled I would like to know whether the cost incurred in dismantling of old structure should be capitalised or not and reas

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Esic calculation when salary paid for 20 days

Dear all How to calculate the ESIC on salary for 20days Suppose for example employee details are Gross Salary 18000 Working days 20 Total days in the month 30 Salary paid 12000 Whether ESIC provisions

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Tds on salary of previous year deducted this year query ?

Dear Friends My Colleague was getting 55K per month Now Salary of 2015Feb and 2015Mar was paid in 2015May and 2015June as 55K each At the time of filing of return she paid tax on full amount i e 55k P

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  • Documents for claiming exemption from undergoing CS training

    Documents required to be submitted by students for claiming exemption from undergoing training under Earlier Training Structure Modified Training Structure


  • Payroll for Small Organisation

    This macro based excel file will be useful for small organisation to generate Salary Slip Salary Report etc


  • One House For One Family

    This is an article to make a Policy of One House For One Family to provide the Housing To all the Citizen of India and to divert private investment from idle unproductive unemployment oriented sector of Land and Residential House property to Infrastructure sector Capital Market share security and Money Market


  • Salary Slip & Salary Working

    This is automated Salary working file You can calculate Salary of n number of employees with in minutes If You have any query or suggestion please mail me sabuvjosephpkd gmail com or call 9349973685


  • calculation of tds on salary



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Amendment in Payment of Bonus Act 2015 and increase in salary limit

DEAR ALL The payment of Bonus amendment bill 2015received the assent of the President on the 31st December 2015 and now becomes an ACT The payment of BonusAct provides for the annual payment of bonus

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Basic components of salary and its taxation

CTC is cost to company and the components are Basic HRA CONVEYANCE MOBILE REIMBURSHMENT MEDICAL reimbursement All allowances LTA employer contribution of PF Employer Contribution towards ESI Total var

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Indispensable components in the salary

Income Tax Not only is it a major expense but also an unavoidable one for each person to bear And if you draw a salary your tax expense is probably the highest Imagine you have recently joinedyour new

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How to save income tax on salary

The objective of this blog is to empower the employees with knowledge by providing Minimum Income Tax knowledge that would enable him to save Maximum Income Tax by restructuring their respective Salar

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Income from salary

INCOME FROM SALARIES Any remuneration paid by an employer to his employee in consideration of his service is called Salary It includes monetary value of those benefits and facilities provided by the e

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