Penalty for companies without women director

CIRCULAR CIR CFD CMD 1 2015 April 08 2015 The Managing Director Executive Director All recognised Stock Exchanges Dear Sir Madam Subject Fine structure for non compliance with the requirement of Claus

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Global situation favourable to India : FM

FM Global Situation is Favourable to the Country as more and more Investors are Showing Curiosity and Interest in India Our Major Challenges will be to Boost Investment Especially in Infrastructure Se

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Uniform fee structure of CMA course

THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament CMA Bhawan 12 Sudder Street Kolkata 700016 NOTIFICATION Kolkata the 16th January 2015 Sub Uniform Fee Structure No

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GST and Insurance amendment bill on the anvil

Economic Reforms Inclduing GST and Insurance Amendment Bill are on the Anvil FM Calls for Large Investment from Domestic and International Investors in Infrastructure Sector The Union Finance Minister

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Clarification Regarding Trustee/Trust

Clarifications have been sought on whether a trust or a trustee representing a trust in the case of Real Estate Investment Trust REIT or Infrastructure Investment Trust InvITs or such other trusts set

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Partner's salary / commission.

Can a partner withdraw salary from Partnership firm Can he also avail commission from the same firm

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Salary income in india and us

Sir I was leave India for employment in US on 30 April 2011 and returned India on 15 August 2014 So in A Y 2014 15 i was resident in India and also resident in US because the US TAX Period is Ist jan

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Fee for structure

fee for alteration of authorised share capital

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Salary structure

Dear All I want to know the Best Salary Structure for a small and big IT company which is useful from both point of view Employees and company means which give maximum tax benefit to employees and whi

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Taxability of salary

Dear Sir I m employed by Indian company but deputed out of India for minimum 10 months in a year I was hired by Indian company in Oct 14 and since then i m out of India Earlier upto Dec 14 i was getti

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Indian employees witness highest salary increase of 10.8% am

2015 is turning out to be an excellent year for Indian employees As per the recent 2015 16 Asia Pacific Salary Budget Planning report prepared by leading professional services companyTowers Watsons Da

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Automatic Salary Slip / Payslip Generator in Excel Format - PSLIP

PSLIP Salary Slip Printing and Send eMail as PDF file format attachment Software It is auto work maker with multi users salary slip printing and send emailsoftware Itis based on Microsoft Excel Applic

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Salary to working partner

Have 2 queries 1 Is Working partner defined anywhere in the Act 2 Can a person be considered as working partner if he is taking salary from company asdirector and also from partnership firm deed speci

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Quick revision of income from salary- part I

Hi friends With my summary notes you can revise easily Find the link below https www youtube com watch v kUZDjY VjBc Thanks

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Director salary

What is the proper method of recording Directors salary in the accounts director name should be kept under which group current liablities or any other please give me entrys and their ledger grouping a

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  • Income Tax calculator A.Y 2014-15,2015-16 & 2016-17

    Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income Interest calculate Under section 234A 234B and 234C also HRA calculation


  • Important changes under Central and State Tax Laws

    The following are the important changes under Central and State Tax Laws with effect from 1st April 2015 1 Conveyance Allowance Transport allowance granted to an employee is exempted up to Rs 800 per month The limit of exemption is now enhanced to Rs 1600 per month 2 Profession Tax Those whose salary for a month was more than Rs 10 000 were supposed to pay Profession Tax of Rs 150 per month Now from 1st April 2015 the persons drawing salary up to Rs 15 000 per month are exempted from Profession Tax Applicable for Bangalore 3 Profession Tax exemption for senior citizens who have attained age of 60 Years Applicable for Bangalore 4 Wealth Tax Is abolished from 1st April 2015 Keep all the wealth tax papers of past 8 years in safe custody even though wealth tax is abolished from FY 2015 16 5 Mediclaim Insurance The premium paid towards mediclaim insurance is enhanced from Rs 15 000 to Rs 25 000 per year for senior citizen it is enhanced from Rs 20 000 to Rs 30 000 per year u s 80D 6 Basic Exemption Limit for VAT registration in Karnataka Now the traders who expect to do annual taxable turnover sales of less than Rs 10 Lakhs needn t register under Karnataka VAT Laws However other aspects of registration which were applicable till March 2015 will continue to apply 7 Reverse Charge Method under service Tax Laws w r t Manpower Consultancy Currently in case manpower supply or security services is provided by individual HUF or partnership firm to a body or a corporate the service provider is liable to deposit Service Tax to the extent of 25 and service receiver liable to deposit Service Tax to extent of 75 W e f 1st April 2015 Service Tax is not required to be charged by specified service provider i e individuals HUF Partnership Firms and the same is to be paid by the service receiver entirely i e instead of 75 the service receiver has to pay 100 F No 334 5 2015 8 ESIC Payment Through Online Online payment of ESI contribution made easier Now facility for payment of ESI contribution through net banking is made available through State Bank of India and 58 major banks 9 PF Payment Made Online The EPFO payment has been made online Mandatory effective from 1st May 2015


  • E-Taxation - Free Android Application

    E Taxation free android app Features 1 Practical and theoretical knowledge of Direct Tax 2 Case laws circulars notifications public notice tax calendar corporate and taxation news 3 Mock Test for students appearing for final exam 1 Practical knowledge of Direct Tax 2 Mock test for students appearing for exam 3 Latest case laws 4 Latest circulars 5 Income Tax notifications 6 public notice 7 tax calendar 8 corporate and taxation news 9 Basic Income Tax 10 Residential Status 11 Income Tax Returns 12 Documentations 13 Tax Rates 14 Tax on Individual 15 Tax on Senior Citizen 16 Tax on Super Senior Citizen 17 Due Dates of Return 18 TDS with PAN 19 TDS without PAN 20 Advance Tax Calculation 21 Interest Penalty as per section 234A 234B and 234C 22 Computation of Income Tax 23 Tax on Salary 24 Tax on House Property 25 Tax on Capital Gain 26 Tax on Income from Other Sources 27 Rebate 87A 28 Partnership Firm 29 Depreciation Chart 30 Deduction 80C to 80U 31 Assessment Procedure 32 Clubbing of Income 33 Carry Forward and set off 34 Wealth Tax 35 Tax Planning


  • Salary Sheet

    Attandance Sheet


  • Salary Declaration Form Y E 2015-16 A Y 2016-17

    This help full for salary declaration working excel sheet Salary Declaration Form Y E 2015 16 A Y 2016 17


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How to save income tax on salary

The objective of this blog is to empower the employees with knowledge by providing Minimum Income Tax knowledge that would enable him to save Maximum Income Tax by restructuring their respective Salar

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Income from salary

INCOME FROM SALARIES Any remuneration paid by an employer to his employee in consideration of his service is called Salary It includes monetary value of those benefits and facilities provided by the e

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Campus placement and salary for CAs

Report on Campus Placement Programme February March 2015 The Committee for Members in Industry CMII of ICAI organizes Campus Placement Programmes for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants twice in a y

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Highlights of proposed GST structures in India

Dual GST Model While a single unified GST would have been be a preferred option in keeping with our federal structure a concurrent dual GST model has been envisaged with a Central Goods and Services T

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TDS on Salary - Key points an employee should know

Introduction Taxation on salary is the vital area which should know not only by the employer but also employee should aware about this area Section 192 of the Income tax act is crucial section under T

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