Indirect tax revenue jumps by 32.6 percent

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional Collections Increase to Rs 61 284 crore in September 2015 from Rs 46 224 crore in Spetember 2014 Thus an Increase of 32 6 has been Registered in Collections During Sep

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Income tax dept receives 2.06 crore returns on e-filing portal till Sep 7

In the Financial Year F Y 2015 16 Department of Income Tax Receives 2 06 Crore Returns on the E Filing Portal as on 07 09 2015 Registering an Increase of 26 12 over the Corresponding Period of the Pre

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Indirect Tax Provisional Revenue Collection Increases by 39.1%

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional Collections Increase From Rs 40 802 Crore in July 2014 to Rs 56 739 Crore During July 2015 Registering an Increase of 39 1 During the Month of July 2015 Over the Corre

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Companies Registered with Registrar of Companies

The number of companies registered with Registrar of Companies as on 30 06 2015 State UT wise is given in Annex I The State UT wise and category wise struck off and liquidated number of closed compani

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Relaxation in the requirement to undergo nine months practical training

Sub Relaxation in the requirement to undergo nine months of Practical Training to appear in Intermediate IPC Examination in respect of students registered for Intermediate IPC under CPT Route and shif

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Salary earned outside india is taxed in india

Dear sir i had earned salary income from abroad in the last two years now i have to come in India please explain me my global salary income is taxed in India in the A Y 2016 17

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Tds on salary,tds deduction & and how to avoid it

Hi I am complety illiterate in terms of taxes I have joined a company where my salary break up is as follows CTC 3Lakhs annum Rs 25000 P M Basic RS 12500 50 of gross HRA 25 RS 6250 Supplementary Allow

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Two or more company having same register office

can two or more company having same register office is there any issue regarding same register office

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Accounting treatment of staff which not under salary

in my company we get service for sweeper mali and other staffs but i do not show these person in salary staffs Now my question that under which service i can pay every month under consultancy charges

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Payment of salary

Dear Sir Of late i have come across a situation as described below My brother is working in a proprietorship company running on overdraft This month they have planned not to pay salary by cheques but

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Register a company for providing mortgage loans only

Hi I would liketo register a finance company which would provide loans against property I want to open in Bangalore But want to provide loans anywhere in India Please suggest how I can move ahead Than

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Salary payment on prorata basis

If a permanantworkmen works for 18 days in a month How is his wage computed Should it be18 26 Monthly Wages or18 30x Monthly Wages Is there any specific act which statesthe method to be used forprorat

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Salary accrued but not paid

i am a salaried person during the previous financial year i shfited from company A to company B becoz Co A was not able to meet our salary payments They made the FF calculations and sent me out withou

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Salary 192 tds

What if an employer is working in more than one employment Is he required to provide income details of one employment to any of the two employer Why would he do this as this is a better way to evade t

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Investment by section 25 company registered u/s 12a

Fact of the Case assessee company is registered u s 25 of the comanies act 1956 and aslo aviled the registration u s 12A of the income tax act 1961 what are the restriction on investment to be made by

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  • Simple Salary Tds Working FY 2015-16 for xl-2007+

    Auto calculate Tds on Salary for current F Y 2015 16 for Excel 2007 Features 1 Automatic Calculation of Tax liabiliity for Ind Senior Super Senier Citizen 2 HRA Calculation working 3 Monthly Salary Working Any suggestions are welcome Exshail Software


  • Bank Book Register



  • Salary Tds Calculator for A.Y. 2016-17

    Salary Tds Calculator for A Y 2016 17 Calculate TDS to deduct monthly from Salary for the current year i e F Y 2015 16 from Employee declaration form Provide also quick computation sheet to calculate tax liability Required Excel 2007 Exshail Software Updated File Ver 2


  • Statutory Registers under Companies Act, 2013

    Registers to be maintained by a Company under Companies Act 2013


  • Avinash Poddar's Communique - 2nd Vol, September 2015

    0 09 2015 Dear Reader We are happy to release this week s Communique Days are going to be very hectic in the month of September especially for my CA professional brothers and sisters but then also i would request all to spare some time and read this journal since this will certainly give value addition Further we are very happy to inform that our reader base in just 2 months has crossed 27000 registered users We are sure you would like this journal and find the same useful We further request you to ask your friends colleagues clients etc to visit www avinashpoddar com and subscribe their email id so that they can also start getting the Communique We expect from our readers to give their valuable inputs no matter in the form of criticism or in the form of appreciation since both will motivate us to work more hard and efficiently in future and make the forthcoming editions of the Communique more unique and valuable We sincerely thank all our readers who are giving us their valuable inputs and assure we will continue to improve and live to their expectations WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO INFORM YOU ALL THAT WITHIN A WEEK WE ARE LAUNCHING AN EXCLUSIVE PORTAL FOR GST GOODS AND SERVICE TAX For any queries related to Service Tax and GST Kindly visit www avinashpoddar com and post the same Following are the brief contents of this Communique 1 0 Articles 2 0 News Updates 3 0 Case Laws 35 Selected Cases in brief DownloadLinkText Happy Reading Thanks and Regards CA Avinash Poddar TEAM


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Registering company by using Form INC-29

Background Now Very good news to all entrepreneurs who need to start a company INC 29 form reduces the time lag of registering company process Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced Form INC 29

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FAQ on keeping the books of accounts at a place other than registered office of the company

Companies Act mandates every company to keep its books of accounts and other related books papers along with financial statements at the Registered Office of the company This provision has been given

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Basic components of salary and its taxation

CTC is cost to company and the components are Basic HRA CONVEYANCE MOBILE REIMBURSHMENT MEDICAL reimbursement All allowances LTA employer contribution of PF Employer Contribution towards ESI Total var

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Indispensable components in the salary

Income Tax Not only is it a major expense but also an unavoidable one for each person to bear And if you draw a salary your tax expense is probably the highest Imagine you have recently joinedyour new

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How to save income tax on salary

The objective of this blog is to empower the employees with knowledge by providing Minimum Income Tax knowledge that would enable him to save Maximum Income Tax by restructuring their respective Salar

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