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Upper age limit for Whole Time Directors on the Boards of Banks

RBI 2014 15 217 DBOD APPT BC No 40 29 39 001 2014 15 To The Managing Director Chief Executive Officers of all Private Sector Banks Dear Sir Madam Upper age limit for Whole Time Directors on the Boards of Banks The matter relating to fixing an upper age limit for the post of Managing Director Chief E

Income-tax deduction from salaries u/s 192 during the Financial year 2012-13

SECTION 192 OF THE INCOME TAX ACT 1961 DEDUCTION OF TAX AT SOURCE SALARY INCOME TAX DEDUCTION FROM SALARIES UNDER SECTION 192 DURING THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2012 13 CIRCULAR NO 8 2012 F NO 275 192 2012 IT B DATED 5 10 2012 Reference is invited to Circular No 05 2011 dated 16 8 2011 whereby the rates of d

Biggest IT dept in India to be inaugurated by FM today

Union Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the biggest office building of the Income tax Department in India tomorrow The building will house the offices of salary charges non corporate charges International Taxation Exemption and other allied charges accommodating approximately 80

Income Tax has released Form 16A E-Tutorial

The Income Tax Department has released Form 16A E Tutorial and Form 16A PPT For Form 16A E Tutorial and Form 16A PPT Check the attached file

Remittance of Salary & Relaxation

Style Definitions table MsoNormalTable mso style name Table Normal mso tstyle rowband size 0 mso tstyle colband size 0 mso style noshow yes mso style priority 99 mso style qformat yes mso style parent mso padding alt 0in 5 4pt 0in 5 4pt mso para margin top 0in mso para margin right 0in mso para marg

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Tds on salary

Surcharge during the F Y 2015 16 is 12 and for F Y 2016 17 is 15 During the F Y 2015 16 Company makes a provision for Commission paid to MD being a part of Managerial Remuneration which was approved in AGM on 20 09 2016 in that case what rate of surcharge is considered Please suggest

Professional tax deduction on gross salary or net salary

Dear sir madam I want to know that Professional Tax of Maharashtra State deduction from Gross Salary or Net Salary

Expected salary by an experience accountant

An accountant having tremendous experience of 20 years in accounts audit income tax sales tax handling of scrutiny cases of income tax and sales tax ROC Issues etc should expect how much salary from a private limited company Sales turnover of the company is 20 Crores

Reimbursement of salary

I am reimbursing salary to an agency for employees hired from it I wanted to know that how should I accounts this expense in my books alongwith tax consequences if any Also i have good relations with such agency so i dont pay any commission to it Somebody please reply to my query at the earliest

Related to salary head

I have confusing among SEC 10 which is regarding allowance Mine problem is in House rent allowance HRA and other allowance which are notifying way which we follow steps for exemption in calculating tax as in HRA we follow least point which given in respective provision on other side in notify allowa


Salary tds calculation with deduction limit ay 2017-18

Dear Friends how to calculate the salary TDS for the FY 2016 17 with all the deduction limit 80 C to 80 U kindly share me the excel file to me it will be most help me to calculate the Salary TDS from my employees

Salary paid in two payments to avoid tds

I have a small company with less than ten employees Lately they have been asking me to pay them in two transactions such that their payslip will show an income less than taxable slab Rest of their salary to be paid as allowances like shift allowance etc which is to be transactioned at a later date T

Epf on driver salary

Hi if employee has hired driver and get his salary reimbursed from employer Is Epf needs to be deducted on driver s salary

Salary paid to partner ,disallowed to the firm as it exceeds the limit. the same wrongly taken as business income by partner in his return

Sir the firm where i am a partner was disallowed salary paid to me as they had loss and my salary exceeded the allowable limit However i missed this information and claimed as salary in my return as business income and paid tax accordingly This case is for a y 2013 14 I did not file any revise retur

Salary income + family pension

Sita govt employee aged 45 years are earning a salary of 4 50 000 yearly and she is also in receipt of family pension of 1 44 000 yearly How the tax liability will be calculated under section 57 family pension is deductible 15 000 or 1 3rd of such inc

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Career in Banking Sector : Life, Salary, Growth

We all know that Banks are considered as the backbone of any countrys economy In India Bank Job is considered as most sought job Getting a bank job is a matter of prestige especially in a government sector bank Life in a Banking Sector You can enjoy your personal life while working in banks You can

Tips received by waiters from customers is not salary income

Background and facts Section 15 of the Indian Tax Laws ITL includes the following incomes as chargeable to tax under the head Income from Salary Salary head Salary that is due from an employer or a former employer whether paid or not Salary that is paid or allowed to an employee by or on behalf of a

A Guide to Understand the Salary Structure

I bet you never knew the perks of understanding your Salary Structure better For most people salary is simply a paycheque they get at the end of each month The salary structure mentioned in the slip that comes with it hardly attracts any attention since people dont want to do the math and figure out

Amendment in Payment of Bonus Act 2015 and increase in salary limit

DEAR ALL The payment of Bonus amendment bill 2015received the assent of the President on the 31st December 2015 and now becomes an ACT The payment of BonusAct provides for the annual payment of bonus to employees of certain establishments including factories and establishments employing 20 or more p

Basic components of salary and its taxation

CTC is cost to company and the components are Basic HRA CONVEYANCE MOBILE REIMBURSHMENT MEDICAL reimbursement All allowances LTA employer contribution of PF Employer Contribution towards ESI Total variable incentives Perks benefits Insurance Premium in case of Group insurance Basic Salary is your Ba

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