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salary calculation excel


Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition, 'ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting'

Broad Parameters for Evaluation for the Competition ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting Please check the Attached file

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ICSI National Awards for Excellence in Corporate Governance - 2012

Chairman of the Awards Jury of the ICSI Institute of Company Secretaries of India and former Chief Justice of IndiaShriJustice M N Venkatachaliahhere today presented the ICSI National Awards for Excel

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Exposure Draft of Excel Template of Taxonomy for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)

While the filing of the financial statements in XBRL format had begun for a class of companies NBFCs were kept outside the purview despite the fact that these companies also followed the Schedule VI f

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ICAI Awards for Excellence in financial Reporting - Awardees for the year 2011-12

LIST OF AWARDEES OF COMPETITION FOR THE ICAI AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN FINANCIAL REPORTING For the Year 2011 12 Category Award Name of the Entity Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended I Public

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Facts on the proposed project of Centre of Excellence at Nagpur

THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Facts on the proposed project of Centre of Excellence at Nagpur This Statement of Facts as regards Centre of Excellence COE project at Nagpur is being i

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Tax reducing in salary

my client has income from salary 12 lac in a yr salary cotain basic da hra convence allowance he take deduction under 80c hw i reduce his tax comodity loss can be adjust with salary income

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Can i file salary return without form 16??

I m getting salary in cashand my boss was not giving me Form 16 I want to file return for loan purpose Plz suggest

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Salary structure

Hello All Can anyone suggest me best salary stucture that can maximise tax benefit to employee Thanks

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Calculation of department cost

In a comapny which is issuing loan to individuals how to calculate support department cost percentage over the companiys total portfolio

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Contractual charges & salary

Can i show salary payable to staff as contractual charges payable so that staff can get benefit of lower rate of deduction of TDS

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  • Form 16 for AY 2013-14 in Excel

    Form 16 for AY 2013 14 in Excel Must Watch Images before use www sandeepchaure webnode com


  • Cost Audit Report Format in Excel

    A Sample Cost Audit Report in Excel


  • Pawan excel

    Solution marksheet


  • Law Dictionary (2300 words)

    Meanings for Important 2300 Law words in Simplified Excel


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Calculation of tax

Firm Whether Tax is to be calculated on net profit before Appropriation or after appropriation for Partnership Firms

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Cs training,job & salary

i have completed my ca pcc and cs executive and appeared for finals of both however i am in real need of some job 1 i am haveing no exposure to training 2 unable to find training for cs in listed co s

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Tds on salary

Sir Recently i joined a company in June 13 my monthly salary breakup is Basic Rs 16 000 HRA Rs 8 000 Special Allowance Rs 29 100 so Total Gross Salary is Rs 53 100 PF is optional in my company so i ch

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Tds on salary

Dear Sir If some one is employed on a monthly salary of INR 15 000 per month should his employer deduct TDS while paying him his salary although he is not coming under tax bracket as his annual income

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Excel formula

please let me know what is the function of doller sign in excel formula please guide

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Two new Excel tricks

Case Study 1 Visualize ratings of employees Application Areas Feedback Performance Ratings Techniques required for Solution Formula REPT Picture 1 REPT formula repeats specified character s the no of

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Errors in Excel

N A DIV 0 NAME VALUE REF NUM Sounds familiar These are the errors excel returns when the formula contains an error NAME the variables dont meet the criterion of the formula VALUE when the reference is

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A brief on calculation of revenue in case of real estate developers

Background The term real estate refers to land as well as building This Guidance Note issued by the ICAI has recommended principles for recognition of revenue arising from real estate sales by the ent

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5 Excel Formulas for MIS Reporting

CASE STUDY 1 Converting text written in lower case to first letter capitalized case CASE STUDY 2 Converting text written in mixed case to upper case CASE STUDY 3 Removing extra unwanted spaces from th

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Counting instances of Duplicate Invoice Nos. in Excel

CASE STUDY Counting instances of Duplicate Invoice Nos APPLICATION AREAS Vendor Payment Account Credits SOLUTION COUNTIFS EXAMPLE Step 1 Write COUNTIFS Step 2 Choose range of list E g A4 A13 Step 3 Pr

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