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CBDTs instruction on Minimum alternate tax

Following the Acceptance of the Recommendation of the Justice A P Shah Committee by the Government CBDT Advises its Field Authorities to keep in Abeyance for the Time being the Pending Assessment Proc

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31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership

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Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

Dear Deductor Taxpayer This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS which claim to have been or

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Non-Compliance of Companies Act

Registrar of Companies ROCs were directed to examine documents under Section 234 of the Companies Act 1956 in the year 2010 ROCs examined documents of the companies located within their jurisdictions

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Ease of Doing Business/Use of INC - 29 for Formation of Company

For ease of doing business Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a simplified Incorporation Form INC 29 The form offers a number of advantages over traditional incorporation forms in terms of r

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Tds on professional fees (94j)

Please clarify whether the limit of Rs 30 000 is applicale on the bill amount inclusive of Service TAx or Bill amount excluding Service Tax Eg Mr X has rendered a professional service to ABC ltd the b

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Procuring documents of other companies

Dear Expert Greetings I want to know whether we can obtain certain forms like INC 7 INC 22 MOA Cert of incorporation Acknowledgement of stamp duty appointment change of director of other various compa

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Dear Sir Would like to know chargeable fees to client Tax Planning Corporate Structuring Projections Bank Loan Internal Audit and Tax Audit Request to know Ashish

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Process of closing a pvt ltd company

I want to close one of my pvt ltd company so I want to know the procedure of doing the same

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Updation of dsc in roc

Sir I am trying to update the DSC of Director at MCA site but it is showing that the details are not match Please tell the procedure as I have the doubt my ex employee who previously registered the DS

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Input credit on consultancy fees paid for capex item

I have availed 100 Cenvat on consultancy fees paid to consultant used for CAPEX item i have debited consultancy fees Paid to WIP CAPEX and not in expenses is CENVAt to be aviled 50 in current year 50

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Sitting fees recd from group comp. paid back to main comp.

Facts Director Receives Sitting Fees from a Group Company Director pays back this Sitting Fees to Main Company in Group as he has taken this fees in capacity of Director of Main Company in the group Q

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Compliance procedures involve in purchasing fixed assets

Hello I have been asked questions during my interview with online trading company that what is the compliance Procedures Involve in purchasing fixed

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Non of filling of sh-7 with roc

Sir Madam what will be the penalty if a pvt ltd co files to file the SH 7 within the stupilated time whose having 35 Crauthorised Owais

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Quantum proceeding

What is the meaning of Quantum Proceedings Is it something to do with amount

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  • Easiest way to Incorporate a Company in India - Form INC-29

    the file describes the basic idea about the new procedure of incorporating a new company in India


  • Process regarding registration under the Section 80G Register

    process regarding registration under the Section 80G Registration of a Trust Read more at http www caclubindia com experts experts display list unresolved asp mode open


  • Fast Track Exit

    Procedure for Fast Track Exit


  • Revaluation of Assets

    Revaluation of fixed assets is the process of increasing or decreasing their carrying value in case of major changes in fair market value of the fixed asset A fixed asset is initially recorded at cost but subsequently its carrying amount is increased to account for any appreciation in value


  • Service Tax Registration Procedure

    This Sheet contains service tax registration procedure and documents required Let me know for further amendement


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Stop procrastinating - Ahh later !!

YES I know you are going to read this LATER but I still proffer you to read it till the end because youre about to see that there are some techniques which works perfect as Anti Procrastinators Have y

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Unconventional internal audits - Admin processes

Internal Audit has been gaining importance over the years This has been due to a Statutory requirements including recent ones through the Companies Act 2013 like mandatory appointment of an Internal A

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Process for conversion of OPC into private limited company

BACKGROUND The Introduction of One Person Companyinto the legal system is a move that wouldencourage the entrepreneurs enters intocorporate world This will not only enableindividual capabilities to co

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Developments in the new registration procedure under MVAT

Dear All The procedure for obtaining new registration under the MVAT Act was amended vide circular 5T of 2015 For a gist of the new procedure please visit the below link http www caclubindia com artic

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Procedure for verification of answer books for CA Exam

Procedure for Verification of Answer Books of Chartered Accountants Students Examinations and Post Qualification Courses Examinations A STUDENTS EXAMINATIONS An examinee of CA examinations can apply f

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