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ICAI condones delay in filing form for pursuing other course along with articleship

ANNOUNCEMENT Condonation of Breach of Regulation 65 78 Non submission of Form 112 The Council of the Institute has decided to condone the delay in submission of Form 112 for having pursued additional other course of study along with articleship through correspondence mode of study or by attending re

Fee for delayed filing of income tax return

In view of the non intrusive information driven approach for improving tax compliance and effective utilization of information in tax administration it is important that the returns are filed within the due dates specified in section 139 1 Further the reduced time limits proposed for making of asses

Penalty on CA and professionals for furnishing incorrect information in statutory report or certificate

The thrust of the Government in recent past is on voluntary compliance Certification of various reports and certificates by a qualified professional has been provided in the Act to ensure that the information furnished by an assessee under the provisions of the Act is correct Various provisions exis

Proposal to provide for grant of interest in case of refund of excess payment of TDS

Finance Minister announces several anti graft and rationalisation measures in the field of Income tax Accountants or merchant bankers furnishing incorrect information to face penalty Income of the Chief Ministers Relief Fund and the Lieutenant Governors Relief Fund to be exempt from tax Concessional

Requirement to Complete Orientation Course in Lieu of GMCS

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India at its 361st Meeting held in December 2016 has decided that the students registered for Practical Training Articleship on or after 1st May 2012 uptill 31st December 2014 but not completed the GMCS I course shall be required to undergo Or

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Articleship completion form

i have completed articleship on 6 feb and i habe filled the form 108 i want to know that what documents are required to be send along with form 108

Submiision of form 103 after 1 year of articleship

Sir I started my articleship on 23 02 2016 but couldn t deposit my registration form i e form 103 alongwith form 112 at that particular time Its been 1 year of my articleship and now i want to deposit it now What can be the reason given in the condonation letter attached with DD Amount of Rs 1000 Ki

articleship termination querry

Can we take termination after one year that the students work is more than 35 hours per week

Format of affidavit and declaration by first subscriber

Can any one Provide me the format of Affidavit and declaration by first subscriber and director for Company Formation

Format of accountant's report (srs 4410)

ACCOUNTANT S REPORT ON COMPILATION OF UNAUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS On the basis of the accounting records and other information and explanation provided to us we have compiled the unaudited balance sheet of Mr XYZ as at 31st March XXX and the related profit and loss for the period then ended Mr X


Transfer of articleship in 2nd year

Hallo can anyone please tell me how to draft a leller to ICAI for transfer of Articlesip in Second Year And to Whomand Address where i should send the same I am in Pune now and my registraton in now in pune and i want to shift in other place please provide me the details thank you in advance

Job skills to list on your resume

Job Skills to list on your Resume 1 Professionalism Deals with acting in a responsible and fair manner in all your personal and work activities which is seen as a sign of maturity and self confidence avoid being petty 2 Honesty and Integrity Employers probably respect personal integrity more than an

Form 103 articleship registration

I want to ask whether ICAI will reject my form 103 since I had sent it through courier and not post

Leaves allowed in articleship

Dear Sir Madam Please tell me how to calculate leaves allowed in case of Transfer taken within 1 year For Eg If a student started articleship since 12 01 2016 and had taken transfer with effect from 24 08 2016 Then Leaves Calculation will be separate for both the firms in this manner Total Days to S

Format of Accountant's Report (SRS 4410)

ACCOUNTANTS REPORT ON COMPILATION OF UNAUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS On the basis of the accounting records and other information and explanation provided to us we have compiled the unaudited balance sheet of Mr XYZ as at 31st March XXXand the related profit and loss for the period then ended Mr XYZ

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Tricks to Format cells in Excel: Currency Format (Prefix)

I have a large record set of the amount I want toadd prefix i e Rs in my records so that I can apply sum average min max function I can easily do it by typing it manually but then I will not be able to apply any function If I enter any amount in this column I will need to add Rs prefix manually If y

Guidance and Information about how to fill exam form for CA- IPC / Final

ATTENTION CA Aspirants 1 Detailed instructions on filling up the exam forms online are enclosed Candidates are advised to read understand and follow the instructions carefully while filling up the form 2 Filling up valid E mail address Mobile Number and Personal Identification Number PIN at the resp

Tricks to Format cells in Excel: Trailing Dots

Here I will talk about how to format cells in excel with trailing dots For example you have a list of names of your clients I want to add dots so that it looks good and is also self adjusting Lets look at this example I have the list of client names and I want to add dots so that it looks good You m

Tricks to Format cells in Excel: Date Format

Lets take an example you have a long set of dates in cells like below And you want to change the date format as a dd mm yyyy format So that it can show the date format like 2 Apr 2014 which is easy to read Normally what we do is Select the entire range of cells Right click and then click on Format c

Cracking an articleship interview by SRCC students

Articleship training is one of the defining phases in the life of a CA student A good firm not only adds to the CV but also provides the career a launching pad through quality working environment and enriching experiences The learning that this period offers provide a strong foundation to the profes

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