Resume format for articleship


Final various GST rules and formats released

Final various GST rules and formats released Final GST Advance Ruling Rules and Formats Final GST Anti profiteering Rules 2017 Final GST Appeals and Revision Rules and Formats Final GST Assessment and Audit rules and Formats Final GST E way rules PFA the file to download the various GST rules and fo

Final GST Registration Rules and Format of Forms

CHAPTER REGISTRATION 1 Application for registration 1 Every person other than a non resident taxable person a person required to deduct tax at source under section 51 a person required to collect tax at source under section 52 and a person supplying online information and data base access or retriev

Final GST Rules - Accounts and Record Rules - Rules and Formats

CHAPTER ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS 1 Maintenance of accounts by registered persons 1 Every registered person shall keep and maintain in addition to the particulars mentioned in sub section 1 of section 35 a true and correct account of the goods or services imported or exported or of supplies attracting pa

GSTN holds a Review Meeting with GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs)

GSTN holds a Review Meeting with GST Suvidha Providers GSPs to Assess Readiness for GST roll out from 01st July 2017 GSPs advised to continue to visit the GSP ecosystem webpage on the GSTN website www gstn org ecosystem for all information latest updates and guidelines GSTN called a meeting with all

GST Return Rules and formats

Chapter RETURNS 1 Form and manner of furnishing details of outward supplies 1 Every registered person other than a person referred to in section 14 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 required to furnish the details of outward supplies of goods or services or both under section 37 shal

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Transfer of articleship

Hi am doing my 2nd year of articleship Now i wish to take transfer to Bangalore I have sent the request letter to the institute but I did not get any approval letter from the institute can anyone suggest me how can I move forward in this matter

Articleship termination

Sir My principal has surrender his Certificate of practice as on 14 Dec 2016 and I have completed my training under him more than two years so what are the procedures to be followed for getting approval from institute for termination of articleship

Query regarding termination of articleship

Dear Sir Madam I am a Direct Entry student and I am in the first year of my articleship Due to some personal problem at my home I have to discontinue my Articleship I have completed 11 months of articleship and hereby would like to know whether I can terminate my articleship or not Also would like t

Audit report format for claiming subsidy on electricity

Hi I have to Audit claim of subsidy on electricity by a Group Housing Society My question is if there is any prescribed format for the Report If no then please suggest the format I can use for the same

Sale bill gst format

How to come to know about the list of selling items upon which GST has to be charged and at what How to download the format of the sale invoice


Tax invoice format

pls send me a tax invoice format

Articleship at dehradun

Can I get a good exposure by pursuing my Articleship at dehradun

Non-receipt of ca articleship completion certificate

Hello there I have completed my articleship training on 17 04 2017 and have posted Form 108 on 3 05 2017 I havent still received any Completion letter certificate from ICAI regarding the same When gone through the member records on the ICAI website it shows a asterisk mark against my name and indica


invoice format in gst

invoice format

invoice format for brokerage income required

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CG issues various CGST and IGST Notifications along with 5 Final Rules & formats

Moving swiftly towards the rollout date of July 1 2017 for the first of its kind mammoth indirect tax reform post independence in India the Central Government has issued certain Notifications under Central GST CGST and Integrated GST IGST all dated June 19 2017 Further the finally approved 5 Rules a

Important formats and points applicable under the GST Act

As we all are aware that we are passing through the regime where entire indirect system is switching over to the GST which is governed by four Acts i e IGST CGST SGST UGST All the four acts will work in their respective spheres as per their applicability It is very important to discuss that under th

Take Your Resume Seriously

Often I heard from different candidates we are applying for the job and rarely get interview call some of them also conclude that this is because of the slow market and jobs are not available In fact this is not true the jobs are available and market is always keep moving on its usual pace To stay i

How Should You Choose The Right Firm For Articleship

Dont base your decisions on the advice of those who dont have to deal with the results If we read the above statement carefully it actually makes sense Majority of the people take advice from those who either have no idea of the actual facts and circumstances or those who have no skin in the game if

Tricks to Format cells in Excel: Currency Format (Prefix)

I have a large record set of the amount I want toadd prefix i e Rs in my records so that I can apply sum average min max function I can easily do it by typing it manually but then I will not be able to apply any function If I enter any amount in this column I will need to add Rs prefix manually If y

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