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Budget session concludes - Over a dozen reform Bills passed

Budget session concludes Session productive says Minister Shri M A Naqvi Governments outreach to opposition resulting in better functioning of Parliament says Minister Sittings of Parliament and Bills

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CSR Spends on Swachh Bharat CESS

As per Union Budget 2016 2017 the estimated amount to be collected from Swachh Bharat Cess during the year 2016 17 is10 000 crores However there is no proposal of the Government to mandate Corporates

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Tax revenue increases to 14.6 lac crore in 2015-16

Government achieves the Tax Revenue Targets for FY 2015 16 Actual collections of Direct Indirect Tax Revenues in FY 2015 16 is Rs 14 60 Lakh Crore as against Revised Target RE of Rs 14 55 Lakh crore T

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Chartered Accountant should not respond to tenders for areas exclusively to their practise

ANNOUNCEMENT RESPONDING TO TENDERS The matter pertaining to responding to tenders issued by various users of professional services or organization in areas exclusively reserved for the members of the

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ICAI submits Post-Budget Memoranda 2016

ICAI submits Post Budget Memoranda 2016 Please refer to the attached file for details

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Applicability of 44AD Amendments in budget 2016

Is the turnover limit for business made 2 crores from AY 2017 18 or AY 2018 19 For s 44 AD Are all amendments are applicable From 1 4 2017 only S 44AD The limit of Turnover for S 44AB is 1 crore or 2

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Re: recent approval of form aoc-4 for f.y.2004-15

Dear Sir can any one be kind enough to share his recent experience of Approval of Form AOC 4 etc for F Y 2014 15 and nature of mails recd from ROC and its repliies given etc Thanks a lot

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Budget for next three year

Dear Sir My MD asked me to make budget for next three years what s the meaning of this whats the procedure to make it Financial year 16 means FY 15 16 or FY 16 17 Thanks in advance Regards Vipin Kumar

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Food and beverage budget

hi friends I need a help how I describe budget in food and beverage give me details in spreadsheet in excel

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Dir-12 downloaded recently

No message comes when we press prescrutinity button after filling up DIR 12 Please help

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budgetery changes


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Point of taxation budget 2016 amendment

What are budget amendments regarding P O T of service tax Is there any change in Rule 7 RCM p o t Can any one explian impact of Notification No 21 2016 Service Tax Point of Taxation Second Amendment R

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Icai submits post-budget memoranda

ICAI submits Post Budget Memoranda 2016 01 04 2016

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Highlights of budget 2016 (direct taxation)

I have prepared highlights of Budget 2016 for direct taxtaion This file contains the details of all the amenedments introduced by Finance Bill and the implication of the same in the hands of the Taxpa

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Time limit for availing cenvat credit as per budget 2016

I want to know what is the time limit of taking CENVAT credit ofService Tax paid against bills raised by GTA Goods Transport Agency In recent audit I was charged service tax for the period of 2 years

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  • TCS Post 01/06/2016

    Lots of Curbs and Compliances on Cash Transactions in Budget 2016 TCS Provisions are one such amendment in this direction


  • Circular for clarification on amendment in section 206C

    Circular No 22 2016 Dated June 8 2016 Clarification on amendment by Budget 2016 Section 206C of Income Tax Act TCS


  • Latest TDS Rate & Changes



  • An Economic and Functional Classification of the central government budget

    An Economic and Functional Classification of the central government budget


  • Budget Highlights 2016

    Direct Indirect Tax


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Assessment of HUF with perspective of important & recent cases

Hindu Undivided Family HUF A fresh perspective with important recent case laws Background U s 4 of the Income Tax Act 1961 income tax is payable by every person U s 2 31 Person is defined to include a

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Principles emerging from recent Advance Rulings on the term -Intermediary- under Place of Provision of Services Rules

The Place of Provisions of Service POPS Rules 2012 is the thin line which divides taxability and non taxability under the Service Tax Law These rules were aimed to consolidate the endlessly dispute on

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Changes in Service Tax, Excise, Customs Duty vide Union Budget 2016: Open issues

The Union Budget 2016 proposing flurry of changes in Indirect Taxes has been a talk of the town since the day of its presentation On May 5 2016 the Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill 2016 and later on

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Changes in CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 by Union Budget 2016-17

S No Nature of amendment Rule Reference Earlier Version New Version Remarks 1 Inclusion of Sub heading 860692 in definition of Capital Goods Rule 2 a A i grinding wheels and the like and parts thereof

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Section 44AD of the Income tax Act after Budget 16

SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR COMPUTATION OF PROFIT AND GAIN OF BUSINESS ON PRESUMPTIVE BASIS After Budget 2016 This section is nothing but provides a relaxation to the tax payers to declare income on presum

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