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IFRS may affect banks' ratios

Sub Heading Banks to confront challenges in loan impairment derivatives etc Author DNA Money Correspondent Content In line with global trends India will join the league of more than 100 countries which have converged with International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS from April 1 2011 The banking

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Receivables(debtors) turnover ratios

sir pls elaborate the receivables debtors Turover ratios with examples actually i want to reduce my debtors in the firm which is over due by many months How i regulate the debtors turnover ratio in my firm pls suggest me asap


Hello Sir Please give me the clarity on Net worth Shareholder s Equity shareholder s fund Capital Employed I always get confused about them Thanks Regards Monika Singh

Financial ratios

Can quick ratio exceed current Ratio


sir kindly explain ratio analysis how its helps bankers n analysing balance sheet what r all the important ratios used n credit appraisal


Sir While Calculating ROCE retun on capital employed The formula is EBIT Capital employed My quary is in capital employed what are the items we have to consider I have considered Share Capital Reserves Surplus and Long Term Loans But in my company one consultant professional calculated the ROCE he a


Analysis of ratios for future growth of company

how to analysis a company s balance sheet in respect of ratios so that future position of company is to be known

banking financial ratios..

if TOL TNW is 8 what does it relate and symptoms of it pls do reply

Ratios analysis

Dear Experts Please clarify whether we should consider the current maturities of long term debts into debts for calculating Debts equity ratio


What is Asset backing ratio meaning And what is the formula for the same



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Financial Ratios - Practical Aspects

As we all know financial ratios are used to analyze the financial performance of a company For this purpose many types of ratios are used like liquidity ratio which tells us the ability of a company to pay back its short term obligations and Debt ratio which tells us the mix of equity and debt Lets

Financial Ratios - An Important Analysis Tool

Financial analysis of any organization is collection study evaluation interpretation and presentation of financial data to assist various types of decision making This analysis is useful to various categories of users like management shareholders creditors potential investors tax authorities auditor

Accounting Ratios

To test Name of Ratio Formula Parties interested Industry norm Liquidity and Solvency i Current Ratio Current Assets Current Liabilities Short term creditors investors money lenders like parties 2 1 ii Liquid Quick Acid Test Ratio Current assets Stock Prepaid Expenses Current Liabilities Bank Ov

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