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provident fund rates


CA Day Celebrations of ICAI

ICAI celebrates its Foundation Day as the Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July every year This year the Chartered Accountants Day Celebrations of the ICAI will be heldat 4 00 P M on 1st July 2015in t

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ICAI invites suggestion for GST

The biggest tax reforms in the history of Independent India are taking its final shape as the Constitution 122nd Amendment Bill relating to the Goods and Service Tax GST has been passed by the Lok Sab

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CSR activities by CAs and CA firms

Request for suggestions from members at large on the various CSR activities that can be undertaken by them as CAs CA Firms Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is very vital in the present context of b

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Incentivizing States Under GST Regime

As tax rates during Goods and Services Tax GST regime will be closely aligned to the Revenue Neutral Rates RNR of the Centre and the States the revenues of the Central and State Governments will not b

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Govt decides to fix interest rate at 8.7% for GPF

Government Decides to Fix Interest Rates at 8 7 for General Provident Fund GPF and other Similar Funds Including Special Deposit Scheme 1975 SDS 1975 for Non Government Provident Superannuation and Gr

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Tax liability or refund

My Gross Taxable salary is 1394313 Saving interest 15265 FD interest 19730 80 C 128266 80D 9717 80TTA 10000 TDs on salary 211672 TDS on Interest 2011

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Capital asset pricing model - rates

For Calculation of CAPM practically what is the Risk free rate and Market Rate

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Refund for a.y. 2013-14

i just want to know how do i apply for condolation of delay in filing itr to CIT so that i can claim my refund thanks

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Ear marked fund

sir explain about ear marked fund when it is created

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Refund under rule 5 of cenvat credit rules, 2004

My company submitted a refund claim under the above rule sometime back which was within the time limit But the claim was returned through a memo requiring re submission with all documents I am present

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Hello friends I got my ITR filed by CA for the assessment year 2014 15 last year Today I was checking it and found that the following information Form 16 Amount paid credited 525959 Tax deducted depos

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Cases of Corporate Frauds/Chit Fund Scams Involving Companies

The Ministry during the last three years and current year has ordered investigation into the affairs of 145 companies which were allegedly involved in illegal deposit taking activities A State wise li

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Investment by directors & shareholders with borrowed funds

Dear All Can a Director Shareholder invest in a company by way of Share application from funds borrowed by them in a private limited co As per Deposit rules definitions 2 b ix deposit means any amount

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Gratuity, pension retirement funds in itr

In ITR where do you show Gratuity pension leave encashment etc What most people do is show it under Schedule EI Exempt income portion But it is specifically been mentioned that salary has to be as per

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Income tax refund

I was working in a Pvt ltd co in FY 14 15 In the last month before I submit my parents annual medical bills and my health insurance premiums HR deducted tax Now I want to file return and also to get t

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  • Various types of writs under Constitution of India

    Fundamental rights can be protected through writs pettitions


  • Provision for AED Refund on HSD (Diesel)

    Provision for AED Refund on HSD Diesel by 100 EOU


  • Statutory Compliances Due date, Interest and Penalty Hand Book

    Statutory Compliances Due date Interest and Penalty Hand Book


  • TDS Rate Other than Salaries And Wages

    TDS Rate other than Salaries And Wages


  • What is Private Equity

    PE is a major component of the alternative investments universe and is an established asset class within many institutional portfolios In India sums committed to private equity funds have increased dramatically over the last ten twelve years Private Equity is a form of investment in equity capital of a company that is not quoted on a public exchange Obtaining PE is very different from raising debt or a loan from a lender such as a bank Lenders have a legal right to interest on a loan and repayment of the capital irrespective of your success or failure


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Interest income on tax refunds

An Assessee is eligible to claim refund of the excess tax paid by him Tax could be paid in the form of advance tax or tax deducted collected at source or self assessment tax or payment of tax on regul

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Hamari Aadhuri Kahani. Non receipt of Income Tax Refund!

Arjuna Fictional Character Income Tax Department has issued Circular No 09 2015 dated 9th June 2015 regarding income tax refund Taxpayer wants Refund of excess of Income Tax paid as early as possible

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Brief case studies on change in rates of service tax

Change in Effective Rate of Taxation Service Tax On account of some errands to be run which I have postponed for almost a year I find myself travelling today ie June2nd 2015 to Kolkata from Mumbai I w

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The concept and tax effect of switching in mutual funds

Hi almost all of us are aware of investing in Mutual Funds and their respective Tax effects However some areas still remain Grey for some and one such area is Switching in Mutual Funds What is Switchi

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Taxability of Provident Fund

Employees provident fund Provident fund scheme is as a retirement benefit scheme Under this scheme a stipulated sum is deducted from the salary of the employee as his contribution towards this fund Th

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