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Mandating Aadhaar linkage to PAN cards

Permanent Account Number PAN is the key identifier of taxable entity and aggregator of all financial transactions undertaken by one person One PAN for one person is the guiding principle for allotment of PAN However for achieving the objective of one PAN to one assessee it is required to maintain un

Tax rate on fertilizers reduced to 5% from 12% under GST

Decision to reduce Tax Rate on Fertilizers from existing 12 to 5 under GST taken in the interests of the Farmers Under GST regime a uniform MRP of Rs 295 47 per 50 kg bag to be fixed across the country GST regime to deter inter state smuggling of fertilizers by integrating the entire fertilizer mark

Final GST Registration Rules and Format of Forms

CHAPTER REGISTRATION 1 Application for registration 1 Every person other than a non resident taxable person a person required to deduct tax at source under section 51 a person required to collect tax at source under section 52 and a person supplying online information and data base access or retriev

International Opportunities for Company Secretaries

Dear Professional Colleagues A number of our members have from time to time been expressing interest for professional avenues in different countries Many among these are those who would like to shift their base to some other country at least temporarily in order to practice the profession of Company

Govt announces revised rates of interest on Small Savings leaves PPF untouched

The Union Government has announced revised rates of interest on Small Savings Schemes for the First Quarter of 2017 18 to bring them somewhat closer to market rates Small Savings schemes will continue to be attractive as some of them enjoy income tax benefits and additional interest rate spreads Rev

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hsn code requirement turnover limit for exempted and taxable goods.

hsn code requirement turnover limit for exempted and taxable goods


ppf in post office or ppf in bank which one is better and secure or both are same

Calculation of purchase consideration as per net asset method under interest of pooling method

How will we calculate the purchase consideration PC under Interest pooling method Book value of assets less book value of liabilities less reserves Do we subtract reserves while calculating PC as per net asset method following interest pooling method of amalagamation First of all can we even use Net

Interest on late deposit of service tax

Dear All we got a service tax case for which we went into appeal But we lost there Then we went to CESTAT we paid 10 of service tax that time according to rules We didn t get stay order So need to deposit service tax now please tell me calculation of interest on service tax Service tax dispute 51500

Tds interest

late payment of tds to be calculated for date of booking in accounts or date of pay Which date to be considered


Interest demand u/s 234B and 234 C

I filled it return for A Y 2017 18 in Wichita I claimed relief u s 89 my return was processed by it cpc and relief allowed but demand interest u s 234B and 234C on relief amount so I confused I want to know exact rule that which amount is eligible for interest computation u s 234B and 234C gross tax

Interest/ Penalty/ Late Fee Levied on GSTR3B?

Will the govt levy penalty for filing GSTR3B after the due date for the month of August And is 20th September the due date Thanks

Taxability on interest on land compensation

I just want an opinion on interest received on compensation on land acquisition Any land mark judgements Weather the interest is covered under section 10 37

Gst impact on interest on loan

What is the GST impact on Interest on loan received ina registered company Example XXX Co a GST registered copamny loan given to YYY Co GST registered or unregistered on the year of 2015 Now XXX Co charged interest on loan from YYY Co After GST what is the impact on this type of income Is this incom

Remuneration and interest on capital


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  • Expense list under GST

    All about expenses which are taxable on which exp RCM applicable
  • Interest In Goods & Service Tax

    My Presentation of Interest Payment for defaults and Interest receipt on delayed refunds
  • Income tax calculator

    1 Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income 7 interest U s 234A 234Band 234C 2 HRA calculation 3 Advance Tax caculation
  • Updated Details Collection Excel for GST Return GSTR-3B

    As everybody is aware the GST Returns for every month needs to be filed by 20th of subsequent month As the regular outward and inward annexures and return GSTR 3 are not yet made available for the months of July and August 2017 a summary return in Form GSTR 3B needs to be filed before 20th of next month An excel sheet for obtaining the details required to fill the GSTR 3B is prepared as the GSTR 3B needs to be prepared and submitted online only as offline utility is not provided yet Basic features of the excel sheet are as follows 1 The details need to be entered in the yellow colored cells only 2 If any incorrect information is entered in the cell the contents of the cells appears in red color Please correct the same to get proper working 3 While entering the details of outward supplies and inward supplies in Table 3 1 select the proper nature of supplies from the drop down wherever it is provided 4 The Integrated Tax Central Tax and State UT Tax is calculated automatically depending on the figures entered under Inter State or Intra State columns and the Rate selected from drop down 5 Cess needs to be entered manually 6 Table 3 2 contains details of state wise inter state supplies to unregistered dealers composition dealers and UIN holders Select the Nature of inter state supplies and state from drop down 7 In Table 3 2 Total taxable value and integrated tax should be less than the taxable inter state supplies and integrated tax shown in Table 3 1 above 8 Details of ITC available ITC reversed and Ineligible ITC needs to be given in Table 4 The description mentioned in yellow cells is given for reference only and can be changed as appropriate in respective case 9 Tax payable in Table 6 1 is auto calculated and arrived by adding the tax payable as per Table 3 1 and deducting the net ITC available and adding ineligible ITC as shown in Table 4 10 The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if there is net tax payable after adjusting payment through ITC TDS TCS and payment in cash 11 Similarly The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if interest and late fee payable is greater than the tax paid in cash as the same needs to be paid by cash and can not be paid through ITC 12 The TDS and TCS credit is not applicable at present as the said provisions are not made applicable presently till further instructions
  • Returns, Payments, interest/penalty under GST regime

    Returns Payments interest penalty under GST regime

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Non-Controlling Interest - "Initial Measurement" Policy Choice Available?

When an Entity is being acquired by another Entity it has two way to look at it first being 100 acquired where all controlling rights will be with Parent Entity only another could be where the control is less than 100 which arises a situation to have another interested party who has rights in the In

GST Payment Due Dates and Interest on Late Payment

GST Payment Due Date Due date for payment of GST is 20 days from the end of the month For persons registered under composition scheme the due date will be 18 days after the end of the quarter Rules and Regulations regarding GST payment Electronic Cash Ledger The payment made towards tax interest pen

Meaning of supply, time of supply and value of taxable supply

Meaning and Scope of Supply Q 1 What is the taxable event under GST Ans The taxable event under GST shall be the supply of goods or services or both made for consideration in the course or furtherance of business The taxable events under the existing indirect tax laws such as manufacture sale or pro

Interest Rate Under GST Act 2017

Central Board of Excise and Customs has notified fixed Interest to vide Notification No 13 2017 Central Tax date 28 06 2017 The fixed rate of Interests are as under S NO Nature of Levy interest Rate of Interest 1 Delay payment of Tax 18 2 Contravention output tax liability of the recipient in his re

Casual and Non-resident Taxable Person under GST

GST Law provides for some safeguards and provisions to levy taxes on a person who doesnt have any permanent base for supplying goods or services or a foreigner who entered in taxable territory without any intention to stay in India for a long time with a fixed base to supply goods or services in Ind

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