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Income arising from unlisted shares taxable under capital gains

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 5th May 2016 Subject Taxability of Income Loss arising from Transfer of Unlisted Shares reg CBDT v

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CBDT will pay interest on refund for excess TDS deposited

Payment of interest on refund under section 244A of excess TDS deposited under section 195 of the Income tax Act 1961

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Applicability of service tax on services provided by Govt

Clarifications regarding Services Provided by Government or Local Authority Any Service Provided by the Government or a Local Authority to a Business Entity has been Made Taxable with Effect from 1st

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Inclusion of interest income in the return

Information regarding interest earned by individuals and business entities on term deposit is filed with the Income Tax Department by banks including co operative banks and other financial institution

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Central Govt. cuts PPF interest rate to 8.10% from 8.7%

Interest Rates on various Small Savings Schemes for the 1st Quarter of 2016 17 notified Additional Interest Rate spreads which the Government allows on Small Savings Schemes like PPF Senior Citizen Sa

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Housing loan interest

Me and my Brother have taken Home loan I am Applicant and he is Co applicant But Registry is in my name only EMI is paid by my Brother Can we both claim Intt deduction u sec 24 on the ground that we b

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Cess interest not shown at the time of payment

Dear Sir We have paid Service Tax pertain to FY2014 15 with Interest but we have not Bifurecate Interest for Cess However showed Cess Interest amount also in Interest column Can you please tell me wha

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Interest on bank overdraft

Dear Sir can you please share a file of interest calculation on Bank Over draft at samsrikvsk gmail com

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Personal loan interest benefit

Ma dad took PERSONAL LOAN from a bank for purchasing the house he couldnt get home loan House is in my mom s name but payment is made by my dad Can he claim benefit of interest under house property wh

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Tds on interest paid to hdfc bank for vehicle loand

One of my client were took Vehicle Loan from HDFC Bank Ltd and he paid interest with principle amount as EMI base is he liable to pay TDS on Interest u s 194A for f y 2016 17

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Accrued interest query

Hello If the bank issues an interest certificate in my savings bank and FD interest one column says Interest Paid and other column says Interest Accrued so which one I have to consider regards Income

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Interest for late payment of service tax

Our firm is a private limited company For the month of April 2016 tax liability of Rs 436 and for the month of May 2016 tax liability of Rs 1 740 this month i e June 2016 our company pay total amount

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Interest on borrowed capital

In a newly established partnership firm the Firm had purchased one N A Land and make payment in full out of Loan taken from external sources as well as out of Capital Introduced by the partner in the

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Interest on fixed deopsits

Dear Sir Madam I made a FD on 29 06 2014 for 1 year which got matured on 29 06 2015 I was in dilema whether to renew it for 1 year I informed the bank 8 days after the maturity date to mature the FD N

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Fdr on zero interest

Hello everyone I am from Shimla I found one of my FDR in SBI bank was on ZERO rate of interest for more then one year after its original maturity period the same FDR is issued from back date but bank

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  • RD Interest Calculator

    it s calculate interest on RD


  • EMI Calculator

    EMI Calculator of 30 years including separate interest on loan repayment


  • Vat late payment interest calculation

    I want to know the amount of late payment interest and penalty amount


  • Delay in TDS Deposit Interest Calculator

    It calculates interest on delay in depositing TDS


  • Professional tax interest calculation Ahmedabad

    Professional tax interest calculation AHMEDABAD


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ST - Interest rates changed again !

There are two provisions under Finance Act 1994 dealing with interest on delayed payment as given below adsbygoogle window adsbygoogle push Sl No Situation Section No 1 Amount collected as service tax

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Limitation in case of recovery of interest on delayed payment of central excise duty

The judicial precedent always plays vital role to clarify the law particularly when statute is not clear cut in regard to any issue There is the same situation in the case of demand of interest on del

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Bonds, how to choose in falling interest rate regimes?

Bonds and debentures are terms used interchangeably both represent long term fixed income securities The cash flow stream in form of interest and principal as well as the time horizon i e the date of

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Decline in interest rate and decline in happiness

Recently it was noticed that interest and return on investments For e g Fixed Deposit Property and other investment tools were continuously falling But on the other hand The return i e interest rate o

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Only EPF interest to attract tax, withdrawals will be exempted

Only interest accrued on 60 of the contributions to the Employee Provident Fund after April 1 2016 will be taxed while the principal amount will remain tax exempt revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia clari

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