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CBDT- E-filing of appeals extension of time limit

CBDT E filing of appeals Extension of time limit PFA the enclosed attachment to view in PDF form

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha

Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha PFA the attached file for more details

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CBDT releases detailed direct taxes data

CBDT releases Direct Taxes Data PFA the enclosed attachment to view the detailed data on the following aspects as mentioned below Income Tax Department Time Series Data Financial Year 2000 01 to 2014

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MCA notifies CARO 2016

MCA notifies CARO 2016 PFA the attachment for details

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Central Govt. cuts PPF interest rate to 8.10% from 8.7%

Interest Rates on various Small Savings Schemes for the 1st Quarter of 2016 17 notified Additional Interest Rate spreads which the Government allows on Small Savings Schemes like PPF Senior Citizen Sa

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Custom duty calculation

Sir what is import custom duty rate used for 7 5 basic duty capital goods and how the calculation will done

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Procedure to pay the pf to the governments fund

I want to know the procedure to be followed for making remittance of PF amount to the government account Please reply asap

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Derivative transaction calculation of turn over for audit

I Want to Know Guidance Notes of ICAI Regarding Finding out the Turn Over for Derivative Share Trading Which Guilde Note Issued by ICAI I Should take for my Solution of Problem

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Cash Profit calculation and Tell EBITDA

Dera Exoerts kindly solve the given query Total Revenue 5 68 cr employee benefits 1 65 cr financial cost 0 12 cr dep 0 13 cr other exps 3 90 cr prior period exps 0 05 cr tax paid 0 07 cr

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Esi and pf

Dear Experts I want to know applicability of ESI PF on contractor having labour who are working at site and secondly whether an contractor get register voluntary for ESI PF Please reply as soon as pos

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Calculation of Bond Amount

I want to know how to calculate the bond amount written in EPCG license in custom clearance

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Depreciation calculation help required

Dear CCI Members Please help me to calcualte depreciation as per Schedule II of the Companies Act 2013 from the following info Asset Purchased Xerox Machine Date of Purchase 30 05 2015 Cost of Machine

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Depreciaiton calculation

Dear friends A pvt limited company has bought the following on 30 May 2015 Furniture and fittings Rs 89 500 Desk top Computers 62 700 How to compute depreciation for this

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Interest calculation on cst

plz say interest rate calculation and penalty on cst on not rect of c form

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Excise duty calculation on additional material

Hello Experts I confused on excise duty calculation in below case One customer provided material on free of cost basis He has not generated any invoices on us But when we manufactured finished goods a

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  • Form 15G- Efiling utility

    You can fill all Basic Details and income details in respective excel files and export it to efiling utility and generate xml file for efiling at Income Tax efiling portal If any assistance please contact Sabu v Joseph Ph 934997685 email sabuvjosephpkd gmail com


  • General VAT Assessment



  • Service Tax (Real Estate)



  • EPF & EPS

    Important Points in Employee s Provident Fund Pension Scheme


  • Article Leave Calculator

    Leave calculation in ca articleship


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Ageing report from pivot table - Advance Excel

We all are finance professionals some may be in INDUSTRY few in PRACTICE and most of us are student to become future professionals But whatever stage we are everyone have to face computer screen fille

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How GST will be helpful to companies & General Impact of GST

How GST will be helpful to companies Indias Economy GST will be helpful to eliminate the taxation problem at the root level and give a big boost to the e commerce sector that is still at a crescent st

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Lets excel in Excel - Funda # 2

Hey friends Welcome back It was great to receive a prodigious response on my earlier post on Excel Fundas Im glad that people found it useful For the people who missed out my earlier post this series

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Lets excel in Excel - Funda # 1

Have you ever searched on google for the shortcuts in excel or useful excel tips functions Was it actually useful I have also made such searches many a times but found out that such searches are parti

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Pursue excellence in your profession success will chase you

The professional courses such as Chartered Accountancy or Company Secretary or Cost Accountancy courses were designed in such a way that in accomplishment of the goal the student has to pursue the cou

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