pf calculation in excel


List of Students who have cleared CA Final and CPT Exams

List of Students who have cleared CA Final and CPT Exams PFA the attachment as mentioned below

Transition details for CA course for switching to revised scheme

ANNOUNCEMENT Sub Transition Scheme for students of Common Proficiency Course Intermediate IPC Course and Final old Course along with the Conversion Fees for Switching Over to Revised Scheme A TRANSITION SCHEME FOUNDATION I For Common Proficiency Course Students 1 All students registered in Common Pr

GSTN unveils excel template for easy data entry offline

GSTN unveils excel template for to help taxpayers perform easy data entry offline before uploading on the GST portal Excel template together with an offline tool will make uploading large numbers of invoices much easier and quick Offline Tool to be unveiled on July 17 2017 Goods and Services Network

ICAI President's Message - July 2017

My esteemed professional colleagues I wish you a very happy CA Day On 1st July 2017 our Institute will complete 68 years of its glorious journey of excellence Analysing the importance of accountancy profession vis vis economic development an IFAC study has mentioned Accountants play an important pub

Four Weeks ICAI Residential Programme in Hyderabad

Board of Studies is pleased to announce the next batch of ICAI Four Weeks Residential Programme on Professional Skills Development from 31st July 2017 to 27th August 2017 at Centre of Excellence Hyderabad This programme offers an unique opportunity and would focus on development of communication ski

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Epf applicability

what is the liability of EPF deduction on freelancers Are the freelancers added to no of regular employees in payroll could you refer the statute in this relation

Ppf balance not shown in balance sheet

Dear Sir An Assesse who is a professional has filed ITR 3 for A Y 2017 18 In the Balance Sheet Asset Side under investments head he has shown Interest on PPF and Deposit in PPF Account during the year but he has not shown the PPF Balance as per last yr He is not doing Tax Audit as his Professional I

Income tax calculation

Salary Income 3 60 000 Other Income 1 30 000 Is there any TDS should be deducted from my salary What will be Rebate U s 35A Kindly suggest Thanks


can i get a pf deduction as my salary is cosolidated rs 13000 p m if yes then what amount will i contribute towards epf

Dipfr and financial reporting exam

Sir Mam I am a CA Final student whose Group 1 exam is due in this November I was planning to do Diplomma in IFRS by ACCA whose exam is held in December It would be immensely appreciated if someone could guide me wether the syllabus content of both the exams is more or less similar or I will have to


Gst calculation for composition dealer

Dear Sir Dealer registered under composition scheme is dealing in exempted goods as well as taxable goods if the total sales consist of both the items eg taxable goods of Rs 5 lakhs and exempted goods foodgrains of Rs 3 lakhs Then in such case how GST is to be calculated Please explain Thank you

Cost calculation for selling of imported goods under gst.

Respecteds Request for you kind help How would i calculate the costing and levying GST on the goods which have imported and IGST paid in duty Asses Value AV 100 00 i BCD 10 10 ii Edu Cess 2 0 2 iii CSHE Cess 1 0 1 iv I IGST Levy 18 19 854 Duty payble 30 15 Rate of Goods 100 00 Duty paid 30 15 Courie

Hi, for the calculation of ebitda, whether gain/loss of fore

Hi For the calculation of EBITDA whether gain loss of foreign exchange fluctuation will beincluded or excluded Thanks in Advance

Hi, for the calculation of ebitda, whether gain/loss of fore

Hi For the calculation of EBITDA whether gain loss of foreign exchange fluctuation will beincluded or excluded Thanks in Advance

Hi, for the calculation of ebitda, whether gain/loss of fore

Hi For the calculation of EBITDA whether gain loss of foreign exchange fluctuation will beincluded or excluded Thanks in Advance

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  • Automatic Invoice Software in Excel (GST compliant)

    Full Fledge Billing Software for Business 1 Complete Billing Software 2 100 GST compliant with format published by GST Council 3 Retail and Tax Bill Bifurcation 4 Automatic applicable IGST CGST and SGST calulation 5 Transfer all bill data to another sheet automatically for analysis 6 Automatic Challan Generation 7 Perfect Print Setup 6 One Click Printing 7 One Click Back up of each invoice in different Folder 8 Back up will be retail bill wise and Tax Bill Wise 9 Completely working based on formula 9 Flexible Formulas 10 Full Customized 11 Client Database with each and every detail 12 No need to input details of party every time 13 only put x in the first column of database and all the details will be transferred to invoice sheet Filters will not work in trial version Pro Version 1 Automatically cloud backup of all invoices 2 Automatic GST rate calculator based on HSN Code will be available as soon as GST rates are published 3 Automatic GST rate calculator based on Name of Goods 4 Monthwise analysis of Party wise sales month wise IGST SGST CGST liability calculation 5 1 week trailing for GST return filing and this software with the fulfillment of the custom requirement of business 6 Automatic transfer of sales invoice data in the form of outward return of GST outward return is to be filled in form GSTR 1 every month 7 Free 1st GST return filing
  • Excel

    excel best
  • Worksheet GSTR-3B

    GSTR 3B in excel sheet
  • Updated Details Collection Excel for GST Return GSTR-3B

    As everybody is aware the GST Returns for every month needs to be filed by 20th of subsequent month As the regular outward and inward annexures and return GSTR 3 are not yet made available for the months of July and August 2017 a summary return in Form GSTR 3B needs to be filed before 20th of next month An excel sheet for obtaining the details required to fill the GSTR 3B is prepared as the GSTR 3B needs to be prepared and submitted online only as offline utility is not provided yet Basic features of the excel sheet are as follows 1 The details need to be entered in the yellow colored cells only 2 If any incorrect information is entered in the cell the contents of the cells appears in red color Please correct the same to get proper working 3 While entering the details of outward supplies and inward supplies in Table 3 1 select the proper nature of supplies from the drop down wherever it is provided 4 The Integrated Tax Central Tax and State UT Tax is calculated automatically depending on the figures entered under Inter State or Intra State columns and the Rate selected from drop down 5 Cess needs to be entered manually 6 Table 3 2 contains details of state wise inter state supplies to unregistered dealers composition dealers and UIN holders Select the Nature of inter state supplies and state from drop down 7 In Table 3 2 Total taxable value and integrated tax should be less than the taxable inter state supplies and integrated tax shown in Table 3 1 above 8 Details of ITC available ITC reversed and Ineligible ITC needs to be given in Table 4 The description mentioned in yellow cells is given for reference only and can be changed as appropriate in respective case 9 Tax payable in Table 6 1 is auto calculated and arrived by adding the tax payable as per Table 3 1 and deducting the net ITC available and adding ineligible ITC as shown in Table 4 10 The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if there is net tax payable after adjusting payment through ITC TDS TCS and payment in cash 11 Similarly The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if interest and late fee payable is greater than the tax paid in cash as the same needs to be paid by cash and can not be paid through ITC 12 The TDS and TCS credit is not applicable at present as the said provisions are not made applicable presently till further instructions
  • GSTR-3B Details collection worksheet in EXCEL

    Data Collection sheet for filling up the GSTR 3B in Excel

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