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pf and esi


Commodities Transaction Tax Rules, 2013


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ICSI- Last date for payment of Annual Membership Fee and steps for Online Payment is 30th June

The Annual Membership fee Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2013 14 became due for payment w e f 1stApril 2013 and the last date for payment of the same is30th June 2013 We wish to inform you t

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Mou signed between the ICSI and Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

ICSI MOU WITH INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING AND FINANCE Seen in the photo from L to R CS M S Sahoo Secretary ICSI Dr K Ramakrishnan Chief Executive Indian Banks Association Dr R Bhaskaran Chief Executiv

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A Word from New Chairperson, CBDT

A WORD FROM CHAIRPERSON CBDT My Dear Members of the Aayakar Family On my elevation as Chairperson of CBDT I take the first opportunity to greet you all and thank you for your good wishes I received du

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ICAI has released applicable pronouncements and amendments applicable for Nov 2013 exams

ICAI has released applicable pronouncements and amendments applicable for Nov 2013 exams

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NRI, 80C and tax saving bank fixed deposit

Can NRI invest in 5 year Tax Saving Bank Fixed Deposit or any other investment scheme under 80C if he only has interest income As per section 115D of the Income Tax Act the benefit under Section 80C i

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Do we include ppf int in gross total income?

Are we required to include show Public Providence Fund Interest in Gross Total Income PS Taxsmile is Return e filing portal https www taxsmile com returnfiling taxsmile pages user usermanagement login

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Issue of shares against land

Hi everybody Have a good day ahead My querry is that Our company Public limited is issuing shares for the first time Building of the company is owned by the company As we need to expand the building a

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Handrighting analysis

To underline or not to underline that is the question Is it a good idea to underline yoursignaturewhen you write your name Or is it better not to do so The short answer is yes it is a good idea but ho

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Job for ca and icwa as accounts officer in nbpdcl

North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited NBPDCL Position Accounts Officer Accountant Consultant Medicine Location Patna Jobs Details Application are invited for the Posts of Accounts Officer Acc

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  • Fixed Deposit Calculator: Advance Tax Liability

    http freefincal wordpress com 2013 06 10 comprehensive fixed deposit calculator i total and advance tax liability


  • Income Tax Calculator for AY 2013-2014

    Income Tax Calculator for AY 2013 2014 www sandeepchaure webnode com


  • Form 16 for AY 2013-14 in Excel

    Form 16 for AY 2013 14 in Excel Must Watch Images before use www sandeepchaure webnode com


  • FAQ on different Intellectual Properties



  • Internal Audit Programme adopted from ICAI

    A beautifully designed Internal Audit Programme prepared by myself based on ICAI Internal Audit publication


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Intimation u/s 143(1) for demand

HI I am salaried person so my income tax is deducted at source As per the 26AS Tan of my deductor is SRTG02240A Dean GMERS Medical college valsad But in Form 16 I received from the college have differ

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Acounting standereds

what is the link between as 4 and as 29 are they both are one accounting standered or they are separate plz rply

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Service tax on epf & esi portion

Dear all a security agency provide guards to various entities and raised bill showing separate amount for service and for ESI EPF and charged service tax on the whole bill amount my query is that whet

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Books on drafting legal deeds and documents

Hi Could any please suggest good Books on drafting and preparing legal deeds and documents Thanx in advance Harish Y

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Penalty for delay in filing 24q and 26q- which form to use?

IT Office has raised a demand INTIMATION U S 200A OF THE INCOME TAX ACT 1961 for delay in filing Form 26Q and some interest paid less i e shown under categories a Late Filing fee u s 234E b Balance in

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A new way to do tax planning and why hardly anyone -gets it-

It really hurts to see a large pie of the salary cut towards tax So the obvious question in everyones mind is How do I reduce my tax Every year we are forced to invest in something which reduces our t

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10 Things you may not know about PPF

One of the popular preferred and preeminent tax saving investments is PPF Public Provident Fund We all know about PPF Do we know all about PPF Let us discuss in detail about PPF in this article and un

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Need and importance of property Registration

The system of registration of documents was in vogue in British India first in Bengal in 1793 thereafter in Bombay and in Madras in 1802 These regulations were applicable both in Presidency Towns as w

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Haryana VAT Circular - For Builders and Developers

Recently Haryana VAT department has released a circular which might be of interest to the developers builders across the state and conducting operations in Haryana The Circular is No 152 ST 1 dated 7t

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Tax Residency Certificate

Significance of Tax Residency Certificate TRC for claiming benefit provided under DTAA Section 90 of the Income Tax Act empowers the Central Government to enter into an agreement with the Government o

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