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performa invoice


Member Fee Circular Performa 2013-14

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Call for Research Proposal on Study of 'Performance of State Government in Hospitality Sector'

The Committee on Public Finance Government Accounting a non standing committee of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has been constituted in the year of 2008 with the objective to review anal

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Recovery of Arrears of Tax Demand of the Income Tax Department

Recovery of IT The CAG conducted performance audit of Recovery of Arrears of Tax Demand of the Income Tax Department and the report Number 23 of 2011 12 was laid on the table of the Lok Sabha Rajya Sa

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Point of Taxation Rules, 2011-Changes effect from Apr 1, 2012

1 The time period for issuance of invoice is being increased to 30 days ordinarily and 45 days for banks and financial institutions to reconcile with the business practice of issuing monthly statement

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Exposure Draft of Guidance Note on Performance Appraisal (Form-III of CAR 2011) Report

The Technical Cell of National Task Force constituted by the Institute has approved the release of the Exposure Draft of Guidance Note on Performance Appraisal Form III of CAR 2011 Report The proposed

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Vat retail invoice

I have recently started a small business I want to know whether it is mandatory for me to mention the rate of VAT on the retail invoice I send to customers with their orders or whether mentioning pric

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Seperate invoices on same name and same date

Sir Madam I am working as an insurance surveyor I found a case where my clients sole propritorship dealing in tobaccos accounts were REJECTED by the chanrtered accountant on the ground that there has

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Raising invoice to local customer for imports from usa

Dear Experts I will be supplying some component to OEM in India This component I will import from USA My understading on this is that I will have to raise invoice to OEM in India and US company will i

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Commercial invoice

Dear learnedfriends We are registered manufacturers under central excise One of our customers who is not a central excise assessee insists that we must provide commercial invoice to them They are appo

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Hi Today i have received invoices of 2011 from one of my vendor along with old service tax rate 10 3 My query is 1 can i do accounting on currect date of 2011 invoices 2 at what rate service tax shoul

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  • Variance Analysis

    This sheet is all based upon application of costing s wide areas such as budgets budgetary controls under practical circumstances for a company in order to control costs and further costs cutting also This sheet also provides variance analysis on gross cost basis without going through ascertainment of costs centres in depth I developed this sheet for deep analysis of costs at various types of costs This sheet covers costs revenues performance analysis in detail mingled up with charts graphs etc


  • SAP (T Code - MIRO)

    Process for processing Goods REceipt or Service Invoice in SAP


  • ICAI Campus placement performance center wise Feb-March 2013

    ICAI Campus Placement Performance Center wise Feb March 2013


  • Internal Audit Report format-Production

    Internal Audit working Report for Production Efficiency and Idle Time Following is the detailed working of the production efficiency and Idle time performed by me on my previous job in a garment manufacturing company It is very useful working and it can also be used for any other manufacturing company just edit it according to your industry or company


  • Invoice for Chartered Accountant in Excel

    It is an Invoice helpful for Chartered accountant


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Change invoice series in during fy

Can be change Invoice number during the year I committed change invoice Number in Software dt 01 04 2013 at that time Invoice No continuous from 01 04 2012 to till date present No approx 23561 Please

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Nepal invoice.

Dear Expert I need an Invoice format for export to Nepal Request your help Thanks and regards RD

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Invoice booking date

Invoice should be booke on the date of payment or on the date mentioned on invoice ie date of raising the bill At present we are following invoice payment date for booking invoice and auditors also di

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Segregation of reimbursement and service charge in invoice.

We are in FMCG sector To promote our product we recruit many agencies these employs girls boys who promote our product to consumers The agencies charges to us 15 over the salary they paid to these boy

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Supplementry invoice in service tax after two year

If a contractor forgets to charge the service tax on the free material supplied by the service recipient for construction of commercial building Now after two years from the date of issuing the origin

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No disallowance of Input Tax Credit for merely not charging VAT separately in VAT invoice

Punjab VAT Tribunal in The 21stCentury Builders and Engineers vs State of Punjab VSTI 2013 17 C 388 has held that input tax credit cannot be disallowed merely on the technical ground that VAT has not

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Counting instances of Duplicate Invoice Nos. in Excel

CASE STUDY Counting instances of Duplicate Invoice Nos APPLICATION AREAS Vendor Payment Account Credits SOLUTION COUNTIFS EXAMPLE Step 1 Write COUNTIFS Step 2 Choose range of list E g A4 A13 Step 3 Pr

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No Service Tax Leviable on the issuance of Draft Invoices

With the Introduction of Point of Taxation Rules herein referred as POT Rules 2011 the government has primarily shifted the policy of collection of service tax on the realization of value of taxable s

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Performance of Indian Boards

The board of directors have the responsibility for steering the organization in the right direction and guiding the CEO and senior management However worldwide they are lambasted for catering to the m

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Why service tax is payable on raising of invoice

A rule under service tax got changed on 1 July 2011 that was an important rule rule of Service Tax liability When does service providers liability arise to submit service tax to government Earlier Pra

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