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Strict action taken against non performing tax officials

Government takes strict action against defaulting non performing tax officials officers For the First Time 33 officials officers including 7 Group A officers prematurely retired for non performance an

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Economic Survey 2015-16 has been released

A flagship annual document of the Ministry of Finance Government of India Economic Survey 2015 16reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months summarizes the performance o

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Changes in Assessing officer performance appraisal format

Changes in the APAR format of the Assessing Officers of Income Tax Department The Income Tax Department is committed to the objective of timely delivery of quality taxpayer services in a fair and tran

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Conditions for digitally signed invoices in excise and service tax

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise and Customs Notification No 18 2015 Central Excise N T New Delhi the 6thJuly 2015 G S R E In pursuance of sub rule

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Group formed pursuant to CAG report on performance audit

1 Pursuant to CAGs Report Performance Audit on Appreciation of Third Party Chartered Accountants Reporting in Assessment Proceedings for the year ended March 2014 the President in terms of the authori

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WCT TDS under Mp Vat where material and labour separate invoices

company has given contract for repair and renovation of machine contractor issuing separate invoices for mat and service and charging vat and service tax respectively whether company liable to deduct

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ommited invoice

recently I have cannot vat return bot I forget to take two tax invoice of purchase can I claim of input tax credit in next qurter can I show that bill on next quarter j2 annexure

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mistake in cst invoice

CST sales 10000 rupees CST payable 2 2000 total 12000 in the invoice instead of CST by mistake 2000 shown under discount and reduced from 10000 invoice value became rs 8000 material despatched as well

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Performance linked fees

A Individual has been charged a huge amount as Performance Link Fees by HDFC REP Real Estate Portfolio Fees pertains to 7 years which was tenure of Fund As per SEBI guidelines they couldnt charge fees

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Are distributor and seller both party tin must be in invoice

Sir I am starting a business I want to know if I buy material finished goods from distributor or seller then invoice given by distributor must contain my compnay tin also beside distributors tin numbe

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An invoice belongs to Nov 2014 accounted in May 2015 by approval from site FM can we do so if then what are the things to be verified

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What is the rate of wct in up? can input of vat and service tax on sub-contractor invoice can be taken or not? who is liable to deduct the wct?

Hi All Our company getting work from a company and we as it is give to a proprietorship firm The proprietorship firm is give their bill as Basic VAT Service Tax on single invoice I heard somewhere tha

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Finished goods sent out to vendor on challan without invoice

Dear all I have a query In our company we have an issue out stores department is sending out finished goods to vendors on challan basis without invoicing them in case if any product sent out earlier i

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Excise on freight in excise invoice

Should Excise Duty paid on Freight Option 1 Place of Removal is Factory Gate Option 2 On FOR Basic Option 3 Debit Note raised by Mfg for Freight Note At Excise Audit 2000 Auditors raise Demand of ED o

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Performance & credit rating agency

Payment made to Performance Credit Rating agency what will be the accounting head

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  • Overview of Overseas Direct Investment

    A detailed report on Overseas Direct Investment from India including the procedure compliance of Annual Performance Report etc


  • MIS reporting format of performance for small business.

    Management information system reporting or MIS reporting is a set of data compiled and presented to management This information is helpful in analyzing the business situation and decision making for different level of management Different department may use different kinds of reports to analyse and decision making Generally small organisation will prepare the MIS report to analyse the performance of the organisation in terms of sales expenses and profitability In this excel sheet MIS report of profit and loss statement can be prepared on monthly basis Monthly Plan and actual can be compared for analysis By selecting the options in the left side different report can be viewed to analyse the performance For More details http www excelhub org 2016 06 mis reporting format of performance for html more


  • Service Tax Invoice with Krishi Kalyan Cess

    Attached file is a free version of Service Tax Invoice with Party Master with newly introduced Krishi Kalyan Cess w e f 01 06 2016 You can either keep records of Party in Party master sheet or directly provide customer name address in Invoice sheet You can also calculate VAT If it is not applicable delete that cell Exshail Software


  • Latest Service Tax Invoice Format

    Format Service Tax Invoice


  • Free Excise Invoice with Master

    Free Excise Invoice utility with Party Master You can pickup Party name from dropdown box To edit press F2 Customization can be chargeable To edit Taxrate from rightside table pw is cform Any suggestion to improve invoice are welcome Exshail Software


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Exemption from KKC where invoice raised and services completed prior to 01.06.2016

Central Government vide Notification No 35 2016 ST dt June 23 2016 has exempted taxable services with respect to which the invoice for the service has been issued on or before May 31 2016 from the who

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No KKC if invoice is raised and services are rendered on or before May 31, 2016

Pursuing with an objective to finance and promote initiatives to improve agriculture and farmer welfare the Government announced a new cess namely Krishi Kalyan Cess KKC to be levied at 0 5 on the val

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Specific Performance of Contract

The Specific Relief Act 1963 have come with an sole objective to grant the specific reliefs in multiple ways like specific performance of contract movable as well as immovable property Injunctions per

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7 reasons behind your mutual funds' poor performance and how to overcome them

Have you ever heard anyone say his or her mutual funds proved worthless or he she has lost money in the same One might also experience times where their investment in a mutual fund was a major disappo

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CBEC specifies conditions and safeguards for issuing digitally signed invoices and maintaining e-records

Dear Professional Colleague CBEC specifies conditions and safeguards for issuing digitally signed invoices and maintaining e records Background The Service Tax Rules 1994 the Service Tax Rules were am

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