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Inviting comments on the draft of the new CA course

Sub Inviting public comments on the draft of the proposed syllabus under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training which has been notified for public comments The draft amendments in the Chartered

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India revises treaty with Mauritius to tax capital gains

India and Mauritius sign the Protocol for amendment of the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital Gains The Pr

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Proposals of the Companies Bill 2016

Proposals of the Companies Amendment Bill 2016 as introduced in the Lok Sabha on 16th March 2016 The Companies Act 2013 was enacted to improve corporate governance and to further strengthen regulation

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Budget Highlights Indirect taxes

CENTRAL EXCISE Amendments made effective immediately The Clean Energy cess is to be renamed as Clean Environment cess The effective rate of Clean Energy cess proposed to be increased from Rs 200 per t

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Applicability of Standards,Guidance Notes,Legislative Amendments for May 2016 CA Final exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments for May 2016 CA Final exams Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements II Acc

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partnership accounts

Seeta and Geeta are partners sharing profit and losses in 4 1 meetha was manager who received the salary of 4000 per month in addition to a commission of 5 on net profit after charging such Commission

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Form 15ca cb amendment query

Dear Sir We are paying for the purchase of CAPEX Imported machinery parts As per amendments with effect from 01 04 2016 No Form 15CA and Form15CB is required for the Imports and advance on Imports Now

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Applicability of 44AD Amendments in budget 2016

Is the turnover limit for business made 2 crores from AY 2017 18 or AY 2018 19 For s 44 AD Are all amendments are applicable From 1 4 2017 only S 44AD The limit of Turnover for S 44AB is 1 crore or 2

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Is partnership firm required audit u/s 44ab r.w.s. 44ad (5)

dear all partnership firm nature of business builder having turn over of 40 lakh for fy 15 16 actual net profit of rs 2 lakh No Interest and remuneration is paid to partner total income before brought

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One question Dekhe koun genious hai In the partnerships When a partner admitted We revalued our assets and shows the revalued figures in balance sheet Now tell me whether it is not the violation of ba

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Merger or take over of partnership firm by a existing


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Dissolution of partnership firm

Hi all I want to know about tax treatment on dissolution of Partnership Firm Firm wants to transfer its closing stock to its partner So what will be the tax impact Whether it will be taxable in hands

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Legal heir clause in partnership deed

Please let me know whether we can include the clause in a partnership deed that would make such person as mentioned in the deed eligible to be the subsequent partner in the partnership firm being the

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Gift deed for infrastructure bond

Hi I have infrastructure bonds whose expiry is in 2017 however on account some condition with Company s Law my company wants me to dilute my holding and they have suggested that I can execute a Gift D

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Can a registered partnership firm be a partner in llp

Can a registered partnership firm be a partner in LLP If yes who will be the partner in agreement and in eForm Firm or nominee

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  • Amendment in Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

    Amendment in Payment of Bonus Act 1965


  • Amendment in Regu 33 and 52 of LODR Regulations

    Amendment in Regulations 33 and 52 of SEBI LODR Regulations


  • Amendments in TDS and Service Tax w.e.f June 2016

    This is presentation on amendments containing in TDS and service tax effective from June 01 2016


  • Analysis of Amendment in India Maurititius treaty

    India and Mauritius have entered into a limited revision in the tax treaty


  • Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2016

    Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Amendment Rules 2016


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Amendment in TCS U/S 206C(1D) of Income Tax Act,1961

Important Amendment U S 206C 1D Of Income Tax Act 1961 Effective from 01 06 2016 Finance Bill 2016 assented by President on May 14 2016 has now become the Finance Act 2016 28 2016 Recently Section 206

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Amendment in SEBI LODR Regulations

SEBI with the intent of investor protection and enabling them to take better and well informed investment decisions has vide its Circulars dated 25th May 2016 and 27th May 2016 brought in certain amen

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Big confusion: Can CA do partnership with MBA?

Hello everyone its part of my profession to read analyse and present CA Act and its regulations So today we have a big confusion in front of us and we need a clarification from CA institute about it C

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Highlights and Analysis on Companies (Amendment) Bill 2016

BACKGROUND The Companies Act 1956 was the principal legislation governing the company law in India for more than six decades It was then replaced by a new legislation Companies Act 2013 hereinafter re

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Can Existing Company be converted into a Limited Liability Partnership?

A company is an association formed by people whether living or artificial with a motive to earn profit It is a legal entity which has the power to ask money from outsiders in the form of shares may it

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