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Threshold limit increased for maintenance of books of accounts of Individuals and HUF

Increasing the threshold limit for maintenance of books of accounts in case of Individuals and Hindu undivided family The existing provisions of clause i and clause ii of sub section 2 of section 44AA of the Act cast an obligation on every person carrying on business or profession other than those m

Presumptive income scheme for audit of entities raised from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 2 crore

Finance Minister unveils string of measures towards Ease of Doing Business Presumptive income scheme for audit of entities raised from Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore Threshold for maintenance of books for individuals and HUF more than doubled Individual Insurance agents earning below taxable limit to be e

Clarification regarding exemption in CA exam papers

Certified copies of answer books in respect of CA examinations are being made available to those candidates who apply for the same under the scheme formulated for the purpose It is seen that upon receipt of certified copies of answer books some candidates notice that in some papers marks awarded to

Change in process of Assignments of checkers for exams

The examination process inter alia includes a procedure of having the answer books checked after evaluation by examiners by Checkers to ensure that all answers have been evaluated marks awarded have been carried forward to the cover page of the answer books and that the totalling of marks is correct

Issue of free books to the flood affected victims in Tamil Nadu

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI expresses its profound grief to the families of the people affected by the recent floods in Tamil Nadu The Institute offers assistance by providing Study Materials free of cost to its Students who have lost their study materials in

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Regarding CA Foundation books supplied by ICIA

Dear Sir Madam I want to know that if I register myself in CA Foundation then in how much time they ICIA provides the new sallabus books to Students Are they publish new sallabus books according to the Quantity of students in how much time they provides the books in 2 3 Days week month Because they

Books for ipcc

Dear friends can you please tell me a book for self study of IPCC ACCOUNTS 1 AND ACCOUNTS 2 AND DT ALWAYS

Books for ipcc

Guys can some one please tell me whether T N MANOHARAN available in market for DT IDT contains GST as well

Books of account

If there is gross total income of Rs 130000 from commission from post office And there is expenses of Rs 12000 Whether liable to maintain books of account

Accounting Entry in the books of nominee for amount received on death of mother

please advice what is the accounting Entry for the amount received by nominee on death of mother also give proper explantion


gst rate on books binding job work

hi sir please confirm the gst rate on books binding I have books binding business and I have a written contract

gst on books binding service

dear sir please specify I have books binding business what gst rate is applicable as contract is written

Best books For Accounts

which is best books For Covered Entire Concepts With Questions Solutions

GST rate for notebooks/ Diary

Please let me the HSN code and GST rate for diary notebooks

Summon- Production of books & documents

How many years books and documents can be asked to be produced in a summon by ITA under the assessment procedure

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  • 100% Coverage in CA IPCC Cost FM


  • Small Business Owners Maintaining Books of Accounts

  • CA IPCC Ethics Revision in 15 Days

    Majority of the students appearing for CA IPCC exams are facing the difficulty to get an Exemption in Paper 2 of IPCC Business Laws Ethics Communication This article will help you in Cracking that paper with an exemption by preparing 30 Minutes daily for 20 Days Friends I believe that you will giving your best efforts to complete revision of all the papers of CA IPCC Either Both Single Groups Remember that it is not the Hard work alone which will make you to clear CA Exams You have to be very smart during the times of your preparation revision period Here are some tips from my side to get Exemption in paper 2 of IPCC Generally students tends to focus more on Allied Laws and Company law and neglects the Importance of Ethics and Communication which will be asked for 40 48 marks in the Paper Remember that in each and every question of your paper these two topics Ethics Communication will be asked in 2 sub parts of every question It will be very difficult for you to attempt for 80 100 marks in this paper unless you have prepared Ethics Communication thorougly I thought of helping you all in this article regarding Ethics which consists of 6 topics and each topic will be asked for a minimum of 4 marks in the exam If you have covered ethics it implies that you are going to attempt for atleast one part of the question in your paper I have provided the topics which are frequently asked in the exam based on Study Material and Practice Manual of the Institute How to Prepare Ethics Spend Half an hour daily for Ethics and prepare 2 3 topics which i have provided to you and write those topics within the day itself This will help you in Completing the entire Ethics within 15 20 days with perfection since you are writing the topics which you have completed daily Thats it you are going to get a minimum of 16 20 marks in the exam For the rest of the marks you can refer Practice Manual where the Institute has provided some question based on the Cases and have a glance on them to attempt for another 4 8 marks Which books to refer One of the major comments by the Examiners of ICAI is that students are not attempting the answers as per the expectation of the Institute amd many students are attempting Ethics by their own Friends remember you can draft the answer by your own from any of the provisions of Law and you can interpret the same in the exam But how is it possible for you to draft the Topics of Ethics unless you know the concept and terminology to answer them My advice for you all is Institute has provided excellent Study Material where each and every toipic which i have provided has been given as a seperate topic in each and every chapter If you are finding any difficulty in some of the topics of Study Material you can refer Practice Manual for those topics Hope this article will help you a lot Share this to the Needy students I will be sharing you the topics of Communication later For any information Doubts fell free to contact me 91 8977960053 casowmith gmail com
  • CA Final Reference Books

    This write up has detailed discussion on CA FINAL Reference Books

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Maintenance of Books of Accounts and their Worship on the eve of Diwali

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the festival of Diwali has arrived Housewives Gruhlaxmi are busy in cleaning and decorating homes Businessmen are also busy in the market Accordingly please explain what should be done of old records of Books of accounts underMVATand Income Tax Act so that cleaning

Too many books spoil the result

First of all big thank you for the kind feedback to my articles I am overwhelmed by the kind response of respected members Just to continue with the process let me share something with you It was the problem I faced and I am sure many of my friends might be going through it too Which book to read fo

Books of account

Books of Account etc to be kept by Company Section 128 of Companies Act 2013 Rules 2A 3 4 of Companies Accounts Rules 2014 Sub section 1 states 1 Place of keeping Books of account Books of account other relevant books and papers financial statement for every financial year should be kept at the regi

Procedure for verification of answer books for CA Exam

Procedure for Verification of Answer Books of Chartered Accountants Students Examinations and Post Qualification Courses Examinations A STUDENTS EXAMINATIONS An examinee of CA examinations can apply for verification of his her answer books OMR Answer Sheet either physically in his her own handwritin

FAQ on keeping the books of accounts at a place other than registered office of the company

Companies Act mandates every company to keep its books of accounts and other related books papers along with financial statements at the Registered Office of the company This provision has been given under section 128 of the Companies Act 2013 But in many cases the registered office of the company i

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