Outward remittance


GST Return Rules and formats

Chapter RETURNS 1 Form and manner of furnishing details of outward supplies 1 Every registered person other than a person referred to in section 14 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 required to furnish the details of outward supplies of goods or services or both under section 37 shal

Procedure for claiming exemption u/s 11 for remittance to Nepal

Standard Operating Procedure SOP for making application for claim of tax exemption u s11 1 c of the Income tax Act in respect of remittance of money relief articles by IndianNGOs Charitable Organisations for earthquake hit people in Nepal Many NGOs and Charitable Organizations in India have expresse

Remittance of Assets - Submission of Auditor's certificate

RBI 2014 15 332 A P DIR Series Circular No 43 To All Category I Authorised Dealer Banks Madam Sir Remittance of Assets Submission of Auditors certificate Attention of Authorised Dealer Category I AD Category I banks is invited to the Foreign Exchange Management Remittance of Assets Regulations 2000

Remittances to non-residents - Deduction of Tax at Source

RBI 2013 14 669 A P DIR Series Circular No 151 To All Category I Authorised Dealer Banks Madam Sir Attention of Authorised Dealers in Foreign Exchange is invited toA P DIR Series Circular No 56 dated November 26 2002read withA P DIR Series Circular No 3 dated July 19 2007regarding the procedure to b

Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) for resident individuals-Increase in the limit from USD 75,000 to USD 125,000

RBI 2013 14 624 A P DIR Series Circular No 138 June 3 2014 To All Category I Authorised Dealer Banks Madam Sir Liberalised Remittance Scheme LRS for resident individuals Increase in the limit from USD 75 000 to USD 125 000 Attention of Authorised Dealer Category I AD Category I banks is invited to t

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outward supply

WHERE we have to give detail of outward supply on which tax is payable by receiptant in gstr3b means outward supply which provides under rcm like gta services means a transporter where give detail of rcm supply in gstr3b

Inward & outward supply in gstr 3b

We do transportation by road We are trying to file gstr3b What is inward outward supply in our case Thanks

Gst service tax on freight outward payable on rcm?

Dear Experts We are in the trading of iron steel we raise sale invoice to our customers without charging any freight in the bill P O terms delivery at supplier s cost or free on road The transporter will raise the bill for payment without service tax GST in our name the same will be paid by us Now t

Remittance to foreign country professionals

what is the procedure to remit the foreign currency to provider of professional service for providing training in india what is the rate of tds to be deducted whether the amount to be remit should be invoice amount less TDS or full invoice amount

Payment under rcm on carriage inward and outward

Under existing law GTA service on carriage inward and outward is paid by recipient under reverse charge and abatement 70 is available and take credit service tax paid on 30 on carriage inward and not on outward What will the treatment under GST law for the above matter Also suggest what of tax is to


Outward taxable supplies - GSTR-3B

Do i have to include the taxable value of outward supplies where GST has been paid under reverse charge in 3 1 GSTR 3B

Non GST outward supplies

Do i have to show the insurance commission in this section

GST on carriage inward and outward

Amount paid to Other than Gta like trolley and auto what is tax liability and whether we can avail input

Gta service for inward and outward

We are using the GTA service for sending the goods to the Debtors as well Receiving the Goods from Creditors In this case we are liable for deposit the RCM on GTA service for outward and inward Freight PLZ make clear that credit of RCM deposit on GTA service for Outward freight is available or not P

Regarding hsn wise summary of outward supplies gstr-1

do works contractros have to fill table 12 under GSTR 1 OTHER DETAILS HSN wise summary of outward supplies we suppose since we works contractors are classified as service provider and we are making outward supplies reapiring a minor bridge to registered person railway with in state have to fill only

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  • Automatic Invoice Software in Excel (GST compliant)

    Full Fledge Billing Software for Business 1 Complete Billing Software 2 100 GST compliant with format published by GST Council 3 Retail and Tax Bill Bifurcation 4 Automatic applicable IGST CGST and SGST calulation 5 Transfer all bill data to another sheet automatically for analysis 6 Automatic Challan Generation 7 Perfect Print Setup 6 One Click Printing 7 One Click Back up of each invoice in different Folder 8 Back up will be retail bill wise and Tax Bill Wise 9 Completely working based on formula 9 Flexible Formulas 10 Full Customized 11 Client Database with each and every detail 12 No need to input details of party every time 13 only put x in the first column of database and all the details will be transferred to invoice sheet Filters will not work in trial version Pro Version 1 Automatically cloud backup of all invoices 2 Automatic GST rate calculator based on HSN Code will be available as soon as GST rates are published 3 Automatic GST rate calculator based on Name of Goods 4 Monthwise analysis of Party wise sales month wise IGST SGST CGST liability calculation 5 1 week trailing for GST return filing and this software with the fulfillment of the custom requirement of business 6 Automatic transfer of sales invoice data in the form of outward return of GST outward return is to be filled in form GSTR 1 every month 7 Free 1st GST return filing
  • Updated Details Collection Excel for GST Return GSTR-3B

    As everybody is aware the GST Returns for every month needs to be filed by 20th of subsequent month As the regular outward and inward annexures and return GSTR 3 are not yet made available for the months of July and August 2017 a summary return in Form GSTR 3B needs to be filed before 20th of next month An excel sheet for obtaining the details required to fill the GSTR 3B is prepared as the GSTR 3B needs to be prepared and submitted online only as offline utility is not provided yet Basic features of the excel sheet are as follows 1 The details need to be entered in the yellow colored cells only 2 If any incorrect information is entered in the cell the contents of the cells appears in red color Please correct the same to get proper working 3 While entering the details of outward supplies and inward supplies in Table 3 1 select the proper nature of supplies from the drop down wherever it is provided 4 The Integrated Tax Central Tax and State UT Tax is calculated automatically depending on the figures entered under Inter State or Intra State columns and the Rate selected from drop down 5 Cess needs to be entered manually 6 Table 3 2 contains details of state wise inter state supplies to unregistered dealers composition dealers and UIN holders Select the Nature of inter state supplies and state from drop down 7 In Table 3 2 Total taxable value and integrated tax should be less than the taxable inter state supplies and integrated tax shown in Table 3 1 above 8 Details of ITC available ITC reversed and Ineligible ITC needs to be given in Table 4 The description mentioned in yellow cells is given for reference only and can be changed as appropriate in respective case 9 Tax payable in Table 6 1 is auto calculated and arrived by adding the tax payable as per Table 3 1 and deducting the net ITC available and adding ineligible ITC as shown in Table 4 10 The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if there is net tax payable after adjusting payment through ITC TDS TCS and payment in cash 11 Similarly The Tax payable figures in Table 6 1 appears in red color if interest and late fee payable is greater than the tax paid in cash as the same needs to be paid by cash and can not be paid through ITC 12 The TDS and TCS credit is not applicable at present as the said provisions are not made applicable presently till further instructions
  • GSTR -1 Outward

  • GSTR-1 Excel file for uploading of outward invoices

    Use the intuitive interface of MS Excel to manage your GST compliance GSTR 1 Sample ready Easy to fill fields with the intuitive power of Excel File your returns from within the Excel sheet Check Summary and file from within Excel Note filing to start post GSTN start facility Tentative Date is 1st of July 2017 However you can begin preparing data now using this excel
  • GST Return - Form GSTR - 3 (Excel Format)


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Outward Supplies in GST

Returns I Section 32 Furnishing details of outward supplies The proviso reads as follows 1 Every registered taxable person other than an input service distributor a non resident taxable person and a person paying tax under the provisions of section 9 section 46 or section 56 shall furnish electronic

Foreign Remittance: Case Law Analysis:2015: Series 3

International Tax Update India Foreign Remittance Taxability Case Law Analysis 2015 Series 3 1 Reimbursement of Technical Expenses to Head office Bureau Veritas Indian Division vs ADIT 2015 54 taxmann com 139 Mumbai Trib The Assessee was a French company which operated in India through its Indian Di

Interest income from India - Foreign Remittance - Taxation

International Tax Update Interest Income from India Foreign Remittance TDS u s 195 A Taxation as per Domestic Law A 1 Definition of Interest 2 28A interest means interest payable in any manner in respect of any moneys borrowed or debt incurred including a deposit claim or other similar right or obli

Clarification - Increase in Limit - Liberalised Remittance Scheme

Clarification Increase in the limit from USD 75 000 to USD 125 000 for resident individuals under Liberalized Remittance Scheme LRS Notification No RBI 2014 15 132 A P DIR Series Circular No 5 dated 17th July 2014 Before going into the revision made in Liberalized Remittance Scheme let us know what

New Procedure for remittance outside India w.e.f. 01.10.2013

CBDT vide notification No 67 dated 02 09 2013 notified new Forms Form 15CA and CB The most important changes that have been brought in the new regime for making payments outside India w e f 01 10 2013 are as follows 1 Chartered Accountant is supposed to provide in the form 15CB as to whether Tax Res

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