objective type questions for cs executive


Relaxation in return filing procedure for first two months of GST implementation

With the objective of ensuring smooth rollout of GST and taking into account the concerns expressed by the trade and industry regarding filing of the returns in GST regime it has been decided that for the first two months of GST implementation the tax would be payable based on a simple return Form G

Entries invited for 1st National CSR Awards

Entries Invited for 1st National Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Awards in 4 categories National CSR Awards instituted to recognize the companies that have positively impacted both business and society by taking a strategic approach to CSR through collaborative program as well as those leading t

ICSI invites suggestions on International Corporate Governance Code

Dear Professional Colleagues It is a proud moment for the Institute which has conceptualised the International Corporate Governance Code for the first time in the world when no one has ever thought of having a universally accepted Corporate Governance norms Any initiative will have its sanctity and

IPC taxation paper bifurcated in two sections

It may be observed that currently Paper 4 Taxation of Intermediate IPC examination covers questions from both Direct and Indirect Taxes Candidates are required to write their answers thereon on a single answer book It has now been decided to bifurcate the above mentioned Paper 4 Taxation of Intermed

ICSI advises members to refrain from unethical Practices

ADVISORY FOR MEMBERS TO REFRAIN FROM UNETHICAL PRACTICES Dear Professional Colleagues 1 We are all aware that with the repeated efforts taken by those at the helm of affairs of the Institute Company Secretary has been conferred with the special status under the Companies Act 2013 as the key manageri

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Cash payment exceeding 3 lacs

Respected Experts Can a businessman pay to creditors Rs 2000 per day in CASH Whole the year CASH paid exceeding Rs 3 Lacs in single Creditors total payment to all creditors in CASH exceeding 20 Lacs any restriction


Sir The purchases or Sales against C form upto 30 6 2017 is there any time limit to collect the C form or submit the C form Also what will be the status of pending Sales tax assessment upto 30 6 2017 in GST regime Regards K Srinivasan

Cod of ehics

Can a employee of a chartered account can sign balance sheet on his self behalf

what type of tax payable on sale of stamp paper by vendor in gst

my vendor sells stamp paper on sale he can take some extra money moreover he got commission from govt as well as co on sale of it is he liable to take reg in gst and what type of tax is applicable

Cst input on stock

we purchased raw material in which we pay CST 2 against Form C Can we avail CST Input on Closing Stock of raw material as on 01 07 16


Registry amount in july 2017 for rs. 32 lacs in female name

Can anyone please tell me the expected cost of registry to be made in July 2017 in the name of female for the resale property costing Rs 32 lacs

vat/cst balance c/f to gst

sir how to vat cst balance c f to gst please suggest

Need help regarding cs registration

I had registered for cs foundation course on 01 06 2017 All the necessary documents have been uploaded and the payment made But even after 20 days the application has not been approved yet and the application status is payment done What does this mean Please help

How to apply for new gst registration without vat & cst

How to apply for new GST registration without VAT CST Client planning to start new business and he needs new GST registration number so how can I get

about tcs

I have purchase a truck in October 2016 until know dealer have not submit my 1 TCS what was processes

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  • GST Tax Invoice / Bill Format in Excel

    To View Videos related to GST Formats detailed discussion click on the link below https youtu be g3vEiwjIL Y https www youtube com playlist list PLtTiiMHFoGlWKr5kDr9o8a mjK2weiNPm https www youtube com playlist list PLtTiiMHFoGlXbR W56GhJxEob0aJfcSOJ GST TAX INVOICE in EXCEL GREEN HIGHLIGHTED are Compulsory YELLOW one are optional
  • Types of GST Returns

    Types of GST Returns and Format
  • GST Top 10 Questions

    Example Of GST Calculation Frequently Asked Questions About GST Bill What are final GST rate slabs What are CGST SGST and IGST What are the differences between the UPA s GST and the NDA s GST What are the taxes that GST replaces What will be the short term impact of GST When will GST be implemented What is a constitutional amendment What are the finer points in the implementation of the bill What is the Empowered Committee What will become costlier and cheaper
  • GST Return

    GST returns basics
  • CS Exe Costing June 2017 - Answer

    Answers of Cost management accounting June 2017 Paper for ur reference

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Revising Director provisions in 30 minutes with mnemonics!

All those who have covered Directors in CA FINAL Law know how important the topic is in terms of its coverage in exams how in depth you need to go to understand some transactions and its related approvals and process a company needs to follow and how it can take a lot of time to revise to get a grip

Types of Invoices in GST

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna in GST every tax payer will have to prepare different types of invoices So tell the details of invoices in GST how to make invoices and when to make invoices Krishna Fictional Character Arjuna many traders prepare invoices manually Also the information in everyones


Some of the noticeable provisions on NBFCs under GST are as under 1 Services provided are taxable at 18 GST Rate Earlier 15 Service Tax 2 Need to obtain State wise Registration where they have branches Earlier Centralised Registration 3 Inter State supplies of services between branches of same entit

Basics of Invoicing under GST

Tax Invoice The tax invoice shall be issued in case of supply of taxable goods or services or both Bill of Supply The bill of supply has to be issued instead of a tax invoice by the registered person supplying exempted goods or services or both or paying tax under the provisions of section 10 person

Various types of Assessment under Income Tax Act, 1961

Various types of Assessment under Income Tax Act 1961 Amended by Finance Act 2016 Every Person who is earning which is chargeable to tax has to furnish his return of income to the Income Tax Department After filling of return of income the next step is the processing of income tax return by the Inco

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