npa norms


Applicability of Amendments for Nov 2016 Final Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements II Accounting Standards AS No AS Title 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies 2 Valuation of Inve

Easing of Compliance Norms Under Companies Act

After commencement of various provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and rules thereunder various issues received from Industry Chambers and stakeholders were examined in consultation with stakeholders In order to address the issues received certain rules have been amended The compliance norms whereve

Appointment of Central Statutory Auditors in PSBs

Norms on Eligibility Empanelment Selection of Central Statutory Auditors in PSBs Detailed information has been attached herewith

FM asks bankers to work in professional manner

Finance Minister asks the Bankers to Work in a Professional Manner Without any Fear or Favour FM Directs Bankers to Increase flow of Credit to Various Sectors and take Steps to Reduce their NPA Says That Global Growth is Patchy but Foreign Investors Showing Keen Interst in Investing in India The Uni

RBI simplifies KYC Measures for opening bank account

RBIs Recent simplified KYC Measures For Public Awareness The Reserve Bank of India today released a note along witha posteranda bookletcomprising a few common questions relating to Know Your Customer KYC norms for opening bank accounts The objective of this is to bring awareness among the general pu

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Nbfc norms

sir 31 march 2016 k liye NBFC norms kya h provision and period for classification please reply

Regarding job in genpact

I have one query I got selected in genpact india through icai campus But as you know its a bpo later on if i left the organisation my experience will not be counted Should i go for this

Npa provision

Dear Sir Ma am May I ask for the Prudential Norms for NPA Provisioning as applicable for November 2016 examination CA Final paper 3 Advanced Auditing and professional Ethics for Audit of Banks Regards Dhiraj Kumar

Death of a assessee & refund unpaid

I have a Assessee who passed away In A Y 14 15 there was a refund in their ITR but Bank details was wrongly filled in ITR So Refund not received But Now we want to claim the refund A Then what should be done by us 1 Registration of the legal Heir after that upload Rectification with the correct bank

After declare of loan as npa.,, do bank charges interest ??

Sir i have taken education loan in the year 2008 Till now i have not paid a single installment because of financial problem and i have no work also As per RBI guidelines no payment of installment 90 days account declare NPA but they declare npa after 2 years So that i was 2 lakhs more interest Can i


Mistry Sacking: Are Corporate Governance Norms as Loose as Before?

OutgoingTataChairmanCyrusMistryhasraisedseveraluncomfortablequestionsregardingcorporategovernancestandardsinIndiasmosthaloedconglomeratesinanemailtotheTataSonsboard Amongtheallegationsisalackofclearly definedreportingstructuresbetweenTataSons thevariousTataTrustsanditscompanies theinterferenceofinde

Clarification on international competitive bidding norms

Sir we are an Indian Company representing European Coatings Manufacturer for the Indian Market since 2006 Recently there was a situation calling for International Competitve bidding and we do not meetthe eligibility norms as per the requirement Please advise on how we can still participate the tende

Audit of npa account

Please advise what points to be considered while doing audit of a NPA account This is with reference to the stock audit of NPA account with a bank

Treatment of npa term loan

If a loan account is NPA then entire loan will be reported as current maturity while reporting in balance sheet

How much loan to take to buy property if i can downpay?

Dear Experts How much loan to take to buy property if I can pay mostly from my savings What is a better strategy keep my savings in tact and take maximum loan or take keeploan obligations minimum after having fund for exigencies of course Among other factors I can think of I know other borrowers who

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Unpaid/ unclaimed dividend

The word Dividend has origin from the Latin word Dividendum It means a thing to be divided Dividend means the portion of the profit received by the shareholders from the companys net profit which is legally available for distribution among the members Therefore dividend is a return on the share capi

Ganpati bring GST early next year

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna we celebrate Ganpati festival with full of joy enthusiasm President of India as well as state government of many states has accepted the GST due to this its easier for GST to be implemented in our country The last days of this festival are coming By giving Ganpati

NPA in banks - Causes and solutions

Dear friends Now a days we all are facing a crucial issue of NPA of all public sector banks Many large banks including SBI PNB have reported huge NPA of their industrial clients Govt has been making efforts for solving the issue changing laws issuing directives etc but it seems that everybody is try

How to reduce NPA?

We all know that NPAs of banks are on ever rising mode and no matter how hard government tries it cannot do much in order to clear the balance sheet of banks Every business have certain inherent risks fortunately or unfortunately for banks inherent risk is non recovery of loans given and inherent ri

NPA Menace in the Indian banking system

The Financial Stability Report FCR June 2016 issued by RBI suggests that the business of Scheduled commercial banks SCB is showing significant stress The Gross Non Performing Advances GNPA of SCBs sharply increased to 7 6 of the Gross advances from 5 1 between September 2015 and March 2016 The net n

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