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ICAI on ease of doing business in India

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a notification to give exemptions to private companies under the Companies Act to improve ease of doing business in India ICAI is happy that the Government

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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New dates for CA exams in Nepal announced

TO BE PUBLISHED IN PART III SECTION 4 OF THE GAZETTE OF INDIA NOTIFICATION No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 II In further modification of the Institutes Notification No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 dated 20th January 2015 a

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New service tax rate of 14% to come into effect from 1st June,2015

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Tax Research Unit Alok Shukla Joint Secretary TRU I Tel 23092687 Fax 23092031 Email alok shukla nic in New Delhi the 19th May 2015 D O F N

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Special Examination in Kathmandu (Nepal)

TO BE PUBLISHED IN PART III SECTION 4 OF THE GAZETTE OF INDIA NOTIFICATION No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 I In continuation to the Institutes Notification No 13 CA EXAM M 2015 dated 20th January 2015 it is noti

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As 11 vs as 30

Dear Expert I am confused between AS 11 and AS 30 When to apply AS 11 or AS 30 under which circumstance Please explain with example if possible Thanks

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"importer" registration notification 8/2014 dated 28.2.14

please guide me on the following issue we are a manufacturing unit we import Raw Material Machinery which are being used solely for manufacturing purpose we have central excise registration as a Manuf

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2013-14 ay (i.e 2012-13fy)

can we file income tax return for 2012 13 Fy now that to for refund though the due date is over i e 31 3 2015

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Cma inter new syllabus 2012 books

from dec 15 exam old syllabus 2008 student s syllabus is changed to new syllabus 2012 is old syllabus 2008 s books study material is useful for new syllabus 2012 exam or for new syllabus 2012 we refer

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Will it affect my career if i complete ca at the age of 30

Hello experts due to some wrongful and silly decisions i have taken in my earlier years i wasted 5 years unnecessarily and also i failed ipcc 4 times now i realised my mistake and i am feeling so guil

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Last date for payment of annual membership/COP fee for FY 15-16 is 30/06/15

Attention Members The last date for payment of the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for the year 2015 16 became due for payment w e f 1st April 2015 is 30th June 2015 The membersh

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Preparation for grp 4 syllabus 2012 - dec 2015 - plsssssssss

Dear frens Plsssssssssssssss plsssssssssssssss ne one who is preparing for grp 4 under syllabus 2012 for dec 2015 attmpt reply to this post pls suggest ur views and idea on preparation of each subject

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Cenvat reverse against notification no. 12/2012 c.e. sr. 339

We have Cleared Excisable Goods against Notification No 12 2012 C E Serial No 339 to Megha Power Project Expansion Unit under a NIL rate of Excise Duty We havetaken the Cenvat Credit on our Inputs Wea

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Exemption notification by mca

Please find the exemption notification issued by MCA on 05 06 2015

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Syllabus accounts notification

hi guys i saw the notification on icai site for change of syllabus of financial reporting i have seen it but just want to rediscuss it with you IT MEANS THAT WE DONT HAVE TO ANYIND AS ORIFRS FOR OUR N

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  • Indirect Tax Express-Volume 13-Issue-1



  • ROC Fee Table

    Rule 12 of Companies Registration of offices and fees Rules 2014


  • Itt olt question

    Olt question


  • Stock Register Format

    Stock Inward Outward Register Format with conditional formatting


  • Enhanced disclosures under Companies Act, 2013

    Disclosures required on the website of the company events triggering newspaper publication


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Circular/Notification/Order Passed under Co. Act, 2013

S NO Date of Circular Title of Circular Noti Rule Order Section Rule Gist Of Circular CIRCULAR 1 June 10 2014 Non Requirement of PAN by foreign director or subscriber A Foreign National who shall be a

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Changes by way of notifications issued on 19th May'2015

Changes by way of notifications issued on 19th May2015 to beeffective from 1st June2015 13 2015 Omits the definition of chit from the abatement notification 26 2012 chit means a transaction whether ca

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Company law notifications since the commencement of Co. Act, 2013

1 General Circular No 07 2015 Clarification whether a managerial person appointed in accordance with such provision of Schedule XIII of Earlier Act may receive relevant remuneration for the period as

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MCA Circular 30/3/15- repayment of deposits u/s 74 waived?

MCA has issued a Clarification vide General Circular No O5 2O15 dated 30th March 2015 regarding applicability of Companies Acceptance of Deposits Rules 2014 to amounts received by Private Limited Comp

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Refund of Service Tax to SEZ Unit - Notification 12-2013

Notification No 12 2013 Service Tax 1 The exemption shall be provided by way of refund of service tax paid on the specified services received by the SEZ Unit or the Developer and used for the authoris

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