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notification 30 2012


Amendment in Rule 114H of Income-tax Rules, 1962

The Rule 114H of the Income tax Rules 1962 the Rules has been amended vide Notification No 48 2016 S O 2151 E dated 20th June 2016 In order to provide sufficient time to the reporting Financial Instit

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FAQ for Chartered Accountants on responding to tender

A notification published in Part III Section 4 of the Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 7th April 2016 has been issued by the Institute containing the guidelines on responding to tenders which can

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Simplification of procedure for Form 15G and 15H

F No DGIT S CPC TDS DCIT 15GH 2016 174539 Government of India Ministry of Finance Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income tax Systems New Delhi Notification No 1 2016 Dated 09th June 2016

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Notification issued to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates

Seeks to amend notification No 25 2012 Service Tax dated the 20th June 2012 so as to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates to a business entity with a turnover up to rupees ten lakh i

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MCA constitutes National Company Law Tribunal

Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues notification for constitution of the National Company Law Tribunal NCLT and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal NCLAT Honble Justice S J Mukhopadhaya Judge Ret

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ST notification 41/2012

how to calculate as per paragraph 2 and 3 of service tax notification 41 2012 and please provide with an example and values

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Notification on revised dates of quaterly tds returns

Dear All Kindly share Notification on revised dates of Quarterly TDS Returns Thanks in Advance

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St-3 property tax exemption notification number selection in

Hi friends In ST 3 which notification number we required to select in column A11 2 Thank you

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Guidance note on accounting for real estate (revised 2012)

Whether this guidance notes are compulsory for all type of assessees including proprietor w e f 01 04 2012 or Optional If any of the client does not follow this guidance whether Chartered Accountant s

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Notification of service tax rate wef from 01/06/2016

Respected Sir Please send me notification of service tax rate w e f 01 06 2016

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Ministry of Finance issues Gazette Notification relating to 7th Pay Commission Recommendations

The Ministry of Finance has issued Gazette Notification with regard to 7thPay Commission Recommendations For more details please see Resolution on Cabinet Decision Revised Pay Rules 2016

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Notification no.42/2001-central excise (n.t)

TO BE PUBLISHED IN PART II SECTION 3 SUB SECTION i OF THE GAZETTE OF INDIA EXTRAORDINARY DATED THE 26thJUNE2001 5 ASADHA 1923 SAKA Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue New Del

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Exemption/Notification No

Company providing over burden removing loading work is Exempted If yes can you provide exemption Notifications No Thanks

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Exemption/Notifications No.

I am providing over burden removing loading work is it Exempted If yes can you provide exemption Notification No Thanks

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Mca Notification 19-7-2016

MCA Update MCA Notification dated 19 july 2016Relaxation to foreign company which is an airline company MCA has clarified that the following will be deemed to be sufficient compliance u s 381 1 a by a

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  • CA IPCC Result Notification



  • Income Tax Calculation 2016-17

    Prepare form 16 upto 500 employee in single excel sheet Tax calculation and prepare section 89 1 relief from F Y 1985 86 to 2016 17 View Tax Rate for last 31 years Calculation of Tax under section 234A 234B 234C prepare challan no 280 281 Find out TDS TCS rates Find out Maturity value of Term Deposit RD House Rent Allowance rebate calculation and find out interest on NSC and much more in single excel sheet


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus - Part 2

    Strategic perf mgmt note covering imp points May not be exhaustive but will give u an overall idea


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus

    Simple strategic perf mgmt notes


  • Standards on Auditing



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Why we score 150-200 / 30-40? Why?

Many students keep asking this question that why I score between 150 200 in a group or 30 40 in a particular subject Why I cant score more I have done my classes I was serious in my studies during exa

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Companies Act 2013 Exemption Notification - Does it really serve the purpose?

Companies Act 2013 Does it serve the purpose of its introduction Government of India came up with the new Companies Act 2013 to scrap the age old Companies Act 1956 the Act that deals with company law

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Place of provision of Services Rules, 2012

Notified by Notification No 28 2012 ST dated 20 06 2012 Relevance of POPS Rules 2012 As per provision of section 66B a service is taxable only when it is provided or agreed to be provided in the taxab

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Three new & major notifications issued for Swachh Bharat cess

We carried the article on our website titled Swachh Bharat Cess Not so Swachh containing the issues that needs to be settled by the board relating to Swachh Bharat Cess SBC The Board acted proactively

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Treatment of Education Cess - Decent notification for service providers

As per the amendment made by Finance Act 2015 the rate of service tax has been increased from 12 36 to 14 w e f 01 06 2015 In this respect the issue which arise is that Whether the cenvat credit of ed

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