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Amendment in revised Guidance Note on Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements

I The Council of ICAI at its 365th meeting held on May 17 19 2017 considered a matter regarding amendment to paragraph 17 of Revised Guidance Note on Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements issued in October 2016 At the meeting the Council noted that the members had expressed concerns regarding t

Requirements for passing ISA reduced to 60% marks

Requirements for passing Information Systems Audit Assessment Test It is hereby informed that in exercise of the authority vested with it under Regulation 204 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has decided to revise the requir

CBEC releases draft GST rules on Assessment and Audit , eWay Bill

CHAPTER ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT 1 Provisional Assessment 1 Every registered person requesting for payment of tax on a provisional basis in accordance with the provisions of sub section 1 of section 60 shall furnish an application in FORM GST ASMT 01 along with the documents in support of his request el

Implementation guide on Auditor's report

Implementation Guide on Auditors Report under Rule 11 d of Companies Audit and Auditors Amendment Rules 2017 and Amendment to Schedule III to Companies Act 2013 Pursuant to Notification No G S R 307 E and Notification No G S R 308 E dated 30th March 2017 Introduction The Ministry of Corporate Affair

Highlight of the CAG report on Direct Taxes

Highlights The Comptroller and Auditor General of India conducts the audit of Receipts from Direct Taxes of the Union Government under section 16 of the Comptroller Auditor General of India Duties Power and Conditions of Service Act 1971 This Report discusses direct taxes administration audit mandat

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Partnership firm compulsory audit issue



What is applicable financial reporting framework Explain with example

Audit under gst

i m providing expert level training on GST but can some one explain to me the basic funda of GST as i only knw the expert level things and not all these basic dumb things abt GST but my clients r asking basic qns also so can somebody with low level knowledge plz tell me basics of GST only good looki

Providing audit services from from a ca who do not have gst

A CA do not have GST reg due to turnover below 20L Can he provide audit service and issue bill to GST holder client Is the said GST holder client has to pay under RCM for the same bill

Whether tax audit is applicable or not? pls clarify.

Dear Experts Greetings I am a Salaried Employee got salary per month around Rs 1 lakh Further My company said to start a business in My Name for small projects for the FY 2016 17 In that FY 2016 17 Company sent the goods to My office Address and I forwarded to Client In these Transactions are very l



A statutory auditor of a private company is restricted to take up any other assignment in the company

Audit outside delhi

if a chartered accountant provide service outside delhi then casual registration is required

CA final Audit paper

Anyone here from May 2017 attempt who cleared their Audit paper by reading Surbhi Bhansal Book I have bought this book and I feel it s too concised Is that book with PM sufficient enough to clear exams

Tax audit applicability

If I have profits in profession and loss under F OTotal cumulative profit is more than 8 But I have loss under F O whether I should go for tax audit to claim loss

Padhuka book for law and audit ?

Need opinion about Padhukas book for final auditing and law thanks n advance

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Seven Master Strategies to achieve Tremendous Results in IPC Audit

On 1st July 2017 Prime Minister MODI stated In our country only CAs have the Power to certify the accounts of an entity therefore the signature of a Chartered Accountant is more important than the signature of the Prime Minister Almost every CA firm big or small offers this service to its clients he

Internal Audit in India

Internal Auditing is the evaluation of organizations activities and operations to bring in efficiency add value and improve organizations operations A team of professionals is hired for consulting and assurance activity for the better working of the organization Internal audit not only just consults

Audit under Goods and Services Act

Types of Audit Audit by Tax Authorities Special Audit Audit by Tax Authorities Under What circumstances Not Specific means order can be given under any circumstances Who can order Commissioner or any officer authorised by him What kind of order General or Special in GST ADT 01 Period of audit Such p

Practical Difficulties in Removal of Auditor

As per Section 139 1 of the Companies Act 2013 Auditor of the Company appoints in the Annual General Meeting for a period of 5 Five years and his appointment shall be ratified in each Annual General Meeting during the tenure As per section 140 1 of the Act an auditor can be removed from his office b

Demonetization - Additional audit procedures

Prime Minister of IndiaMr Narendra Modi in an unscheduled live televised address to the nation at 20 15Indian time IST on 8th October 2016 announced that circulation of all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 bank notes of Mahatma Gandhi series stands invalid and announced the issuance of new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 bank

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