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Procedure for claiming exemption u/s 11 for remittance to Nepal

Standard Operating Procedure SOP for making application for claim of tax exemption u s11 1 c of the Income tax Act in respect of remittance of money relief articles by IndianNGOs Charitable Organisati

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Group formed pursuant to CAG report on performance audit

1 Pursuant to CAGs Report Performance Audit on Appreciation of Third Party Chartered Accountants Reporting in Assessment Proceedings for the year ended March 2014 the President in terms of the authori

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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GST bill to be taken up next week in Parliament

The Constitution 122 Amendment Bill in respect of GST to be taken up in Lok Sabha next week Finance Bill to be taken up on Thursday Further to the suggestions from the Members of Lok Sabha the Governm

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Clarification on auditor report in respect of financial statements of a company


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Whai is the highest marks in auditing

I scored 75 in audit so can anyone tell if it is the highest for may 15 attempt

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Internal audit

Please let me know how to do audit for the Import and export freight bills for internal audit purpose also how to know what all the charges they will charge in the freight bill

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dear sir i want to know in auditing of a pvt ltd co what ca will check in tally accounts

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First auditor

If a co Incorporated recently and it has to appoint first auditor u s 139 6 Is it mandatory for the company to intimate to the roc in form adt 1 Answer as per companies act 2013

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Auditor disqualification

whether article diqualifies if he provide loan to his client

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Highest marks in auditing

I scored 75 in audit so can anyone tell what is the highest marks in auditing for may 15 attempt

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Ca final audit reference

which is the best book for ca final audit padhuka or pankaj garg or kamal garg please suggest me i want to choose one among three plz specify the reason for selection

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Audit amendments

Does anyone have notes for amendments of audit for nov 2015 attempt for CA Final

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Updates in standards of auditing (sa) for ca final nov 2015

Hi In the books released by various major authors for CA Final Nov 2015 exams for Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics the authors like Surbhi Bansal have mentioned about updates to Standards of

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hello everyone I have a doubt regarding concurrent audits I jus now cleared Ca final in may 2015 attempt planning to join in a firm as an full time employment now shall I start a firm in my name as a

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  • 2nd Edition - CA Final Audit by Sumit Aggarwal - All format

    Sample Chapter 24 All format of Audit Report Engagement Letter etc at one place


  • Audit Notes & Tips

    Audit Notes Tips


  • IPCC auditing amendments Nov. 2015

    Covers CARO 2015 Revised audit report formats and letter of engagement


  • Final - Auditing Amendments for Nov. 2015

    covers CARO 2015 Cost Records and Audit rules revised formats of audit reports and letter of enaggement


  • CA Final - Standards on Auditing (Q & A)

    Covers all questions of practice manual and past exams


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Difference between audit procedure & audit technique

Audit Procedure is something an auditor does or should do in order to do audit Audit Technique means how the Audit procedure is conducted Audit procedure for audit of Receivables may be as follows 1 V

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Should statutory auditors attend AGM compulsorily?

PREAMBLE The Company jurisprudence in India enshrines statutory auditors who audit the accounts of a company as representatives of the shareholders who appoint them at every Annual General meeting AGM

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A Bird's eye view on Accounts and Audit under The Companies Act, 2013

Accounts Audit under The Companies Act 2013 Significant provisions related to Accounts under Companies Act 2013 Books of Accounts Section 128 Every Company shall Prepare and keep at is registered offi

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Auditor: A bloodhound without teeth or a watchdog without eyes

Auditing refers to inspection and examination of financial books of an organization in a systematic manner to ascertain whether the financial statements present a true and fair view of the concern In

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Unconventional internal audits - Litigation process

Internal Audit has been gaining importance over the years This has been due to a Statutory requirements including recent ones through the Companies Act 2013 like mandatory appointment of an Internal A

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