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Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Pr

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4.14 crore return processed without human intervention this year

Optimum Use of Technology for Expeditious Disposal of Assessment and Refunds In FY 2015 16 94 of income tax returns were filed online and 4 14 crore returns processed without any human intervention Mo

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ST3 returns filing due date extended to 29th April

The Central Government has extended the date of filing of ST 3 returns to 29 04 2016 from 25 04 2016 owing to certain difficulties being faced by the taxpayers in the ACES application Order 1 2016 Ser

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Record setting year for taxpayer services - 4.14 crore return processed by CPC

CBDT achieves record setting Year in Delivery of Taxpayer Services CPC Bengaluru processed more than 4 14 crore Income Tax returns an increase of over 35 over the previous year CPC also issued over 1

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Rectification of defective Return under 139(9)

if a person is subject to tax audit files a return wherein tax is payable and goes through the process of defective return under section 139 9 even after filing the tax audit report within time and wa

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Odisha VAT Return Filling

Please any one suggest how to file online Odisha VAT Return

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Roc return


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E-filing of vat return month of april 2016

My question is What is the due date of Vat return filing if it is based on monthly basis In another words I want to file Vat return monthly basis for the month of April 2016 with the help of mahavat g

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Payment/bill of transporter need to show in tds return

If bill amount of transporter is less than threshold limit or transporter provide declaration so need to mentioned such transactions in TDS return whereas tds is nil

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Tds returns correction

I have file a TDS returns with wrong pan number How to correct returns I have downloaded console file and tried to correct pan number Unable to do it Any other possibility

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Interstate purchase return

we propose to return a part of material purchased interstate what qty to be shown in the invoice details in transaction slip whether full qty or return qty

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​​​quarterly return of non-deduction of tax at source by...

IS quarterly return of non deduction of TDS to be submitted by a banking compny

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Error code 78 in trust defective return notice u/s 139(9)

one of my client is truct which has received notice u s 139 9 The return of income filed by trust is considered defective u s 139 9 The details of defect in Annexure A Error code 78 Error Descripttion

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Income tax return filing

Assessee anAssociation of Persons has not filed its returns form FY 2006 07 we would like to know if there is any option available for the Assessee to file returns for the period 2006 07 onwards and i

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  • Simple Excel Salary 24Q TDS Return (Qty and Ann. 2016-17)

    Simple Salary TDS Return Excel Data entry software for 2016 17 editable and easy to understand Hope you all like it


  • Simple Annual Excel TDS Formart (Quarterwise) 2016-17

    Simple and easy way to calculate tds data for tds return who are not using any software


  • Returns to be submitted by NBFC

    Returns to be submitted by NBFC to RBI Read more at http www caclubindia com share files files upload form asp


  • MVAT Annexure_2016

    A Simple TDL Solution to run with Tally ERP 9 which generate New MVAT Sales and Purchase Annexures in Minutes Very Simple to Use


  • Procedures in Central Excise and Returns to be filed

    Short summery of Procedures in Central Excise and return


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7 Investment Instruments for Maximum Returns

Choosing the right investment avenues is not an easy task and the choice depends on a lot of factors We all prefer investing in instruments that offer high returns but with better returns there is alw

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New procedure to file TDS returns online w.ef. 01.05.16

REGISTRATION WITH E FILING WEBSITE FOR TDS RETURN 1 Log into TRACES with the details of the assessee whose return is to be filed 2 Click at Register for E filing option at the left corner of the TRACE

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New MVAT Dealers be in Discipline from First Year

Arjun Fictional character Krishna Sales Tax Department has started new SAP system and has also been introducing various other changes And now from 1st May 2016 onwards changes are made in VAT registra

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Small MVAT changes but a big effect on small dealers

Arjun Fictional character Krishna this year from April 2016 onwards the Maharashtra Sales Tax Departments has brought various small amendments in the VAT system Because of these changes the small deal

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New MVAT return system turning superfast as the IPL inning

Arjun Fictional character Krishna From April 2016 Maharashtra Sales Tax Department has introduced new SAP system and brought various changes in VAT returns Now bill wise details will have to be given

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