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mock test papers 2013


ICAI - Mechanism to Monitor Tendering

ANNOUNCEMENT MECHANISM TO MONITOR TENDERING With a view to contain the tendering system for attest functions the Council at its special 338th meeting considered the report of the Group constituted und

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Time Table of CPT December 2015

NOTIFICATION No 13 CA EXAM CPT December 2015 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of theCharteredAccountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased tonotif

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Date extended for providing suggestion on new Companies Act

Government Extends Date for Suggestions and Comments to Make Recommendations on Issues Arising from the Implementation of the Companies Act 2013 to 31st July 2015 The Companies Law Committee set up by

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Toppers of CA Final May and CPT June Exams 2015

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI today announced the following results 1 Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in May 2015 2 Common Proficiency Test held on June 13 2015 Sin

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Extension of last date of filing of forms MGT-7 and AOC-4

Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date of in filing of forms MGT 7 Annual Return and AOC 4 Financial Statement under the Companies Act 2013 Please refer to the attached file for more

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Depreciation as per schedule ii of co. act 2013

Dear Sir Madam Plz tell me how to calculate useful life of fixed asset as per schedule II of Companies Act 2013 charge depreciation if we don t have records about cost of fixed assets date of purchase

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Depreciation as per co. act 2013

Can anyone please attach the format for calculation of depreciation as per Companies Act 2013

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Can a share application money pending for allotment of pvt ltd co. convert into loan as per companies act 2013

Hello members Could you pls advice me on this issue There is a pvt ltd company having share application money recd from director shareholder 3 4years ago they have not refund the amount as per compani

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Depreciation calculation as per new companies act, 2013

Dear Expert Is it necessary to show depreciation as per new companies act 2013 for FY 2014 15 If Yes then which method of calculation of depreciation should we use 1 sum of digits 2 scrap value by ori

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New sections of company act 2013

Frnds For may 2015 exams sections of company act 2013 notified upto 30 sept 2014 were applicable and now for nov 2015 exams sections notified upto 31 march 2015 are applicable I am ca final student so

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Find depreciation as per schedule ii of companies act 2013

Hello friends I had made a depreciation sheet in excel which provides you easy calculation of depreciation as per companeis act 2013 schedule II One formula that can calculate the WDV of the asset as

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Calculation of depr as per new companies act 2013

Anyone solve the below problem Machine purchased on 01 05 2011 for Rs 500000 w d v as on 31 3 2014 is 350000 So now how dep will be calculated for F Y 2014 15 supposing life of machine is 10 years as

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Sfm latest classes available

Friends i have latest classes of SFM of CA Sanjay Saraf anyone who needs contact me on 7053074337

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Attestation function for a ca member not holding cop

Dear All whether is it possible for amember of ICAI not holding COP to sign the examination form or attest the same

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Sec. 185 of company act 2013

Dear Sir Dear sir As per Section 0f 185 of Company act 2013 1 Save as otherwise provided in this Act no company shall directly or indirectly advance any loan including any loan represented by a book d

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  • Related Party Transaction(PPT) Section 1888

    PPT on Related party with latest amendments


  • Depreciation as per Sch-II Companies Act 2013

    New Depreciation sheet


  • Automatic Depreciation Chart as per Companies Act 2013



  • Depreciation in Excel as schedule II of Companies Act 2013

    Depreciation Calculator in Excel as per Schedule II Of New Companies Act 2013


  • Depreciation WDV without date of acquisition

    Calculation of Depreciation using WDV method if date of acquisition is missing as per companies Act 2013


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Secretarial standard -II under Co. Act, 2013

BACKGROUND The Ministry of Corporate Affair MCA has issued circular Dated 10th April 2015 vide Letter No 1 E 2014 CA I andsame has been notified in officialGazette on 23rd April 2015 Secretarialstanda

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A Bird's eye view on Accounts and Audit under The Companies Act, 2013

Accounts Audit under The Companies Act 2013 Significant provisions related to Accounts under Companies Act 2013 Books of Accounts Section 128 Every Company shall Prepare and keep at is registered offi

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Right issue of shares under Co. Act, 2013

BACKGROUND As per Section 62 1 of the Companies act 2013 if the Company decides to issue fresh shares these should be offered to existing shareholders in proportion to existing persons who are holders

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Provisions of charge given under Co. Act, 2013

Definition of Charge As per Section 2 16 Charge means An a interest or lien b created on the property or assets of a company or c any of its undertakings or both as security and includes a mortgage PR

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Nidhi Company - Companies act, 2013

Section 406 read with rules of Companies Nidhi Companies Rules 2014 SECTION 406 OF COMPANIES ACT 2013 AND NIDHI RULE 2014 GOVERNED THE LAW AND PROCEDURE FOR NIDHI COMPANY Nidhimeans a company which ha

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