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Govt plan to reduce corporate tax to 25%

Government Calls for Comments on Proposed Plan of Phasing Out Exemptions and Deductions under the Income Tax Act in Order to Bring Down Rate of Corporate Tax from 30 to 25 The Union Finance Minister S

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PM to Launch Gold Related Schemes on 5th November, 2015

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will launch the four mega Gold related Schemes i e Gold Monetisation Scheme GMS Gold Sovereign Bond Scheme Gold Coin Scheme and the Gold Bullion Scheme on Thursda

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Hosting of exemption in a paper granted in IPC and Final exam

Re Hosting of exemption s in a paper granted in Intermediate and Final examinations valid for November 2015 Exemption s in a paper s are granted to candidates of Intermediate and Final examinations in

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Conversion to CMA syllabus 2012 and corresponding exemption

Clarification on Conversion Annexure 1 ANNEXURE 1 Conversion from Syllabus 2008 to Syllabus 2012 Exemptions EXEMPTIONS UNDER SYLLABUS 2012 INTERMEDIATE 1 Students who are presently pursuing Intermedia

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Clarification on switchover to CS Professional Programme


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Lta - tax exemption

I want to claim LTA exemption this Financial year 2015 16 from my current company Currently block yr for LTA claim 2014 2017 I don t have LTA in my previous company salary emoluments so i never claime

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U/s 80 c exemption on stamp duty and registration fee paid

Hi I have already filed IT return for the Financial Year 2014 15 last year in that year I had bought a residential plot residential land and had paid around Rs 55000 towards Stamp Duty and Registratio

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Lta exemption - received salary from mulltiple companies.

I Received salary in the name of Four Companies by my Employer Can i take LTA Exepmtion from All the companies Or I can take LTA Exemption from only one Company I have to make LTA Taxable from other T

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Exemption on home loan taken on under construction property

I have bought a flat in an under construction building in Thane District 1st and 2nd installments have been disbursed by SBI Bank in the 1st and 3rd Week of Dec 15 I have also got the provisional cert

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Exemption u/s 54ec

Whether the assessee can claim exemption u s 54EC even if he has not filed his return of income

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Exemption under cst law

Hello The goods that we deal in are exempt from VAT under the Karnataka VAT laws Howeverdoes the exemption also automatically apply when doing an interstate sales I understand Section 8 2A has been om

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Documents required for claimimg exemption from cs training

Documents required for claimimg Exemption from CS Training

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Exemption u/s 54/54f

whether exemption u s 54 54f can be claimed if y purchased a Plot of Land but cant make construction

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Detailed Report of CEA led Panel on RNR released - The Report bats for lower exemptions and higher threshold for GST

The Committee headed by the Chief Economic Adviser Dr Arvind Subramanian the Committee had given its recommendations to the Finance Minister last week recommending a four tier rate structure wherein s

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Partnership firm - exemption from income tax return filing ( ITR )

There are two cases A An partership firm has Only Dividend Income and no other income Does it have to file return Is it exempted B An partnership firm has Only Agriculture Income and no other income D

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  • CA-Final Law Sections Applicable for May 2016 Exams

    all notifications circulars orders Rules and also companies amendment act 2015 exemption specified to private nidhi section8 govt companies also included


  • Direct Tax Summary



  • Mega Exemption Notification

    Updated and Applicable for May 2016 Exams


  • Mega exemption applicable for nov -2015 exams

    including recent amendments made applicable for November 2015 exams fast track revision with amendment dates


  • Bansal's Creations :: Best Salary Structure for HRA Exemption

    Hello Friends and Professional colleagues I am here to share my new creation This Template is very much useful for those salaried person who can negotiate their salary structure with their Employer This template is not just HRA calculation but it is very more than that All details about the template is given in that Just read that and enjoy the Template Please Enable Macros Please Find the Attached Excel File You can openly share your view


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Exemptions and relaxations to Nidhi companies

The Companies Act 2013 has given due recognition to Nidhi Companies by treating them as a special class of companies An entire Chapter namely Chapter XXVI has been devoted to Nidhi Companies and relev

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Exemptions & relaxations to government companies

Since the introduction of the Companies Act 2013 in September 2013 certain class of companies like Private Companies Government Companies etc werefeeling the pressure of the rigorous provisions of the

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Exemption for small scale units (SSI) under central excise

1 Meaning of Small Scale Exemption Under the provisions of the Central Excise Act a Small Scale Industry is one whose aggregate value of Turnover does not exceed Rs One Hundred and Fifty Lakhs made on

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How to compute HRA exemption

What is House Rent Allowance Employees generally receive a house rent allowance HRA from their employers a This is a part of the salary package in accordance with the terms and conditions of employmen

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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