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Simplification of ITR forms and issue of Pan cards

The Government has simplified Income Tax Returns ITR Forms for individuals and HUFs not having business or professional income In ITR Form No 2 and 2A the main form does not contain more than three pa

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Revised Guidelines on Conducting Manual Scrutiny of Service Tax Returns to come into effect from 1st August

Revised Guidelines on Conducting Manual Scrutiny of Service Tax Returns to come into Operation from 1st August 2015 The Central Board of Excise and Customs had issued detailed guidelines in 2009 to it

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Result of CS Foundation Programme June 15 Declared

FOUNDATION PROGRAMME EXAM RESULT JUNE 2015 SESSION Click here to view Result and Download E Mark Sheet

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India and US sign agreement to promote transparency in tax matters

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 9th July 2015 Sub United States and India Sien Agreement to Share Tax Information U S Ambassador t

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Relaxation in the requirement of completing Advanced Course on Information Technology Training

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ATTENTION OF STUDENTS APPEARING IN FINAL EXAMINATION Sub Relaxation in the requirement of completing Advanced Course on Information Technology Training For admission to the Final Exam

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Balance sheet & profit loss accounting

How to identify the Accounts to be posted in Balance Sheet Profit Loss As Real Personal Accounts are in the Balance Sheet while Nominal Expenses are shown in Profit Loss Statement For Eg Pre Paid Expe

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How can i study for maths in cpt

i dont know any basic maths so its becomes impossible to understand maths how can i pass in quantitative aptitude im gud in other 3 subjects

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Matching revenue concept

I want to know or understand the concept of matching revenue concept

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Treatment of notional rent in balance sheet

Mr X has 2 house 1 Self Occ 2 Deemed Let out on Annual Rent 250000 Now while making Personal Balance Sheet How to show this Notional Income

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Query regarding calculation of depriciation as per new companies act 2013

If the residual value of an asset is 14 lacs and its WDV is 2 lakhs what shall be the treatment of the residual value Also The life of the asset is exhausted within this year Please help me out

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Format of lut in notification no. 9/2015 - ce(n.t.)

Since the budget of 2015 16 LUTs are allowed along with Bonds in case of Removal of goods for concessional rate of duty for manufacture of excisable goods through the specified notification 9 2015 CE

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Suspended ca signing balance sheet of listed co.

Dear Friends Plz help me on this If a CA is suspended by ICAI under professional misconduct for a tenure of 3yrs w e f 2011 and during that period he signs the Balance Sheet of a Listed and an unliste

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Free supply of materials

who is liable to pay service tax in case of free supply of materials by contractee to contractor in original works contract And contractor did not opt composite scheme

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Format of register under companies act 2013

Statutory register format under companies act 2013

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Tax calculation

Dear Advisors Kindly advise me on the following I have filled up ITR2 based on my salary pension and a little capital gains from equity sales about 10 days ago while I was rechecking and reconfirmingm

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  • Systems [Summary Notes] - ISCA

    Short sweet Summary Notes Spare Just 2 hours with the material and grab 12 15 Marks in your bucket of Group II Give me you Feedback on brightfortune live com


  • Automatic Depreciation as per Companies Act 2013

    IT automatically calculates the depreciation and there is no need need to remember useful life etc


  • Manual on exchange of information

    Manual on exchange of information


  • Depreciation as per Company Act 2013



  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) - Key Enables

    Source Draft Bill Background material on GST by ICAI Press releases


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Strategic cost management - Innovation in sales matrices

In continuation to my previous articles on cost accounting profession I will be discussing about the new segment of strategic cost management where those cost accountants who are employed needto focus

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Issue of service tax and excise bills in electronic format

With the advent of Digital India as and when our PM talks about to make a digital India the pace of technology has been grown up and everywhere Govt has emphasized on each and every thing in India sho

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Applicability of 'Res Judicata' on taxation matters

Res Judicata pro veritate accipituris the full Latin maxim which has over the years shrunk to mere Res Judicata The doctrine of Res Judicata operates on three basic principles stated here in below for

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All Information about INC - 29 - Integrated Incorporation Form

Introduction to Form On the occasion of World Labor Day Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA introduced a major reform for entrepreneurs in India Effective May 1st incorporation of a new business will re

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Latest procedure of company formation

1 Obtain Digital Signature of all directors Time taken 1 day Requirements Copy of PAN card self attested and a Photo 1 address proof self attested 2 Obtain DIN for all directors in Dir 3 Time taken 1

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Updated on : 8/6/2015 4:00:13 AM

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