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long term capital gain holding period


Capital gains to be attracted for investment via Cyprus

Cabinet approves Agreement and the Protocol between India and Cyprus for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion India today took another major step in the fight against tax evasion round tripping and base erosion profit shifting The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime M

CMA results of June 2016 exams declared

Result for June 2016 Term of examination is now available at the following servers http www examicai in https www examicmai org http icmai in

Dr Urjit R Patel appointed as new Governor of RBI

Dr Urjit R Patel appointed as the New Governor of Reserve Bank of India RBI for a period of three years with effect from 4th September 2016 Dr Urjit R Patel has been appointed as the New Governor of Reserve Bank of India RBI for a period of three years with effect from 4th September 2016 He will rep

Direct and indirect taxes grows by over 24 and 29% respectively

Indirect Tax Collections up to July 2016 indicate net revenue collections of Rs 2 71 719 crore as compared to Rs 209217 crore in the corresponding period last year and thereby registering an increase of 29 9 over the corresponding period 34 9 of the Budget Estimates of indirect taxes for FY 2016 17

Over 226.98 Lakh e-returns filed as on 5th August 2016 in FY 2016-17

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Sub Surging growth in Electronic filing of Income Tax Returns for F Y 16 17 reg The facility of e verification of IT returns has been used by over 75 3 Lakh taxpayers till 5th August 2016 as compared to 32 95

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Capital gain. - urgent

I sold my property as on Feb 8 2014 and invested the capital gain in acquiring new property in Banglore on May 2014 Now i wish to sell the Banglore property as on August 27 2016 Now i understand that due to selling this property i wont be able to claim exemption But can i now invest in new property

Capital gain

Sir My client has entered into Joint Development Agreement with a Land Developer the total land under development is 26 Acres Of which my client s share is 16 acres I have arrived the calculation as below is it correct PARTICULARS B YADI REDDY TOTAL TOTAL LAND IN Ac 16 01 Total 26 03 In Sq Yards 775

Initial paid up capital

i formed a private company last year whose paid up subscribed capital of Rs 100000 is not yet deposited in bank yet am i required to deposit it or i can show it in cash are there any penalty fee for not depositing it

Capital subsidy received on plant & machinery

We received Capital Subsidy on Purchase of Plant Machinery from Govt by Cheque My Question is that What will be Journal Entry of this Transection

Fee for capital increase

Co increased its authorized capital in Jan 2016 but not filed SH7 with ROC within 30 days Instead they filed SH 7 during May 2016 Whether provision for such expenses to be provided in books


How to fill form 103 in case of serving extension period?

Hello there I have to serve an extension period of 55 days I have 2 previous employers Previous 1 first 10 months served Previous 2 completed balance period on 2 april 2016 and i have started my extension period from 10 june 2016 under same Previous 2 I want to know which details should i provide in

Ias 40 - investment property - determining initial cost

This is a question related to IAS 40 investment property Intiital cost of the asset I am just not able to crack this Can any one help The question is as follows On April 1 2010 an entity acquired land for Rs 10 00 000 including Rs 10 000 being non refundable taxes purchase taxes The purchase agreeme

Mcom along with ca

i want to know rule and practical implication as i want to do MCOM along with CA my Article is completed so can i apear for MCOM should i have to file any form with ICAI

Articleship termination

Hi Sir Madam Myself Dinesh Aravindh from tamilnadu completed my 2nd year Articleship on 31 07 2016 Now due to my Family financial situation I have to terminate my articleship but I have a plan to re join my articleship after some years 1 may I re join after some years 2 The old Period will added bac

Shareholding in pvt ltd company under companies act 2013

Hi Everyone Can any one clearify that in a Pvt Co can a share holder hold 99 on behalf of a foreign company and 1 on his own name For example Indian Pvt Company X Y an NRI individual and Z is a foreign Company In this case can Y hold 99 shares of Co X on behalf of Co Z and 1 on his Y name If possibl

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  • Easy Way to learn all 16 points of CARO 2016

    As new CARO 2016 has been issued which has increased the reporting requirements for the Statutory Auditor as against CARO 2015 In CARO 2016 there are total 16 points as against CARO 2015 which contains 12 points The Biggest issue for students to learn all these points in sequence which is difficult task and I have tried to make it simpler to learn
  • Services Exports from India Scheme - SEIS

    List of services where payment has been received in Indian Rupees which can be treated as receipt in Deemed Foreign Exchange as per guidelines of RBI in terms of para 3 08 c of Foreign Trade Policy 2015 20 is notified
  • CARO 2016 CA Final Nov 16 Exam

    File contain summary with imp question asked in past ca final along with on new concept introduce in caro 2016
  • West Bengal Professional Tax - An Insight

    An information module dealing with detailed analysis of key aspects of West Bengal Professional Tax It is a part of series of write ups that will follow in ensuing periods dealing with technical and procedural areas of WB PTAX The write up is supported by a mobile application that will assist in computational aspects Any feedback from the users will be highly appreciated
  • Service tax interest calculation

    Service tax interest on delayed payment FY2015 16 Only Period of delay Rate of simple interest Upto 6 month 18 p a More than six month and up to 1 year 18 p a for the 1 st six month of delay and 24 p a for the delay beyond 6 months More than a year 18 p a for the 1 st six month of delay 24 p a for the period beyond 6 month upto 1 year 30 p a for any delay beyond one year

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Understanding GST Model law - Tax credit on Capital goods

This is the ninth in the series ofarticlestounderstandtheGSTModelLaw The purpose is mainly to create an awareness and enable one to look at the unintended impact on his her sector It would aid in making representations to make this law tax payer friendly simple and transparent TheGSTModelLaw has bee

Ind AS 10: Events occurring after the reporting period

Background Today we live in a dynamic business world where changes in business environment are eminent Some of these changes are important for users of financial statements such as shareholders because they play a key role in decision making In order to bring about uniformity in changes in business

Differences between a 'Home loan' and a 'Loan against property'

I have observed that many people can not differentiate correctly between a home loan and a loan against property Many people call me to inquire about a home loan against security of a property already owned by them It is not a home loan Instead it is a mortgage loan or a loan against property or a L

Capital Budgeting for Beginners - Part 1

Capital Budgeting All of us at one point in time or another have prepared a budget in one form or another The reason for this is primarily to find out if we can afford the costs investments where to get the money from and how much would it give in return In fact many of the households manage domesti

Exemption on capital gains

Capital Gain Deposit Account Scheme To claim exemption under section 54 the taxpayer should purchase another house within a period of one year before or two years after the date of transfer of old house or should construct another house within a period of three years from the date of transfer If til

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