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Final list of candidates for ICAI election

ANNOUNCEMENT Final list of candidates and their particulars for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils In terms of sub rule 1 of Rule 15 of the Chartered Accountants

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Implementation of the provisions of the ICDS

Stake Holders and General Public requested to bring out Issues Points by 15th December 2015 which in their opinion require further Clarification Guidance for proper Implementation of the Provisions of

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List of candidates for ICAI election and their respective particulars

ANNOUNCEMENT 17th November 2015 Re List of candidates and their respective particulars for election to the Council and Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 In accordance with sub rule 3 of Ru

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List of polling booth for ICAI election

FOR ATTENTION OF CANDIDATES AND VOTERS 7th November 2015 Re Updated list of Polling Booths for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 The

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Draft interpretation on uncertainty over income tax treatments

Draft Interpretation published by the IFRS Interpretations Committee for comment only Comments on the Draft Interpretation need to be received by December 21 2015 The International Accounting Standard

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Checlist for it audit of construction co

Dear Sir Please Send me the Standerd Checklist for the internal Audit of Construction Co ASAP

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Capital gain on unlisted shares

If shares of u listed company were purchased which when sold were listen in a stock exchange how will capital gains be calculated

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Unaudited financial result of a listed entity

Is it necessary for a listed entity to place Un audited Financial Results and Limited Review Report in the same Board Meeting by a Listed Entity or Limited Review can be placed subsequently

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Transfer of unlisted public ltd shares

How do we have govern check control over transfer of shares of an unlisted public ltd company Like AOA for private companies and share certificate and documents of stock exchange for public listed com

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Regarding negative list of service tax

We r the manufacturer of socks and also using some jobwork outside we r using job work of our sister concern is that firm will be liable for service tax registration if job work service of our that si

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Listing requirement

I wanted to know when can the pvt co If want to go for listing in stock what is the basic requirement to be eligible for listing

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A task list would mean nothing if....

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Service tax on aggregators for services in negative list

Hi I understand that as per the Union Buget 2015 aggregators of services are liable to pay 100 of the service tax for the service provided My question is what if the underlying service being provided

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How is m . p. vijaykumar for accounting standards

i have seen in some posts mostly of them suggested m p vijaykumar for fr and ds rawat for as i want to ask is m p vijaykumar is not good for accounting standards why everyone is suggesting ds rawat fo

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ICSI - Online Assessment on Secretarial Standards

ICSI Online Assessment on Secretarial Standards http 27 251 128 188 8480 ExaminationPortalWeb CandidateLogin jsp

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  • Non-Convertible Debt Securities & Non-Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares

    Non Convertible Debt Securities Non Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares


  • List of Documents Required for Gujarat VAT and CST TIN

    List of Documents Required for Gujarat VAT and CST TIN


  • Goods & Services Tax:A Dream of NDA Government (1st Edition)

    This Publication aims to educate the stakeholders about recent efforts of NDA Government to implement the biggest tax reform in the country and to introduce with the issues faced by the government in pushing the constitutional amendment through the upper house of the parliament The government wants to implement GST from April 1 2016 The goods and services tax GST Constitution amendment Bill is likely to be listed for discussion in the Rajya Sabha not before December 14 which would leave the government with eight days of the winter session to get the key tax reform passed by the Upper House and subsequently the amended Bill by the Lok Sabha before the session ends on December 23 Central ministers said they haven t lost hope about the GST Bill being passed in the ongoing session despite no clear indications emerging from the Congress leadership particularly from Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi The Congress has conveyed to the government that while it had agreed that the Rajya Sabha s Business Advisory Committee allocate four hours for a discussion on the Bill the Bill should only be listed in the day s business after the Upper House discusses other issues of urgent public importance especially the drought situation in large parts of the country and the price rise Congress sources maintain the party wants the government to resume threadbare discussions on all stated conditions While 1 inter state tax is being junked there are still hectic bargain on two other conditions of capping GST rate at 18 and framing independent dispute settlement body A government panel last week suggested a standard goods and services tax GST rate of 17 per cent 18 per cent which raised the chances of a consensus on the landmark tax reforms bill to get through in the ongoing session Let s watch out how NDA Government moves further under the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi consistent efforts made by our Honorable Finance Minister Sh Arun Jaitley Best Regards SAURABH CHHABRA Freelance Tax Professional Please write to me at casaurabhchhabra gmail com or WhatsApp me at 91 7838781966 for suggestions Further you can also connect with me at LinkedIn https in linkedin com in saurabh chhabra 611b5b46 Twitter Charteredfriend Blog www taxopinions wordpress com Facebook profile https www facebook com saurabh chhabra 908 Facebook Page GST https www facebook com Goods and services tax 888621187918668


  • Vacancy for CA in Syndicate Bank

    Vacancy for CA in Syndicate Bank


  • Fines and Penalties under SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015

    Non compliance with certain provisions of SEBI Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulations 2015


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Requirements w.r.t subsidiary of listed entity


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Procedure for Delisting of Small Company

Procedure for Delisting of Small Companies Meaning of Delisting One should understand the meaning of the term listing before understating the term Delisting The word listing means admissions of a Comp

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SEBI Listing Regulation 2015 - Common obligations of listed entities

Presently a private agreement between Stock Exchange and listed company govern all listing obligation and disclosure requirement This listing agreement like any other agreement among parties creates c

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5 realistic reasons to hire a financial /investment advisor?

The capital markets may sometimes appear like a complex math problem entangled and difficult to understand In such situations making important financial decisions on investments and returns doesnt com

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Stock audit basics & checklist of documents required

What is a Stock Audit It is the physical verification of the inventory However at times it may also include valuation of the inventory this would depend upon the terms of reference or the engagement l

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