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Changes made in indirect tax rates

Government of India makes changes in indirect tax rates effective from today Government has made the following changes in indirect tax rates effective from today that is 19th October 2015 1 In view of

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ICAI - President's Message - September 2015

Dear Friends These days quite justifiably people of Indian origin are remarkably being appointed elevated and accepted for higher administrative and management responsibilities across organisations gl

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CA Day Celebrations of ICAI

ICAI celebrates its Foundation Day as the Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July every year This year the Chartered Accountants Day Celebrations of the ICAI will be heldat 4 00 P M on 1st July 2015in t

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ICAI invites suggestion for GST

The biggest tax reforms in the history of Independent India are taking its final shape as the Constitution 122nd Amendment Bill relating to the Goods and Service Tax GST has been passed by the Lok Sab

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CSR activities by CAs and CA firms

Request for suggestions from members at large on the various CSR activities that can be undertaken by them as CAs CA Firms Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is very vital in the present context of b

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Conversion of private company into llp

Co A pvt ltd has been converted into LLP on 11th march 2015 My query is whether we are required to file income tax return if yes due date of filing the return Is LLP return is also to be filed if yes

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Mvat payment

i m from pune can i pay Mvat payment by cheque for half yearly payment because i have no internet banking or online banking If yes which challan i use for half yearly 6monthly payment

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Vat,service tax,excise duty,sales tax,tds- explain and how calculate? interview purpose!!

VAT Service tax Excise duty sales tax TDS

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Vat payable amt calculation against cst sale

please tell me what is the vat payable amt My vat computation is follow tax amt output vat 12 5 254172 00 input vat 12 5 152310 00 Output Cst 2 5650 00 vat payable amt 107512 00 is correct or not

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Cenvat credit

My query is releted to rejection of material A is an importer and selling material in domestic market A supplied goods to B who is a manufacturer but B rejects some material and sends it back after 60

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Vat on lunch box

Hi whats the correct vat rate on luch box is this 0 5 or 12 5 will you please help me to identify the correct vat rate on lunch box with notification or with some other proof Please help

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Mvat revise returns after vat audit report form-704 is filed

A dealer has already filed Form 704 on Mahavat gov in and post filing the MVAT audit report the dealer wants to file revise return u s 20 4 b to correct the amounts as per Form 704 As per u s 20 4 b d

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About vat registration for startups

hi sir we a team of five students are willing to start a small business by selling pendrives and sd cards on e commerce platforms Is it necessary to register for VAT as we are new to this please help

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A private ltd company having share capital of rs.55 lakhs

A private ltd company having paid up capital of Rs 55 lakhs and turnover of Rs 1 5 crore whether it is small company or not

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Allotment of shares by private company

Dear Friends Please let me know whether a company can allot shares against unsecured loans taken from related parties Also can the shares be allotted at face value or it should be allotted at premium

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  • Form 402

    MVAT Form 402 Works Contract Certificates for Sub contractors


  • Amendments in Cenvat Credit and Excise for Nov 15

    Amendments in Cenvat Credit and Excise for Nov 15


  • Divergence in Law: Haryana VS Rajasthan VAT



  • CENVAT Credit Rules 2004 - Nov-2015 Exam

    complete reference and past 5 years rtp caselaws selected case laws included


  • IT Slab rates affect of 2015-16 AY

    IT Slab rates affect of 2015 16 AY


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Exegesis of the 'Rules of Computation of H-VAT' for Builders

The controversy regarding liability to pay VAT on agreements for sale of flats and units by builders and developers in Haryana has been emerged over a last few years It is purely a grey area where not

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TN VAT - Works Contracts - Tax disputes - Appeal Process

TN VAT Works Contracts Tax disputes Appeal Process and Consequences of Form O RR not issued by AO The readers may peruse the content in other article s on caption s Taxation of works contracts under T

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Disclosure of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit in ST-3 Return - Practical Aspects - Part 3

Having discussed on the disclosure of availment and utilization of credit in previous two articles we shall move on to examining applicability of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit Rules to a service provider an

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Conversion of Private Limited Company to LLP

Very often it is asked what is justification of having a private limited company Small promoters and entrepreneurs asks questions like why to pay dividend distribution tax why there is restriction on

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Cenvat Credit disclosure in ST return-Practical Aspects: Part 2

In the previous article we had discussed regarding availment of credit while filing of ST 3 Return It has been very encouraging to receive large number of queries on various aspects related to service

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