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J1 j2 match mismatch

dear all my query is that when all my j1 and j2 matched then also sales tax officer going to disallow my sales and purchase figures I wanna appeal for this what is the process for appeal is any amount

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J1 j2 optional for vat audit of f.y 2014-15

Is is optional to file J1 and J2 for VAT audit Form 704 of F Y 2014 15 Is it in same line as in Annual Annexure As in Annual annexure J1 and J2 is not to be filed

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Wrong data filling of revised j1 & j2 for mvat

I filed Revised 231 MVAT form for Company while filling 231 i taken Purchase set off on Purchase of Rs 55 Lakh But while filling Revised Regular Annexture i wrongly entered Data in J2 Purchase I shows

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J1 j2

if return not revised but j1 j2 revised for periodicity it is possible

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Excel formula for j1 j2

sir please guide me how can i prepare J1 J2 in excel with any short cut

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How to add details in annexure j1 in mvat

I have not filled in customers individual sales VAT TIN numberwise while filing MVATreturns of FY11 12 in annexure J1 of MahaVAT Now many customers are comng back saying VAT Mismatch in FY11 12 Same i

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Supplier not providing j1 form

VAT Department is asking from me J1 form from my supplier My supplier is not giving his J1 form to me and as a result MVAT department is not accepting my input vat to amount of VAT that I showed of my

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Rectification in j1 of vat return 704

sir I have file 704 of 11 12 in section j1 i have entered two tin no of same party there are two division one division tin no is entered correctly I have uploading J1 supplementry but it gives an erro

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Is j1 j2 necessary for 13-14 returns too

Hello My accounts are audited I have not yet filed MVAT returns for 13 14 and doing so now Is J1 and J2 necessary for filing returns for 13 14 also AFAIK J1 J2 is mandatory from period april14 onwards

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Wrong filing of j1 j2 figures

At the time of filing 704 of 2009 10 wrongly filed J1 data in J2 sheet J2 data in J1 sheet Now how to rectify this error Please guide me

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  • MVAT Annexure Generation Utility

    Generate Annexure J1 J2 J5 J6 Automatically from Tally erp or Tally7 2 or any Excel or ASCII file Veryfy TIN online with Mahavat gov in and extract the Name Status i e Active Cancell as per department record in a single click Auto verification of Non Filer Short Filer and composite Dealr List along with 704 Non filer dealr list updated by department time to time No need to sorting your data just export your data in excel or ASCII text formate and this utility will import your data automatically


  • MVTAT Annexure Utility in Excel

    MVAT Annexure Utility in Excel This utility generate Annexure J1 J2 J5 J6 from Sales Purchase register Also verify VAT TIN of dealers online and extract dealer name and status Auto verification of Short Filer Non Filer Return 704 and Composition dealr detail


  • Anexure J1-J2 Utility with Auto TIN Verification_Update

    Here is Full Version for Trail Period Minor bug fixed and enhance the performance Auto Online Verification of TIN with Dept Site Now convert selected cell value into Negative Positeve with Single Click Easy for old version of Tally users and easy to convert DN CN register value


  • Annexure-J1-J2-J5-J6 Excel Utility V4

    Thanks for your resposnse here is new update now you can generate Annexure J5 J6 along with Annexure J1 J2 Atuo Veryfy VAT TIN of Local Dealers from mahavat gov in site Auto Fetch Dealer Name Status from Mahavat website User Freindly and Easy to Operate Just Copy your Sales Purchase Register and get all data report with single click


  • J1-J2 Utility with Auto Verify TIN online - update

    There was compatibility error in previous file now all error solve This utility Auto Generate J1 J2 also auto check TIN and extract dealer name and status from www mahavat gov in site with just single click please give your feed backs


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