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Budget session concludes - Over a dozen reform Bills passed

Budget session concludes Session productive says Minister Shri M A Naqvi Governments outreach to opposition resulting in better functioning of Parliament says Minister Sittings of Parliament and Bills

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Change in process of Assignments of checkers for exams

The examination process inter alia includes a procedure of having the answer books checked after evaluation by examiners by Checkers to ensure that all answers have been evaluated marks awarded have b

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Feedback of students on the Question paper of CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2016 by e mai

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Candidates carrying a mistaken notion that they enjoy exemption in a exam paper

Hosting of exemption s in a paper granted in Intermediate and Final examinations valid for May 2016 Exemption s in a paper s are granted to candidates of Intermediate and Final examinations in terms o

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Change in dates of IPC exams for few states

Rescheduling of Paper 7 of IPC Intermediate Examinations and Paper 8 of Final Examinations in the State of Kerala Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry only

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Remittance by dept. without issuance of recovery notice

Raid u s 132 was conducted on an assessee Some cash was seized in the proceedings which was subsequently deposited in the assessee s bank account which already had a debit balance as cash deposited La

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Foreign remittance

When Indian company has payment paid to the foreign company for work done in foreign country will we deduct tds on this payment or not

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Service tax revise bills submitted on quarterly basis

We have submitted one Consolidated Invoice for Sale Promotional activities FY 2015 16 on 31 03 2016 as per client requirement Now our client wants quarterly basis invoice with date 31 03 2016 against

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Age limit for ipca exam

sir what is age limit for IPCA exam can i do self study for exam though i m 36 year old

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Tds on directors sitting fees,

Under sec 194 J of income tax act 1961 Is there any limit to deduct tds on director s sitting fees

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Submitting error in e2

I m trying to submit detail of E2 Form for the 3rd quarter Financial Year 2014 2015 When I Am Submitting All Detail A Message In Red Strip Is Display On Screen Please process all forms for one supplie

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Any changes in ipcc syllabus for may 2017 exam?

I got myself registered for ipcc examination in may 2016 And my first attempt is in may 2017 I wanted to know that is there any change in the syllabus that I m going to face Please help me I m really

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Ca final sfm exam

Sir in may 2016 ca final sfm exam in q 6 b part the word net profit was given and we had to calculate the maximum exchange ratio I solved that question assuming it to be before tax Is it correct I hav

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Exam eligibility after terminate ipcc course

Hi I am direct entry CA student completed 1 year 2 months article ship with audit firm also attented May 2016 IPCC exam Due to some personal reason would like to terminate my article ship Should i eli

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Continuing to write ipcc exam

Dear sir madam I have got my ipcc registration letter dated 13 05 2013 and i have also completed 2 years of articleship and orientation ittp GMCS 1 unfortunately i got into job career and now i need t

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  • IT Training-Excel with Practical Data

    It contains how to use excel various formula and pivot table It contains practical examples so that one can understand that how excel formula and pivot table is useful in our practical life I have also forwarded it to ICAI Ahmedabad Hope users will be benefited from this


  • Returns to be submitted by NBFC

    Returns to be submitted by NBFC to RBI Read more at http www caclubindia com share files files upload form asp


  • Direct tax Answers of May 2016 Exam Questions

    CA FINAL DT 2016 SOLUTION by Gurukripa


  • Full CPT Revision Notes - Applicable for June 2016 exams

    Full CPT Revision Notes Applicable for June 2016 exams By CA Arpita Tulsyan CA Vinesh R Savla


  • Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes (CA-Final) for May 2016 Exam

    Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes CA Final for May 2016 Exam


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Full CPT revisionary notes applicable for June 2016 exams

Accounting An Introduction Meaning and Scope of Accounting Transaction is used to mean a business performance of an act an agreement while event is used to mean a happening as a consequence of transac

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Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes (CA-Final) for May, 2016 Exam

Q1 a Divine Ltd manufactures product K which is a notified product under Section 4A of the Central Excise Act 1944 The output for the month of October 2015 was 8 000 units out of which 6 000 units wer

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Suggested answers of Indirect Taxes (CA-IPCE) for May, 2016 Exam

Q1 b Dharmendra Ltd gives the following particulars relating to the services provided by it to its various clients for the month of January 2016 i Total bills raised for Rs 17 50 000 out of which bill

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Financial Suicide - Are you committing it?

Mr Youngs Mother In Law has giftedDaamadjiRs 1 00 000 on his birthday Excited with the windfall he decides to buy the latest smartphone and invest whatever is left So he is spending Rs 50 000 and savi

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Revisionary notes on IT (CA-IPCE) for May 2016 Exams

Unit 1 Business Process Management IT From a business perspective A process is a coordinated and standardized flow of activities Performed by people or machines Which can traverse functional boundarie

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