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RBI extends the Date for Withdrawal of Pre 2005 Series Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of India has extended the date for the public to exchange their pre 2005 banknotes till December 31 2015 It had in December 2014 set the last date for public to exchange these notes a

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ITR-1, ITR-2,ITR-2A and ITR-4S notified for AY 2015-16 by CBDT


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Paper wise exemption in CS on the basis of higher qualification

ATTENTION STUDENTS PAPER WISE EXEMPTION ON THE BASIS OF HIGHER QUALIFICATIONS As per the present guidelines students pursuing CS Course are eligible for paper wise exemptions based thefollowing higher

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ICAI invites suggestion for GST

The biggest tax reforms in the history of Independent India are taking its final shape as the Constitution 122nd Amendment Bill relating to the Goods and Service Tax GST has been passed by the Lok Sab

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Clarification on repayment of deposit u/s 74

Clarification on repayment of deposits accepted by the companies before the commencement of the Companies Act 2013 under section 74 of the said Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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From 15ca

Want to remit Indian currency to an nri in Australia as a personal loan for his personal use for remitting the same banker is insisting for 15CA and cb forms duly certified by a chartered accountant I

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Depreciation as per companies act 2013

A private limited company purchased a Motor cycle as on 28 12 2012 94 days used As on 31 03 2013 and thereafter 365 days used as on 31 03 2014 My question is can I calculate remaining useful life of m

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194c declaration

where can i get notified format of 194C declaration for transporter the format available is not notified

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Issue of sweat equity under companies act 2013

can any one provide the procedure and notice of EOGM for sweat equity shares under new companies act 2013

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Tds entered as tcs in return - 154 rectification

Dear Expert While filing return TDS was wrongly entered in TCS column Demand raised by CPC Would like to know how to rectify the same which one is to be selected a Taxpayer is correcting data for tax

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India to overtake japan, uk, germany to become world’s 3rd b

India To Overtake Japan UK Germany To Become Worlds 3rd Biggest Economy By 2050 The Economist Intelligence Unit As of now the spending power of an average Indian is just 3 of that of a US citizen howe

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Changes in ITR 2 New Form (22nd June 2015)

CHANGES IN NEW ITR 2 FORM S NO CHANGES ITR 2 OLD FORM NEW ITR 2 FORM 22 JUNE 2015 1 Do you have Aadhar Number for individual Does Not Exist Newly Inserted in Personal Information Page 1 2 If yes 1 p

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Recent amendments of IT Act, 1961

Important provisions 1 Now Bank Cooperative bank and post office RD recurring deposits interest if more than 10000 per year will be liable to TDS w e f 1 6 2015 If PAN number is not given then TDS wil

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Exempt income query for ay 2015

Hello members for the new itr forms for ay 2015 16 from this year can one use ITR1 instead of ITR2 if their exempt income in totalitylike divident lic maturity LTCGfrom shares PF etc exceeds 5000 Earl

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No form16

How to file a return when there are no 26AS and form16

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  • Small Company under Companies Act 2013

    Privileges to Small Companies under Companies Act 2013


  • Revenue Recognition Standards : AS 7&9, IAS 11&18

    Wonderful pictorial representation of all the paras


  • Definition of Service and Other Issues

    Explicit and clear explanation of the section and other issues Very relevant for exams Updated with FA 2015


  • Place of Provision of Service Rules,2012 (FA 2015 Updated)

    Updated by Finance Act 2015 amendments Succinctly written with all illustrations and contains clear details


  • IDT Book for CA Final

    Self Study Guide to Indirect Taxes


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10 Golden Rules by a Chartered Accountant

A CA not only knows about Investments and Financials Statements but the rules of leading a great life too A Chartered Accountant on an average goes through so many experiences of life while dealing wi

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Key Changes in New ITRs and Eligibility - AY 2015-16 (FY 2014-15)

The Rule 12 of the Income tax Rules was amendedvideNotification No 41 2015 Dated 15 04 2015 The new ITR Forms 1 2 and 4S were notified for the assessment year 2015 16videsaid notification In view of v

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Nidhi Company - Companies act, 2013

Section 406 read with rules of Companies Nidhi Companies Rules 2014 SECTION 406 OF COMPANIES ACT 2013 AND NIDHI RULE 2014 GOVERNED THE LAW AND PROCEDURE FOR NIDHI COMPANY Nidhimeans a company which ha

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Procedure of re-assessment u/s 147

Assessment is a procedure adopted to determine the correctness of the income disclosed by the assessee and tax payable thereon Than what is reassessment and why there is need of reassessment Section 1

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Learning Series on CSR LAW in India (Issue 1)

Introduction 1 1 1 Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in India is a statutory requirement underthe Companies Act 2013 Specifically Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Actprovide for the CSR complianc

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