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Protocol for prevention of tax evasion between India and Mauritius

Notification of Protocol for amendment of the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and capital gains and for the encouragement of mutual trade and investment between India and Mauritius The Protocol for amendment of the

Capital gains to be attracted for investment via Cyprus

Cabinet approves Agreement and the Protocol between India and Cyprus for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion India today took another major step in the fight against tax evasion round tripping and base erosion profit shifting The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime M

Applicability of Amendments for Nov 2016 Final Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements II Accounting Standards AS No AS Title 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies 2 Valuation of Inve

Applicability of Amendments for IPC Nov 2016 Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Intermediate IPC Examination Paper 1 Accounting Accounting Standards AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies AS 2 Valuation of Inventories AS 3 Cash Flow Statements AS 6 Depreciation Accounting AS 7 Construction Co

Non applicability of MCA amendments in Nov 2016 CA Exams

Non applicability of Amendments made by MCA in the Companies Accounting Standards Rules 2006 and Companies Indian Accounting Standards Rules 2015 for November 2016 Examination Any new AS or Ind AS or revised version of AS or Ind AS notified by the MCA is being made applicable for CA examination only

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Dt amendments nov 2016

Can anybody provide me ca final dt amendments notes applicable for forthcoming exam nov 2016

amendments in service tax

what are the amendments in service tax applicable for IPCC nov 2016 attempt

Regarding Isca preparation

Whether practice manual alone be sufficient to get through isca Please do help


Hi all I need an amendment which is applicable for Dec 2016 exams Cs professional plz help me with this

Applicability of amendments of 2016 union budget

Sir some of the provisions of income tax got amended in the union budget of 2016 Are these amendments relevant for nov 2016 ipcc exams


ISCA Chapter 4

Can anyone provide me ISCA chapter 4 with Mnemonic thanks in advance

Operational research and isca

is anybody having lectures of operational research and isca i really need it can anybody share

isca ammendment

Hey please tell what are the ammendment for isca for nov 2016 exams In which chapters there are changes

ISCA Important Questions to Score 60+ Marks

CA Final ISCA Important Quesitons Chapter wise to score over 60 Marks ISCA Imp Topics

Corporate and allied laws amendments need for nov 2016

Please can any one provide me latest amendment of Corparate and Allied laws applicable for Nov 2016 CA Final

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ISCA Mnemonic words

Hello everyone I am really happy that you all liked mnemonic words I shared earlier and found them useful Today I m sharing mnemonic words for CHAPTER 1 Objectives of ISCA or Role of CA in ISCA I2 BIG CA Prof Jignesh Chheda Identify review IT Risks controls Assess Impact on organizational structure

How To Study ISCA

First of all friends ALL THE BEST for your exams I am sharing some tips rather you can say my personal experience to study ISCA 1 Start with small chapters Do not start with big and lengthy chapters try to complete small chapters first Chapter 4 8 This will give you confidence and you will not lose

ISCA Journey from 17 to 50 through mnemonic words

Hello everyone this is my first attempt to write an article in CAclubindia or rather on any social platform So your suggestions and comments are most welcomed Though subject ISCA is famous in our student fraternity but my serious interaction with the subject came after passing 1st group in Nov2012 F

How to crack ITSM and ISCA in Exams

Information Technology In IPC 50 marks has been covered by information technology and this is point where students get frustrated as its a technical part so additional work is required for the same How to Score in Information Technology For scoring good in IT u should follow the below mentioned crit

Direct Tax Laws Amendments for CA IPCE Nov 16 Exams

Chapter Amendments Basic Concepts No Amendments Residential Status Scope of Total Income In case of Member of Crew of Indian Ship leaving India The following period shall be excluded from the No of Stays in India The Date entered in Continuous Discharge Certificate as JOINING THE SHIP till the Date

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