ipcc nov 2012 papers


Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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Feedback of students on the Question paper of CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2016 by e mai

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Admit Cards are available CA IPCC/Final May 2016 exams

Admit cards April 7th 2016 Admit cards in respect of candidates admitted to the Intermediate IPC and Final May 2016 examination with their photographs and signatures on them are hosted onwww icai nic

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Gold Monetisation Scheme liberalized to make it more attractive

Gold Monetisation Scheme Liberalized to make it more attractive for potential depositors Government had launched the Gold Monetisation Scheme GMS on 5th November 2015 Thereafter a number of modificati

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TDS on payments by Television channels

Issue of clarification on contentious TDS issues on payments made by Television channels Broadcasters and Newspapers With a view to bring about clarity in the interpretation of certain contentious iss

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Ca ipcc a&a

Friends I want to buy padhuka s auditing book for ipcc Before that i want to clear my doubts Are the standards of auditing covered in this single book or is there any book published by padhuka that ha

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Turnover/sales definition for mobile recharge distributor

Dear All My client is a mobile recharge distributor He is doing recharge of Rs 2 L daily Also giving cheque to the company for the recharge in his firms account from his current account He is receivin

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Ipcc registration expired or not

My IPCC Registration date is 26th July 2012 I want to know that Is my IPCC Registration has Expired or Not My attempts for IPCC has Expired or Not Can i give attempt of November 2016 for IPCC Please t

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Changes applicable for ipcc nov 2016

hello friends can anyone tell me the changes applicable for ipcc nov 2016 papers of group 2 all subjects i am very thankful to you guys

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About billing inovice

we dispatch goods truck delhi to bihar inovice date before 2 days ago could we dispatch truck without any change in invoice please give me solution as soon as posible

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Any changes in ipcc syllabus for may 2017 exam?

I got myself registered for ipcc examination in may 2016 And my first attempt is in may 2017 I wanted to know that is there any change in the syllabus that I m going to face Please help me I m really

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Ca ipcc new syllabus

When ca ipcc new syllabus applicable After 4 yrs my registration will renew then in this case ca ipcc new syllabus applicable

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Exam eligibility after terminate ipcc course

Hi I am direct entry CA student completed 1 year 2 months article ship with audit firm also attented May 2016 IPCC exam Due to some personal reason would like to terminate my article ship Should i eli

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CA Final Nov 16

How to prepare for Nov 16 exams got leaves now from office for preparation thanks in advance

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Continuing to write ipcc exam

Dear sir madam I have got my ipcc registration letter dated 13 05 2013 and i have also completed 2 years of articleship and orientation ittp GMCS 1 unfortunately i got into job career and now i need t

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  • Disclosure of the Impact of Audit Qualifications by the List

    SEBI has put in place a mechanism to review the audit qualifications contained in the audit reports of the listed entities The detailed procedure for the same has been prescribed in Schedule VIII read with Regulation 33 and Regulation 52 of the SEBI Listing and Other Disclosure Requirements Regulations 2015 Listing Regulations and SEBI circular no CIR CFD CMD 15 2015 dated November 30 2015


  • Solved paper of Corporate & Allied Laws for CA Final - May 2016

    Solved paper of Corporate Allied Laws for CA Final May 2016


  • CA IPCC Group 1 Accounts



  • Suggested Answer for CA IPCC Cost FM May 2016



  • SCPL- Scaling Innovation

    Why there are only 1800 companies availing R D tax benefits in India Avail 200 tax benefit for your R D after approval from DSIR


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Analysis on inventory turnover ratio & holding level

MANU CONVERSATION BETWEEN MANU AND VINU ABOUT INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO HOLDING LEVEL VINU Manu Hi Vinu Vinu Manu I am desperately waiting for you Manu Why Whats the matter Vinu My Boss and his brothe

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Tax Havens - Panama papers

The trending news in Business Politics and World economy is PANAMA PAPERS The term Panama Papers relate to the data of 11 2 millions files of the World wide corporations Business houses Politicians an

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Understanding turnover exemption u/s 10A of the IT act, 1961

In respect of claim of exemption u s 10A 10AA 10B still there is lot of confusion is there between taxpayer and the tax officer Given below chart based on the latest judicial pronouncement will help t

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The Panama Papers: Things Explained in a Nutshell

The Panama Papers Leak these days this is the most running hot news on newspapers TV channels Internet all other sources of media Everyone wants to know what it is all about mostly due to the names of

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Place of provision of Services Rules, 2012

Notified by Notification No 28 2012 ST dated 20 06 2012 Relevance of POPS Rules 2012 As per provision of section 66B a service is taxable only when it is provided or agreed to be provided in the taxab

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