ipcc income tax notes for may 2013


Annual conference of CBDT and CBEC on 16th June

Prime Minister to inaugurate the two day Annual Conference of CBDT CBEC entitled Annual Conference of Tax Administrators 2016 on 16thJune 2016 in the national capital PM to motivate the revenue office

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Simplification of procedure for Form 15G and 15H

F No DGIT S CPC TDS DCIT 15GH 2016 174539 Government of India Ministry of Finance Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income tax Systems New Delhi Notification No 1 2016 Dated 09th June 2016

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Notification issued to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates

Seeks to amend notification No 25 2012 Service Tax dated the 20th June 2012 so as to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates to a business entity with a turnover up to rupees ten lakh i

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EVC can be generated through ATM now

Now Electronic Verification Code EVC can be generated through ATM State Bank of India is the first bank to launch this facility which will facilitate its customers who may not have a net banking accou

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ICAI - President's Message - June 2016

Dear Professional Colleagues All of us have our share of hopes and expectations present and future While certain part of those may appear logical and is likely to come true the remaining we ourselves

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service tax reverse charge

If the service receiver is a society Indian service provider is foreign company Does the service receiver I e society need to pay service tax on reverse charge

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Requantification of service tax liability

Hi Central excise department has given me the calculation sheet after re quantification of our service tax liability after Order in Appeal passed commisioner of Appeals and this sheet is not authentic

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Professional tax

on which salary the professional tax is calculate is it calculate in basic salary or basic hra Ta Da how can i calculate it

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Tax in embroidery items

What about tax in embroidery items in hand made Nd machinery embroidery in ASSAM

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Recurring deposit-taxable

Hello I want to know that if the amount ReCeived after maturity of Recurring deposit in bank the Interest part is taxable if the TDS is Not dedCuted by bank the ReCuring Deposit 10000 Pm amount receiv

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Tracking of service tax challan

Service tax paid by company through online banking transaction success full but did not get the challan serial no how we get challan serial no and all details

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Regarding wealth tax return

Sir I didn t filed my wealth tax return for the FY 2013 14 can I file the wealth tax return now Income tax has raised a query regarding wealth tax return for the FY 2013 14 If I file wealth tax return

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Karnataka vat - whether coconut husk is taxable

Sir Whether coconut husk is taxable under Karnataka VAT

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Ugc - net : more notes uploaded (paper ii & iii)

UGCNETCOMMERCECLUB COM Dear Members To help those students who are preparing for UGC NET we have launched our site www ugcnetcommerceclub com where we have uploaded much needed solved 10 years and req

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Taxation of pvt. ltd.

A pvt ltd company have an asset A Property of Building Company is going to sale the same in F Y 16 17with profit Short Term Gain Company imported the Water Jet Looms from China in the current F Y 16 1

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  • Negative List of Services and Codes for Deposit of Tax



  • FAQ's on Service Tax



  • Income under the head House Property



  • Service Tax Invoice with Krishi Kalyan Cess

    Attached file is a free version of Service Tax Invoice with Party Master with newly introduced Krishi Kalyan Cess w e f 01 06 2016 You can either keep records of Party in Party master sheet or directly provide customer name address in Invoice sheet You can also calculate VAT If it is not applicable delete that cell Exshail Software


  • Tax Connect with GST - 72nd Issue

    Tax Connect with GST 72nd Issue


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Chapter VI A deductions and Tax Slab Rates for FY 2015-2016 (AY 2016-2017) for Individuals

Chapter VI A Deductions for FY 2015 16 AY 2016 17 for Individuals Section Eligible Assessee Particulars Remarks 80C Individual HUF Sums paid or deposited in PY Employee Provident Fund Pension Annuity

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Service Tax Implications of Composite contract

In this article we look at the validity of service tax levy on composite contracts comprised of value of land goods construction This is in the light of the latest High Court decision in Suresh Bansal

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How to Study for CA-IPCE Taxation Paper?

1 Which Books Material to refer My Suggestion would be Concentrate More on ICAI Material i e Module Practice Manual Go through the entire Supplementary Material Revision Test Papers which are issued b

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Analysis of Taxation (CA IPCE) Paper for May 2016 Exam

Here is the brief analysis of Paper 4 Taxation held on 9th May 2016 Overview The paper seemed to be lengthy at first instance But as per students review it went on quite well was manageable at their e

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Krishna at the rescue of tax evaders in IDS-2016

Conversation between Krishna Arjun Arjun Who can participate in IDS introduced under Finance Act 2016 by the Indian Government Krishna Following is a list of people Every Indian Resident who is guilty

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